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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Best time to buy a NEW/USED car...

When is the right time to buy a new car? One might asked. To find out, read on.

Case example 1: A relative of mine learned the hard way. Her car was registered on End of November 1999. But when trade in time, it was deemed as 1999 model though ironically, it is only less than 6 weeks away from year 2000. It's like "so near yet so far" scenario.

Another case of registering a new car in the wrong time and losing out is like my current car. Why?

Case example 2: My Ford Telstar was registered in late January 1999. Technically, it should be a year 1999 car. But no! Ironically, it was manufactured in November 1998. What a big bummer... As a result, it's deemed 1998 model. How pathetic!!! Why this problem happened?

Due to KIASUNESS! Or afraid to lose. Apparently, the previous owner is KIASU, want to book and register a car before Chinese New Year just for the sake of "Showing off". Chinese New Year usually fall between Late January to Early February. Buying a car before Chinese New Year means taking delivery by late January. The consequence?

Unless it's a Perodua or a Hot selling car such as Toyota Vios which manufacturing and sales turnover are high, (Eg. stock turnover within 1 week); chances are previous year stock will roll on until February and sometimes up to 6 months plus from date of manufacturing to date of sale. In which it's typical for Imported cars such as FIAT, Imagine "NEW" 2004 stock of Fiat Coupe HAVEN'T CLEAR).

As a result, he/she often would ended up with a car manufactured A YEAR BEFORE!!! When it's time to sell the car, though it's registered in say February 2007, IT IS STILL MANUFACTURED in NOV 2006!!! It'll be deemed as 2006 model!!!

Therefore, according to my humble observation, the best time to buy a new car is between March to October. March because by then typically MOST CKD car manufacturer has cleared the previous year stock. Till October, why? Because buying a car in the month of November means losing out. As in case example 1 above, it's registered 1 month to the subsequent year (eg. 2007) and is deemed as 2006 model BUT ironically after owning for 31 days, it's 2007. Hence it is assumed that you've owned the car for 1 year though in reality, you only owned the car for 31 days!!! Think and ponder about it...

NOW let's shift your attention to used cars. The best time NOT to get a used car is 1 month before ANY FESTIVE SEASONS and after getting your bonus (End of December to mid January). Why?
Cause most used car dealers will jack up the price during that period. The rest of the time IS a GOOD time to buy a used car.

1) RECESSION time! Strange but true, as Almost everyone will dispose their car DESPERATELY at bargain basement price. Same theory applies to buying a property, ALMOST everyone will sell their property at Riduculously LOW price out of desperation.

2) FOLLOWED by the month of December where most car owners desperate to get rid of their car before the value drop further.
3) Also, AFTER CHINESE NEW YEAR OR HARI RAYA. There are LOTS of KIASU jokers desperately getting RID of their "Old cars" for NEWER car(s). As a result, there would be oversupply of used cars as LOTS of people traded in or sold their cars.

Also, for Car dealers, the "CASH IN" or "PEAK season" period is over as the "URGE" of buying car(s) already DIMMED after Festive seasons. There would be OVERSUPPLY of USED cars as people "Dumping" their Old car(s) for NEWER car(s). Thus, A GREAT BARGAIN AWAITS!!!

Good luck to those Shopping for car(s), whether NEW or USED.


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