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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I am ORGAN DONOR & I DARE YOU to join me!

I, Jeff Lim pledged to Donate my Organ (touch wood) when I die.  I'm sad to read today's Star that only 1% of Malaysians pledged to donate their organs after death!

 Ironically, the same article also said there's 7,000 people killed in road accidents, mainly involved young ppl yearly! Therefore I urged everyone to take the challenge and pledge to be organ donor! 

And I have no regret whatsoever! Cause I don't smoke, drink a little (socially) only and have relatively good heart, healthy kidneys and relatively good pair of eyes (250/275 short sighted only)! 

 Above: Proof of YOURS TRULY (me) "IKRAR UNTUK MENDERMA ORGAN SAYA SELEPAS MENINGGAL DUNIA" (Touch wood).  The process is EASY and HASSLE FREE as it just took 5 minutes of my time to PLEDGE!
 Above: An ARTICLE from The Star Dated 19 February 2013 about Amanda Tan.  It's HER who  INSPIRED me to WRITE THIS BLOG ENTRY to CREATE AWARENESS of being an ORGAN DONOR.
Above: Articles snapped from Yesterday's (20 Feb 2013) The Star praising Amanda Tan on the left column and 2nd article PLEADING Malaysians to make their pledge to be ORGAN DONORS!
ABOVE: AN ARTICLE in Yesterday's The Star (20 February 2013) HIGHLIGHTING the Importance of Organ Donor and urging Government to provide INCENTIVES to Donate Organs!

If you are touched by this post and wish to Donate your organs kindly call toll free 1800809080 or visit to pledge as organ donor!  I DARE YOU!!!

Photo Snapshots CREDIT TO THE STAR Newspaper 19 and 20 February 2013.  That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  

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