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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Taking Bus+MRT+LRT to work adventure

Yesterday, My House Auto gate Spoilt.  I can't drive my Car out.  I walked to the end of the road of my house.  Took public transport for 1st time in 6 months.
Took the following to work:

1) T816 Feeder bus (Waited 15 mins) to Phileo Damansara MRT Station

2) Phileo MRT Station to Merdeka Station

3) Interchange to Plaza Rakyat Station (walked 5 mins)

4) Plaza Rakyat Station to Chan Sow Lin Station

5) Colleague picked me up at CSL Station to my Office in Jalan Dua.

Total Journey time 75 mins.  OR 1 hour and 15 mins.  Total cost: RM6.40 (MRT+LRT) + 2 (feeder bus) return trip.

Photos from Chan Sow Lin to Section 17 PJ (Photo essay):

 Above and below: Scenic view from Pedestrian Bridge at Phileo MRT Station.

Above and below: Waited 18 mins for Feeder Bus.

 Reached home 8:04pm.  Total travelling time 80 mins or 1 hour and 20 mins.

My opinion: Very Good experience.  I'm surprised by the great improvement of today's Public transportation.

Pros: Seeing New faces, making friends (if I want to), Cheap (RM8.40), Exercise

Cons: Time consuming, Long walk, What if it rains?

Overall I'm kinda impressed with my journey.  Shall take Feeder bus+MRT+LRT on my Duty days (9am to 7pm) once every 3 days.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Of Delivery and 30th night to CNY Day 3 update

Blessed Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog.  Sorry for the LONG LONG time missing or Inactive blog update.  This blog will continue to be semi active due to my work nature.  

This post is how I spent My CNY From 30th night to CNY Day 3.  On the 30th night of CNY.  I am working half day.  Rushing to deliver a Sonata.

Above: My Family Morning Prayer together.
Morning reached Customer Allan house in Seksyen 11 Shah Alam, fetched him to Collect his Sonata.
As I reached, his car's under car wash.  So we went for breakfast.
Above: My Customer Treat me breakfast.

Above: ALPHA? Preview Starting 1 March 2018.

Above and below: My 30th night CNY Dishes.

Above: Sliced Abalone soup.  (in process)

Above: Char Siew, Below: Roast Duck.

Above: Steamed Fish.  Below: Ju Hu Char.

Above: The Making of the Ju Hu Char.  Below: The Finished Soup product.

Above: How the Dish gelled together.
Above and below: My 97 years old Granny Enjoying Kam.

Above: Kam Or Mandarin artistically peeled by dad.

Above and below: My granny's reaction on Sour Mandarin Orange. (Kam)

Above: How the dishes lined up.

Above and below: My Dog Bobby the Golden Retriever say "Hi, this is my year!".

End of Feb 15. 30th night


Above and below: Traditional Tea ceremony for the Elders.

Above: Bobby waiting for the Apple treat.

Above: Dad and Bobby.

Above: Bobby enjoying My sister's playing Guitar tunes.

Above and below: CNY Day 1 food preparations.

Above Penang Lobak.  Below: Dumplings from Double Blessings.

Above: How the dishes gelled together.

Above and below: My sisters trying to open her Newly bought Hand bag from Zalora.

Above: Delicacies from Saigon. 
Above: My simple CNY day 1 dinner.

END OF CNY DAY 1, Feb 16.


8:20am, me, dad, Penny and mum drove from PJ to Bandar Puteri Klang.  Check out Kesas,  EMPTY.

 Above and below: My sister and her hubby house.

 Next, we proceeded to Taman Sentosa Klang for Bak Kut Teh.

 Above: Here's the nameless Shop.  We just called it Ah Wong Bak Kut Teh.

 Above and below, next, we proceeded to My sister's Mother in law house in Taman Sentosa Klang.

END OF Sister's mom in law house. After that we visited my Uncle's house in Jenjarom.

 Above, Our Lunch at a Restaurant in Jenjarom.
 Reached home 4pm.  We then proceeded to my 1st Auntie's house in Damansara jAYA.

 END OF TUA EE House visit.
 Above and below: Our CNY Day 2 dinner.

 Above and below: CNY Day 2 dinner.

 Above and below: CNY Day 2 dinner.

 Above, BOBBY Scared of the Firecrackers.

END OF 17 Feb.  Start of 18 Feb, CNY Day 3:
 Above: Breakfast at Dream Cafe.
 Above: Nice CNY Bulletin.  Hall Only 60% Filled at DUMC Sunday service.

 Above: My Simple lunch.
 Above, taken from my Cell member's Philippines Diving Trip.
 Above, Dinner.
 Above, today's my 1 year anniversary using ResMED CPAP.  So far so good.
Above: My Room.
 Above: My dinner.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An original Jefferson Lim's Production.