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Monday, October 17, 2011

Presenting Top 12 Best Protons

In this blog entry, I'm going to rank (in my opinion) 12 of the Best Protons ever produced. Reasons behind each ranking added.

1) Proton Saga 1.5S/1.5i/Executive 1985-1992.

Bulletproof Engine (ultra reliable) (My friend's Saga had 1st overhaul at 400,000km!) and 70% Mitsubishi parts. So many still running on the road is a testimony how tough it is. Easy to repair 3 piece Steel bumpers. EXECUTIVE model very spacious had XXL Rear legroom.  Orion (1985-87) model already a CLASSIC.

2) Proton Putra 1.8 EXI DOHC 1996-99/Wira 1.8 EXI DOHC Ltd (95-97)

High revving 4G93 engine. Earlier MMC ECU Batch better. Very stylish (for Putra), Reliable. It's placed higher than Satria GTI due to Practicality both bigger boot and rear head/legroom over Satria GTI.

3) Proton Satria GTI (1998-2000)/1st batch Satria 1.6 (1995-96).
The former's Worthy of it's GTI Batch. Great Lotus Ride and handling. 1st few batches with MMC ECU tops 210km/h and 0-100km/h in 7.8secs. Late 2000 till 2003 uses Siemens ECU = less powerful 193km/h and 9 secs for 0-100km/h. As for the Satria 1.6, 1st batch, the one with "Original MMC rear lights" (See picture below). Better built.

4) Proton Perdana SEi 1995-1997/ Perdana V6 1998-99 (1st batch).
Perdana SEi = Eterna. / 1st batch Perdana V6 = Better built quality with 70% MMC parts.

5) Proton Inspira 1.8/2.0P
Bargain Lancer EX clone (2.0) with better Ride and Handling. Value for money. Though Naza Forte 2.0SX's better equipped @ RM6k more only. Manual 1.8 = Driver's car.

6) Proton Exora

Spacious Interior (I can fit in 3rd row easily (5 feet 9, 93kg and 38" waistline)), Excellent Ride and handling. Value for money. Let down only by the Underpowered engine and plasticky dashboard.

7) Proton Waja 4G18. 2000-2003.
Earlier model has better built quality than the 1st facelift (2004). MMC ECU Highly Tunable. Excellent Lotus Ride and handling. Mechanically reliable.

8) Proton Persona (EXCLUDES GEN-2)
Inconsistent Built quality caused it to placed at #8 though it has Excellent Lotus Ride and handling and spacious interior. Reason why it excludes Gen-2's due to Gen-2 poor headroom, lack of glovebox and worse built quality.

9) Proton Satria Neo.
Lower position is due to Crampier interior than original Satria, Low front and rear headroom. NOT MEANT FOR ANYONE >183cm (6 footer). Otherwise it's Excellent Ride and Handling car.

10) Proton Saga BLM 2008 to 2010.
Why so lowly ranked?
Inconsistant built quality. Lowly specced (imagine a 2009 car still came with rear self-winding window). NO ABS, Pre-facelift better looking. Automatic drinks fuel. RM0.24/km.

11) Proton MPi/UK-spec Iswara.
This is MY 1st Car. Owned it from 2000 to 2008. 50% MMC Parts including ECI-Multi engine, Lancer Fiore Dashboard and Fuel tank/pump/cap. Reliable. Thicker body shell (heavier bonnet). Rust issue is the reason why it ranked so low.

12) Proton Savvy

Why so lowly ranked?
Questionable built quality and high maintenance costs (Renault Clio engine). Cramped interior (poor headroom and legroom front and rear and limited boot space. Otherwise Good fun to drive car with excellent ride and handling.

Wait till you see my upcoming post: TOP 6 WORST Protons.


  1. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Hello, appreciate your effort.
    Do you have the spark plug to distribution cap orientation. I have replace the cable but forgotten to mark which spark plug goes to which port on the distribution cap. My car is proton iswara cares mpi.
    thank you

  2. It is a fantastic post – immense clear and easy to understand. I am also holding out for the sharks too that made me laugh.