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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

GUIDE: Importing A Vehicle To Malaysia

Unfortunately this is going to be a hassle. It is perhaps the best idea to just put your car into storage or in the care of a friend while you are in Malaysia. However if you really have to bring your car the following will be helpful.

The imposition of very high import duties make owning a non Malaysian made car somewhat expensive. Import duties run to as high as 300%. Consequently the vast majority of cars in Malaysia are locally produced ones. Cost of maintenance and parts for foreign cars are also factors to be considered. Needless to say if your car is rare or indeed not available in Malaysia these factors become paramount.

Shipping charges, documentation and bureaucracy may also cause you problems, although hiring a shipping agent will alleviate most of the stress involved, charges will of course be imposed.

To import your car, you must apply for an Approval Permit (AP) from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

In order to apply for this permit your car must be registered under your name for at least 3 years. The following documentation must then be presented and processed:

1. A letter of application addressed to the Ministry Of International Trade and Industry (MITI) for the importing of a car from your home country to Malaysia for personal use.
2. A JK69 form must be purchased MITI and duly completed.
3. Documentation indicating proof of ownership. Typically this will be a purchase receipt or transfer of ownership/letter from the previous owner if the car was purchased second-hand.
4. The original and photocopied registration.
5. The cars original insurance documents and/or a letter from the insurance company.
6. Your work permit and letter of contract from your employer in Malaysia.
7. A photocopy of your passport.

All these documents must be presented to the officer in charge at the MITI offices, who will also conduct a short interview. Processing of your application typically takes seven working days, if all goes well you will be issued an Approval Permit allowing you to import your car. The permit is valid for only 3 months, if you do not import your car by then, you will have to go through the entire process all over again.

Upon the arrival of your car, you are required to collect it yourself from the port and then you will need to apply for a permit from the Malaysian Road Transport Department or "Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan", this entails more registration paperwork which of course will include your proof of ownership and registration documents, a car inspection and the payment of the import duties.

(Source: Royal Malaysian Custom – Import of Personal Vehicle)

Import Duty For CBU Vehicles (%)

3rd Image Table Contributed by BeastX (LYN)

Purchase price of the vehicle can be taken into account in the calculation of the Customs Value and this is only an estimation of the calculations of Customs Duties. However, Royal Malaysian Customs has docket price of the particular vehicle to determine the calculation of the exact Customs Value. The calculation of Customs Duties also depends on the original registration date (birth date), engine capacity, date of import and model of the vehicle.

Simple Question & Answer

I work / study at overseas and already purchased a car and intended to bring the car into Malaysia. Can I know the procedure?

Malaysia citizen who work or study at overseas can import a vehicle for personal use subject to the approval permit given by Ministry of International Trade and Industry. To get the approval applicant have to purchase and fill the JK69 Form. JK69 is a gazetted Custom Form. The form comes with three carbonised copies. Therefore, it cannot be downloaded from the website. Once endorsed by MITI, the form becomes an Approved Permit (AP). JK69 can be purchased at:

Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad
Jalan Chan Sow Lin
50554 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-92212022
Fax : 03-92220690

Person that is eligible to bring in personal vehicle are as follows:
i. Malaysians studying overseas (at least diploma level) for more than a year and returning home permanently. Accompanying spouse is not eligible.
ii. Malaysians working legally on a permanent post overseas (at least a year) and returning home permanently. Accompanying spouse is not eligible.
iii. Government officials posted overseas for more than a year. Accompanying spouse is eligible for one AP.

(For more information on (i), (ii) and (iii), please go to APPLICATION PROCEDURE AND WORK PROCESS. Refer to DOCUMENT 11: Guidelines to Apply for Import License For Personal Motor Vehicles Of Malaysian Citizens Working Or Studying Overseas)

iv. Expatriates with valid working pass/permit. The importation of the personal vehicle is subject to re-export condition upon termination of work employment in Malaysia.
v. Participants of Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H). (For detail, please go to
vi. Malaysians specialists returning home under the Ministry of Human Resource program. (For detail, please go to Laman Web Rasmi Kementerian Sumber Manusia - Home)

A complete application has to be submitted manually to any of the following offices:

i. Trade Services Division
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
2nd Floor, Block 10 Government Offices Complex
50622 Jalan Duta
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-62034819
Fax: 603-62013012

ii. MITI Cawangan Sabah
Tingkat 3, blok D&E
Bangunan KWSP
49,Jalan Karamunsing
88622 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-239061
Fax : 088-235645

iii. MITI Cawangan Sarawak
Tingkat 3, Bangunan Bank Negara
93400 Kuching Sarawak
Tel : 082-257164
Fax : 082-417835

After getting the permit (AP), the vehicle can be imported into Malaysia and must be declared to the Royal Malaysian Customs at the customs station/ office at the place of import using the Customs Form No. 1 which can be obtained or purchased at:

Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad
Jalan Chan Sow Lin
50554 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-92212022
Fax : 03-92220690

The form comes with four carbonised copies. Therefore, it cannot be downloaded from the website.

Ordinary people did not know that every Malaysian citizen is entitled to one AP in a lifetime. Link to news via MalaysiaKini.Com: Rafidah directed to address AP issue in Parliament (






  1. hello, i really appreciate your post and its helped me alot in understanding the situation of bringing a car back to malaysia...but say if i got the AP to bring my car back to msia, will i still be subjected to those ridiculous import duties?? even if its not a new car or has been used for several years??

    1. We specialise in Moving Frieght and Cars All over the world visit or call 011 3321 5994 alternative 011 33215990. It's not that expensive. Cheers. Big Box Express International Port Klang

  2. Yup, if you got the AP, you'll still subject to import duties. Unless it's a national car then exempted.

  3. Dear Sirs,
    Will very much appreciate if you could kindly advise me on the following:
    If I were to import a second hand car (3 years old) from overseas to Malaysia under AP:
    1. What is the percentage depriciation of the car per year to year.
    2. Is the price based on the puechase price of that country or the actual price of the said car in Malaysia.
    How is the Import Duty ( Tax )calculated on a 3 year old car.

    Thanking you for your co-operation.

    Yours faithfully

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi v.v., sorry for the late reply.

    1) Percentage of depreciation depends on car models. For Japanese car (esp. Honda and Toyota), the depreciation is 10% per year. For others, it's up to the custom to tax you...

    2)Price is 1st taken from purchase price from country of origin, then taxed until it's up to Malaysian Market value (for popular Japanese cars). Again, for other makes, it's up to custom discretion for other cars... Eg. Ford Mondeo V6 2.5, my friend tried to bring a 5 yrs old unit bought from UK @ GBP5500 1 year earlier (RM35000), the Customs have the cheek to taxed till RM100,000 despite having AP. After learned that: i) His Mondeo will be the ONLY 1 in Malaysia if he brought in. ii) It was taxed almost tripled, MY FRIEND Abandoned the plan to import the car.

    3) Import duties is 100% on paper. But again, for "Prestigeous" (eg. BMW, Merc) AND Exotics (eg. Porsche) those customs will tax up to 200%. For non-Japs used as mentioned in #2, it's "Suka Hati mereka" (means up to them). CUSTOMS = REAL BLOODSUCKERS.

    MY ADVICE: Only Bring in Popular (yet RARE) Japanese cars (Eg. European Accord or Civic, Nissan Primera). AT Most they will tax 100% only (or tax till on par with used Malaysian market value). Better still, bring in NATIONAL Cars - Tax free (eg. Waja in UK have 4 airbags, TCS etc...). Other cars, GOOD LUCK...

    UNLESS you import in "LEGENDARY/Collectible CAR/s" such as Peugeot 306GTI-6, VW Corrado VR6, Ford RS Cosworth, Lotus Carlton, Honda NSX-R, Audi RS4 Avant, Any Ferrari, Porsche 968 Club Sport, Lancia Delta Integrale, BMW M5 Touring, MCLAREN F1, Mitsubishi PAJERO EVOLUTION, Subaru WRX STI etc... Then it's WORTH it, no matter how much those Bloodsuckers tax! YOU get the IDEA.

  6. hi this information is somewhat not clear. as a student, i think the car must be under your name for only 7 or 9 months.. not 3 years..

  7. 7 to 9 months for students only if:
    1) You know custom officials OR
    2) Seek help from NAZA (or equivalent) to bring the car in (using your OWN AP).
    3) YOU Know someone from Royalty. Can bring in ALMOST TAX FREE using own AP. Cousin's friend brought in Ferrari F360 paying 50% tax only, with help of a Prince. For RM840,000 only.

    Otherwise lots of red tape to go through if you are on your own... Very troublesome... ALSO, you'll be taxed left right centre (MORE)...

  8. Hi there.. i just finished my studies in the UK. I am planning to bring my Toyota Levin back to Malaysia.

    I am owning a reconditioned car from Japan and I am the first owner in the UK. Have possessed the car for more than 12 months. Assuming the car cost 2500 pounds(Rm13k) and the car production year is year 1996 which is about 12 years old. How much will the tax be?

  9. Hi , im wanting to buy a car from ebay , but im not so sure whether ur guide is applicable to my situation ? the car is 1969 Chevrolet Corvette , which is old but it has 437 hp =.=which is very high lol .... so how will the tax and title registration works , any ideas fren ?

  10. A 1969 Corvette has 5.7 V8 engine if I'm not mistaken. Assuming you REALLY managed to bring in. Your annual roadtax (in Malaysia) will kill you. Imagine Mercedes S500L Roadtax is RM11,000. The 1969 Corvette is about 5700cc. Do the math... Assuming it's RM15,000. You pay 25% if it's more than 25 yrs (Classic Roadtax), you still have to pay RM3,750 annually. And I don't think that's going to be your Everyday car as It's NOT meant to be.

    You have to think about these issues:
    1) Spareparts and maintenence essential especially for a 1969 CAR.
    2) It's a LEFT HAND DRIVE.
    3) Most foreman in Malaysia dunno how to repair your car, unless you DIY.

    I never came across of classic imports from America to Malaysia personally. UK and Japan yes BUT NOT US/Canada. You can call "Jag's Classic" @ +603-7710-2207 (Fixed line). Find Jag or Oliver. They are Classic car experts. They might help you to shed some lights...

  11. Hi harold, Sorry for late reply. You can try call Jag's Classic. +603-7710-2207 (fixed) Jag or Oliver or +6016654-0654 (Handphone), look for Jag. Say a "Good Samaritan" gave you your no. He's Classic car experts. He will advise you how to bring the Levin to Malaysia.

  12. Hey, I would like to ask about the import tax for a 2002 rx7 from aus. Is it low, since its a 1.3cc?

  13. Hi joe, sorry for the late reply...

    Yes, Mazda RX7 enjoys LOW-ish roadtax (1300cc) and excise duties, import duties, but somehow, those buggers found a way to TAX the RX7 and RX8 thru SALES TAX. Example: A recond 2004 unregistered RX8's still selling at RM130,000! NOT cheap...

    Assuming that it is a private import, and sales tax not added, then yes, it might be a bargain, no harm trying bringing in...

  14. I wanted to buy+import a Honda S2000 into Malaysia but I'm gonna study in UK for another year only. So the longest ownership of that car gonna be another year or 10 months. That car selling for 27k for first hand while I'm planning to get a second-hand about 13k pound year 2004 car. I wonder how much would be the total tax?

  15. First of all you need an AP to import the car. If you have AP than the Tax is minimal. You will be exampted from Import duty and Excise duty BUT Still need to pay "SALES TAX".

    I heard NAZA and/or orher parallel importers can help you to import the car if you have AP. Just pay them some $$

    Percentage of sales tax, is unknown (recently). But let's look at the example of recond Mazda RX8, the car is "1300cc" and you can get a DECENT one in UK for 10,000+/- pounds for a 5-6 yrs old unit. But it's taxed till RM140000+/-. This is SALES TAX I talking about.

  16. Dear Otoreview,

    I find your information really helpful. Thank you.

    Now my question is, I currently work overseas but do not own a vehicle here.

    I plan to return to Malaysia and buy a used vehicle export vehicle from Japan / Singapore.

    I do not have an AP, and i assume i can't apply for one as the car is not here with me in East Timor.

    What are the other solutions?

    I assume i'd need to buy n AP from some dealers? Any suggestions on good dealers?

    I plan to buy a 03-05 Nissan 350z.

    Any advise will be truly appreciated.

    If there is any way to contact you to discuss some ways please email me your contact details.

    Thank you very very much,
    best regards,

  17. что нужно что бы привезти машину на Лангкави , у меня есть 1 компания оффшорная , 1 Sdn Bhd. есть три машины в японии
    1. Toyota Opa /2001/ 1.8 L
    2. Nissan Cedric / 2000 / 2.5 L
    3. Toyota Celica Gt Four / 1998/ 2.0 L
    Помогите пожалуйста :)

  18. Hi Otoreview,
    do u have any info regarding the import of a used 1000cc motorbike to MY from NZ?

    Am a Malaysian studying in NZ for 3 yrs now.. Regards.

  19. Hi,
    I need some advise and rough estimation on the figures on overall taxes for the following cars:-
    1. BMW 530i (2003)
    2. BMW 635csi (1988)
    I am a student in UK, and wish to bring back the cars by end of this year using student AP (wife& myself).

  20. Here's a breakdown (from a Malay insider) example of a used car imported to Malaysia... Case example 2006 BMW 320d (A) M-sport Touring Panoramic

    "Your estimated car price OTR is about RM122k.The tax for this car is RM60k original (About 100%) but i can ask reduce it to RM42k after discount from Kastam which is 30% max.

    This is the breakdown :
    1.Car price in UK 11K in pound convert RM55k
    2.Tax amount after discount RM42k.
    3.Shipping Charges from UK & Malaysia is RM10k all together.
    4.JPJ Registration & Insurance is about RM5k.
    5.Student AP RM10k.
    6.Express Service RM5k(Optional)

    Sum up RM122k or less.Depends on exchange rate.

    So if apply to your case. Just less the AP part (RM10k). It all started with the Purchase price of your car. (or in your case current Value of car in UK) Add 70-100% (of taxes), 10k of shipping & handling and that's the final price of your car...

    Just curious, why wanna bring in a 530i? FC and Road tax Very high. Why not consider a Diesel (eg. 525d) instead?

  21. Hi,
    any ballpark figures of the expected amount to be paid if I were to use my student AP to import a 2008 Honda CBR600 or Yamaha R6 with an estimated value of $12k NZD (RM28k)


  22. Sorry Liberator,

    I only know "car" import duties and taxes. No idea about "Motorcycles".

  23. hi otoreview, i have seen many informative comments up here but i would like to ask about getting the latest Range Rover Sports from the uK and importing it back to malaysia. i am a malaysian student studying my finals in the UK. is there any way to import the car back home without drawing maximum import duties along with it? will NAZA be able to do it if i pay them?

    thanks man!

  24. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Hi, I am now study in Uk and is now having a BMW 335i year 2010, which cost about 39k in UK. Can i bring it back to Malaysia after i finish my study? and how much will it cost me to get on road in Malaysia?

  25. Hi Charles and anonymous, Here's the answer to your questions. Thanks to "Haywire" a "Bmwclubmalaysia" member:

    First of all, are you a Malaysian? if you are Malaysian then it should be simple enough, as you have been working in UK for 2 years. The requirement to get an AP (Approved Permit) for Malaysians abroad is working/studying for a period of 1 year or more (No spouse visa).

    The car must have been registered and insured under your name for at least 9 months (there's way around this, ask the shipping agent).

    Then just find a Malaysian shipping agent (such as that will sort the rest for you.

    Bear in mind you would pay extortionate amount of import tax on your car

    2000-2499 cc : 171.7%

    2500-2999 cc : 192%

    That percentage is based on their own pricing structure, so if you bought your car for £5,000 they might not use this figure, they came out with their own figure (based on new price, and the depreciation by years).

    You can of course appeal to them once you have the import tax quotation. 20% less is normal after appeals.

    Check out the MITI website:

    The customs just got back for me, basically a 530i tax would be 193.15%, and 525i tax would be 171%.

    They got their formula for calculating the import tax. They have a standard price of the car when new, and they apply 10% depreciaton each year plus some more if they feel like it. example: 2003 car, now 2010, so 70% depreciation, and then 10% off from that and if they like 10% more to get to the actual price you paid for the car (its a bit hit and miss)

    BMW 530i M-Sport c.c 2979 tahun 2003 Harga Pound 27,258.00

    - 15% 23,169

    - 70% susutnilai 6,950.79
    - 10% 6,255.71
    - 10% 5,630.14

    x 5.5708 ex rate RM 31,364.38
    + Insurance 1.5% 470.47
    + Tambang 1,700.00
    Jumlah RM 33,534.85

    x Kadar cukai 193.15% RM 64,772.56 (import tax)

    Basically the quote they gave me is just a rough calculation/quote. There are many other factors such as the condition of the car to be considered.

  26. For Charles, a RANGE ROVER SPORT has how many CC? If above 3000cc then forget it... You're talking about 230% tax for above 3000cc despite having AP. Also, your ROADTAX costs AT LEAST RM1600 (SUV is 1/2 price from a car) assuming your car is 3500cc. Yup, NAZA can help you to bring in if you have the AP and dough.

    ALSO, RANGE ROVER in MALAYSIA got NO RESALE VALUE. It depreciates like MAD! Maintenance also WILL KILL YOU! If you REALLY want an SUV, I only recommend BMW X-series (X3,X5, X6) and Mercedes M-class as only these SUVs have DECENT Resale Value in Malaysia.

  27. One more thing, import tax, 1501-2000cc with AP is only 100%, Below 1500cc is only 80% tax. So be wise and DON'T BLESS the Government by bringing in 3000cc+ cars (230-250% tax).

  28. Jayme6:18 PM

    Hi, I am currently study in uk and going to be permanently back in Malaysia in another 15 months. I got a Mercedes E 250 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY Sport 2010, with 1796 cc. It cost me for 37k pounds. I would like to knw how much the duty tax will be apply on it? Will it be different in Sarawak? Is it worth for me to bring it back? I am a Sarawakian. Thank you.


  29. Hi Jayme, here's the breakdown:

    Purchase price: GBP37,000. (Note that the custom will take "NEW UK RETAIL PRICE" and factor 1st year 15%, 2nd year 10% depreciation.

    Assuming you bought NEW GBP37000. Factor 25% depreciation is GBP27,750.
    Add 1.5% insurance = GBP28,027.

    Multiply it by 5 (estimated current Exchange rate) = RM140,137.50. (Add 100% Tax) =
    RM280,275. But if you know custom AND/OR APPEAL, they'll give 20% discount. So it's 80% tax. => Price after tax Discount: RM252,247.50.

    Estimated Shipping charge to East Malaysia is around RM20,000 MAX.
    For more info: visit:
    "". They will handle ALL SHIPPING ISSUES.

    JPJ Registration and Insurance is about RM10,000.

    This means total: RM282,247.50 if you intend to import it in 15 months time. It'll be a 2 years old car by then. This is a calculation based on a 2 years old car. Oh! YOU MUST HAVE AN AP. If No AP you can forget about bringing in the car.

    MY VERDICT: It's worth it. As a NEW E250CGI Avantgarde costs RM398,888 in Malaysia. Locally Assembled in PEKAN, Pahang some more.

    But make sure you modify the Fuel systems as UK-spec "BLUE-EFFICIENCY model is EURO 5 spec. Malaysian Spec is tuned to EURO 2 spec. Fuel Quality LOWER.

    1. Thnks for the information. So kind of u disseminating the info simply for us to ponder whether worth or not. Indeed some worth but some not. I've decided not as it's hassle & might cost me more in the future on other issues. Actually, i thought of getting brand new E250CGI Avantgarde.

  30. Adrian8:36 PM

    Hi, otoreview

    I am Adrian, I just reach Uk by september and consider to get a car there. Would like to know more about it. I got a senior here which own a two years old BMW 530I, he would like to sell it to me for 20k. I will be study there for three years and would like to permenantly bring it back to malaysia after study. What kind of tax it would be apply with? since its an old model from BMW. Does it really worth for me to buy it? How much would it cost me to get on road? Thank you.


  31. Hi,

    I am currently working in the UK and will be working for another 1 year. I am planning to buy a used Audi TT 2.0 TFSI 2 year old for £20k. I presume I will be entitled for an AP since I have never applied one before in my life. So what would be the approximate cost at the end for importing this car back to Malaysia? Do you think it is worth it?


  32. Anonymous12:32 AM

    i'm a phd student in germany, due to be back in malaysia mid next year. i plan to buy a new bmw 118i (1.995cc) and bring it back with me. according to the salesperson, the car will be assembled in may or june 2011. i plan to apply for a student's AP. how much will it cost me in terms of taxes and duties?
    Will very much appreciate if you could kindly advise me on these matters. Thanks in advance.

  33. Hi sir, i got Mercedes Clk 200 avantgarde komp, bought it in uk2006 second hand about 11k. Today value in uk about £3500, i'm moving back to m'sia permanently, how much is it going to cost me with all the taxes and duties, thanks

  34. hi, I'm working in qatar permanently and intend to bring a car back to malaysis. Can you advise what is the criteria and process should I do

  35. Hi,
    I'm coming back from India> I just bought a 2nd hand royal Enfield motorcyle. I want to bring it back to Malaysia. I just want to know whether i still need to apply AP if I dont mind paying all the taxes n evrythin. I ask this since the price of the bike is only RM 2000 coz its very old. I dont want to use my AP allocation yet for that bike. Is it possible to bring it back to Malaysia withgout AP? Thanks in advance

  36. Prius Shagger9:38 PM

    Hi Otoreview,
    This might been ask a lot of time. Can I import a 2009 Toyota 1.8 Prius Hybrid for Tax Free? I know custom said tax free till end of 2011. Any other fees I need to pay if its tax free?

    Kind regard

  37. Anonymous12:07 AM

    how bout bikes??? can i bring home my bike after i finish my study oversea??? n roughly how will the tax be???

  38. Anonymous7:15 AM

    hi..i am JJ
    I am a student in uk. I am planning to buy a brand new c class sport back to Malaysia. i will leave it 9 months in uk and I will get a student ap. can I know how much tax i need to paid if i bring it back to malaysia??

  39. dear Otoreview,
    I've read thru almost all posts. U r such a great guy, giving very detail advice and very honest too ( esp quoting custom as bl**s***** , he heh)
    Keep up the good work ( ?work) i.e. ur passion ..
    some reader who don not have questions really appreciated ur kind passion ...

  40. hychong1611:18 PM

    Dear otoreview:
    I will be going to USA for a year and intend to get a student AP.
    My question is:
    Can i bring in a right hand drive car from other country instead?
    Will i be allowed to drive a left hand drive car in malaysia?
    thank you

  41. Hi, Hychong, There's no problem bringing a LHD car to Malaysia. Just need to put sticker "LEFT HAND DRIVE". Hence, no need to import a RHD car from another country.

    There's a Honda Passport SUV in my Neighbourhood, owner imported from USA. Running around with a LHD Sticker.


  42. Thanks dino!!! Appreciate it...

  43. Hi there, this is a very good article indeed. im a student in new zealand and i am planning to bring back my car. its a mercedes benz E class 2010 model. can u give me a rough estimation of how much it will cost to bring back the car? the price of the car is about 50Knzd. which is about 120K malaysia.

  44. Hello,

    How much do you think customs would cost for a BMW 525d if I purchase it from UK at around 34,000 pounds and bring it in to Malaysia in 2014, i.e it will 2 years old? I am a student and I am considering doing that.


  45. Anonymous9:34 PM

    i in japan for plant training for 8month..i hv been here for 6 month.another 2 month to go back to msia. if i want to buy 2nd hand car (2003) like mitsubishi grandis n japan price is rm6k, what is the total price for me to legally used it on the road ?

  46. Fuck the malaysian government and their royalty bumiputra shits!! They get away with taxes and are most rich and contribute nothing back to society!! And fuck you too if you delete this comment, you ball-less blog author!!

  47. Hey otoreview.. You are an awesome guy bro... You answered most of the questions bro.. Really appreciate that.. I would like to ask you if you dont mind. How much would it be if i were to bring Nissan Silvia(1999) 2.0 from australia to Malaysia? Do you think its worth it bro? Thanks in advance :)

  48. Hi Otoreview, great info. I hope it's not too late to ask some questions considering the topic was posted 4yrs ago. Let's say I want to buy a 98 Silvia from Japan which costs about RM15k including shipping (as the site said), how much are the registration, tax, etc? thank!

  49. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Hello, wanna know how many % is the tax if i were to import a 197x datsun 240z into malaysia. Just curious.

  50. Hye there,

    Can I know how much did I need to pay for all the taxes with AP to ship my car from UK to Malaysia, until I can use the car in Malaysia? I'm a Malaysian student in UK. Owned Toyota Celica 1.8 VVTI Year 2000 bought it for 950pounds.
    Your information wiill be much appreciated.


  51. Hye there,

    Can I know how much did I need to pay for all the taxes with AP to ship my car from UK to Malaysia, until I can use the car in Malaysia? I'm a Malaysian student in UK. Owned Toyota Celica 1.8 VVTI Year 2000 bought it for 950pounds.
    Your information wiill be much appreciated.


  52. Japanese cars like Nissan is one of the most in demand import cars in the market. No wonder why. The styling of the car is quite aggressive plus its automaker put a power under its hood.

  53. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Dear Otoreview,

    Thank you very much for all your post and comments. It is very helpful. If you don't mind, I would like to ask quite a similar question.

    I am a student studying in Australia and is eligible for AP. I brought a Mercedes C180 Kompressor, year 2005. I brought it for AUD22,500. I finished my study and wanted to sell it, but it can only go for AUD15,000. I'm considering to bring it back to Malaysia since the resell value is very low in Australia. Could you help me with these questions:

    1) How much total I have to pay to bring the car back?
    2) Is it possible to declare the car 'undervalue'. Ie, AUD 15,000 and not AUD 22,500 as stated in the purchase agreement
    3) Do you have any suggestion for a good shipping company or any contact within Naza

    Thank you and appreciate your feedback

  54. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Hi, Dear Otoreview :
    I live and work here in Belgium around 22 years, I do own an Mazda rx-7 fd3s almost one year , build year is 1997 , is it expansive to bring back Malaysia ?
    Thank you.

  55. Hi Sir,iam planning to buy a deregistered UK slavage car for abt GBP 900.Its 2003 renault scenic 2.0 manual transmission.May i Know what wld it the tax than? Also,i wish to buy a Renaulut Scenic 2.0 manual which is very rare here in Malaysia...the actual Renault Scenic price here is around RM 9-15k..what would it be the situation if get the car through ebay purchase? Do istill had to get the AP?

  56. Hi Sir,i am planning to buy a deregistered UK car.Its a salvage 2002 Renault Scenic 2.0 manual transmission for parts purpose for the price of GBP900.And also i have the plan to buy the same car from ebay for which is a road legal car (RENAULT Scunic 2.0 Manual) for GBP1250. The actual car in Malaysia now cost around RM9-15K depending on the condition and year.In this case,what would be the procedure and tax like?
    As this car may sound unpopular,but its very rare for that particular make and model...Do i still need an AP?

  57. Hiya otoreview, hope you have a good day!

    I'm just amaze by your consistent answer to every questions in here. Mind to interrupt, currently I'm residing in UK and thinking to go home for good but hearing those scary taxing system they imposed on importing personal car from UK it really scares me off.. LOL.. but however, before I sell my beautiful Merc S Class L CDI, 320 diesel, 2007... can you tell me how exactly it will be tax on my car if I bring it back to Malaysia. I will be really sad if the price is really rediculously expensive! Thanks :)

  58. Hello
    People like me who just love cars , can not wait to buy new or used car from any country, I do not about Malaysia government. I am living in London,UK. I just love Japanese cars and japan car import here in London .I bought so many used cars from Japan.
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    Thanks for sharing this with us

  59. Hi otoreview, Im planning on bringing a Harley Davidson Night Rod from the US. Using a friends AP. The bike shud cost around 9-10k USD. How much is the customs docket price for models 2011-2012? What are the costs i will be looking at? Is it worth it?

  60. Anonymous11:12 PM

    HI, I would really really be thankful if someone could help me with my question. I fulfill all the requirements needed to bring a car back, I am planing to move back to msia from the UK for good, I want to bring back my 2004 Toyota Celica VVTi. I would like to know how much tax I would have to pay ? Considering the fact that it is a 10 year old car and I bought it for GBP2800 3 years ago.


  61. hi,otoreview,u r really superb

    not sure if u will still see my post

    is tht any possible i get a mini austin from us?
    how about the tax?

    thks for ur help,bless u O(∩_∩)O

  62. Hi, I am working in Bangkok for over 2 years. I am thinking of bringing back my motorbike (Harley Sportster 1200 XL Custom) when I am done. Can I do that and how? I have legally owned this bike for over almost 2 years.



  63. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I'm a UK national living in Malaysia and would like to bring in a UK sports car. I'm looking at an old MG MGF 1.8i VVC 2dr at £2,000 (RM10,000). So if I have to pay 100% tax as its over 1,500cc, in theory I would have to pay RM10,000. I need to ship it over, and I have a price of RM4,000.
    I could get the car over for a total price of RM24,000. I don't already own it, but understand there are ways around this, anything you can share on this?

    My question is how do you establish the cost of the road tax? What other costs have I missed out?

    Many thanks

  64. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Hi what's the procedure if I wanna sell a Singapore registered 05 wrx sti to a malaysian?

  65. If you import your cars from outside of Malaysia, you gotta know exactly you have to do if the car is broken or if some problems occured. This happened to me when I bought a car from UK. No car parts are here at Malaysia so I had to buy car parts online. Luckily I found They sell a lot of car parts online. However, they don't do the fixing since they're e-commerce. I don't mind really cause I like to put my car together by myself. So I highly recommend you guys using IkutKiri. They even have an app for android. I think I saw them selling parts for local cars too. Anyways, goodluck to you all

  66. Anonymous10:41 PM

    what procedures to export a car out of malaysia

  67. Anyone has gone through the process described or shared here recently? Please share your experience. I am interested in importing a used classic car from US. If anyone has any tips to share. Pls advise. Tq

  68. Buying a used car doesn't have to be risky. If you know what you want then it becomes a lot easier.

  69. Hi.I have a C200 (K) Coupe, Japan import model, 02/07. Planning to resell it but was informed that I nd to produce the AP? Is this true?

  70. Hi.I have a C200 (K) Coupe, Japan import model, 02/07. Planning to resell it but was informed by reseller that I nd to produce the AP. Is this true?

  71. Hi

    I am from India . i read ur article and i have a doubt .
    I am gonna start working in Malaysia and i want to take my bike from India to Malaysia . What is procedure for that .
    Its a brand new sports bike and i would like to take it there.
    can u pls guide me with procedures?

  72. Hi there, i wish to import used truck from Japan and UK but i dont know how, can you please explain the procedure of doing that? Thanks

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