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Monday, February 18, 2013

This blog is OPTIMISED for IPhone 5 viewing!

In this blog entry, I'm proudly announcing that this Blog is OPTIMISED for IPhone 5 viewing from 1 February onwards.  Yes, I'm a proud owner of IPhone 5 since 27 December 2012.  Bought for RM999 under Maxis Once Club (MOC) but tied to 2 years contract RM155 monthly commitment.  I shall review my IPhone 5 on March 27 (ie. after 3 months using the phone).

So far battery life's impressive.  Best usage time 9 hrs and 30 mins and best Standby time 1 day 16 hours.  Average usage time 7 hours and average standby time 20 hours. THIS MEANS I Don't need POWER-BANK as I charge before I sleep and it lasts till 11pm the next day.

Note that My iPhone 5 is running on iOS 6.0.2! 

 This is the BEST Battery life among the IPhone family but still LOSE to my Previous Symbian Belle Phone, the Mighty Nokia N8 (still got good resale value, I sold for RM400) with up to 18 hours usage time and 60 hours standby time.  Still the undisputed KING of battery life among the Smartphones.

Here's some screenshots of this Blog surfing on SAFARI web browser with IPhone 5:

On 15 February, I discover this new apps called ILoaderPlus.  Here's some screenshots. 

I bought the full version for USD1.99 (RM6.20) and am enjoying the features.  It allows up to 100 photos upload in 1 go, automatic resize to 800x600 pixels and lastly automatically uploads to my Picasa album (which supports my Blogger.  In short, I don't need to waste time resizing 1 by 1 photo like last time, no need to upload 5 by 5 like previously and up to 1 Mbps upload per 5 files (using my 10 Mbps MAXIS HOME Fibre).

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.

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