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Sunday, January 10, 2010


As per title, CHOOSE YOUR VEHICLE NUMBER PLATE CAREFULLY.  Don't let the number choose your car. rather it's YOU WHO NEED TO CHOOSE THE NUMBER.  Why is it so?

BECAUSE IT'LL AFFECT YOUR RESALE VALUE.  Next owner will find this an excuse to CUT DOWN YOUR PRICE, UP TO 20% depending how BAD the Number.  Here's some example of "BAD, BAD, BAD number":

1) 9413, (Cantonese means "9 DIE, 1 LIVE" OR "9 death forever".
2) 4584 (Hokkien "584" refers to PERVERT.  So add "4" = DIE.  DIE PERVERT.
3) 411 / 413 (Means DIE EVERYDAY OR DIE FOREVER)
4) 4967 => Means Die Playing Testlcles

5) 164 => ALL THE WAY DIE

And the lists goes on and on...  
Here's my guideline to choose "GOOD" Number without paying a LOT...

1)  Any Number which ends with "88".  Yes, EVEN 4 looks good when ends with "88". Eg. 9388, 4388, 7988, 1388, 3288, 5488.

2) Double digit No.  Eg. 9933, 3993, 7788, 8811, 2112, 9988.

3) "3" same digit no.  Eg. 1222,. 1555. 1777, 1333, 1888, 8999.  (EXCEPT "4" coz, FEW People like "1444", 2444 and so on)

4) Nice meaning no.  Eg.
168 = All the way Rich
1369 / 1397  => FOREVER SEX (Former, western/ latter cantonese),
1337 => ELITE.
1123 / 1128 = Everyday easy live / rich
8357 => BEST
l355 => LESS.  My cousin's waiting for BRA1355.  YUMMY Number!
8055 => BOSS

5) 2 DIGIT Number. NICE, But EXPENSIVE.  Eg. 28, 79. 89.

6) 3 digit numbers,  Any number except 4. and the following combination such as "67", "42" in the 3 digit no.

LASTLY, AVOID SINGLE DIGIT NO, As it's often OVERPRICED.  Up to 6 figures for W_ _ 1.  OR TA _ 1.

Why I created this topic?  
Well from me and my dad's personal experience HUNTING my next car.  We 1st encounter this issue back in 2003.  My dad saw a 100% TIP TIP, Accident free, Low mileage PERFECT EXAMPLE Met Blue Fiat Punto 1.6ELX (Buying for my Sister).  BUT AND A BIG BUT, the No. plate is "411" which means Die Everyday.  As a result, my dad WALKED AWAY.

Second encounter, I came across a NICE ALMOST PERFECT FORD LYNX, BUT the Reg. No. is 4924 (means Die Long/Dog/Play, Easy Die).  Obviously, I walked away wondering who will BUY THIS CAR. Another scenario, my Friend's Wira, "4667"  Means Die by mixing testicles in Cantonese.

THIRD Encounter:  POSITIVE ONE: My ex-colleague managed to sell off his car extra RM10,000 above market value.  Reason?  He sold off with Nice 2 digit number W _ _ 77.

FORTH Encounter: A 100% showroom condition car which I just came across recently.  This car apparently was Still in market.  The dealer advertised in since September 2009.  Till Now still unsold.  I think it's because of the Number: W _ _ 8340.  Means, Born Live Die Sure.  Adding salt to the wound, the Dealer  REFUSED to LOWER the PRICE.  RM41,800 NETT.  Hey, market value only RM36,000.  The car?
2004 Renault Scenic 2.0RXES with TWIN SUNROOF.  RARE CAR.

My Conclusion (correct me if I'm wrong), ONLY MALAY LIKE the No. "4".  Japanese/Korean/Chinese 4 = "DIE".   SAME goes for No. "13", Westerners HATED this NO.

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