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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dunlop SP Sport J5 tyres. 10000km report

In this blog entry, I'm reviewing My Daily Ride's Tyres.  I changed 4 of these tyres back in December 30 2016 at RM142.00 per tyre including GST, Balancing, Installation and Alignment (RM127 per tyre without alignment).  This is my Report after 10,000km using the 165/60R14 75H tyres in my 2013 i10 1.25 CVVT.  These tyres are made in Continental Factory, Alor Setar.  Local tyres. 
I bought from this shop Below in Shah Alam.  Overall a Satisfied experience.
Apparently, this is an Underrated tyres.  I'd say Grip and comfort level As good as Michelin XM2.  It's quieter too.  I heard not many Tyre shops Selling these tyres due to Low margin, which is sad.

It's very "Happy" on Trunk roads OR windy roads.  Also, it went through recent floods in Shah Alam with no aquaplaning, it stayed planted on the road.
Above: Fresh Week 45, 2016 tyres.  I installed at Week 52.  10,000km later, only "worrying" thing is "Burning RUBBER SMELL"  during my daily drive from Section 17, PJ to Chan Sow Lin.  And After a Multi-storey car park to Paradigm mall.  Sample 2 part Youtube videos below:

Below paragraphs are taken from Continental Sime Tyres press release:

“Travelling in the rain can be a nerve-wracking experience, so a tyre with superior wet weather traction can be a big safety benefit for drivers who need to travel at speed in wet conditions,” said national sales manager Sim Wee Chung. “Both our Dunlop new lines are 100% engineered with German technology and designed with Malaysia’s road conditions in mind.
The sportier Formula D05 features wiper blocks that increase road contact area, with the edge effect reducing the film of water between the tyre and the road edges, resulting in improved braking performance in the wet.  Please read my review on the Dunlop Formula D05 tyres back in 2015.

The tread compound has also been enhanced for better wet weather traction, while the advanced Silica Compound Technology ensures a wider operating temperature range compared to the previous Formula D01. Four wide, equally distributed longitudinal grooves accelerate water evacuation and equalise the water dispersion rate.

The more comfort oriented and fuel efficient SP Sport J5 uses a new generation of full silica compound which provides high wet weather grip and improved rolling resistance. The edge tie-bar works like a dam, dispersing water at high velocity, while an optimised number of sipes and grooves enhances water wiping while maintaining a large contact area, ensuring excellent braking performance in the wet.

The Dunlop Formula D05 is available in 28 sizes ranging from 15- to 18-inches in diameter, while the Dunlop SP Sport J5 retails in 17 sizes ranging from 12- to 15-inches in diameter. Continental Tyre Malaysia claims that together, they cover more than 90% of Malaysia’s passenger car tyre sizes.
Above, Like the Dunlop Formula D5, the J5 also feature new dry and wet weather wear indicators, the first to be available in Malaysia. The rain indicator is shallower than the sun one, letting owners know when to change their tyres for optimum wet weather performance.

Above: treadwear 340, Traction A, temperature A.

Above: This is actually A sister design to Dunlop Formula D05.  Except this caters for "Narrower AND Higher profile series/size".
Without further ado, let's Proceed to Logbook.

Mileage upon installing tyres: 46,800km (30/12/2016)
Mileage today: 56,700km (26/9/2017)
Mileage covered: 9,900km.

Fuel Consumption:
BEST: 436km / 29.272km / 14.9km/l  (90% Highway/ 10% city, Melaka day trip). Petron RON95

WORST: 280km / 30.93l / 9.05km/l.  (90% City, 1 hour KL Jam)  Shell RON95

Average: 11.8km/l.

Before  I go, here's a Parting shot:

RATING: 9/10.  HIGHLY Recommended Bargain Alternative to Michelin XM2.


  1. Good tyre, will buy it again. Replacing current one, well already 60k km millage on current j5..

  2. How to find manufacturing date on dunlop j5 tyre?

  3. The Manufacturing date is "Inner side of the tyre".

    1. Why i bought this J5 tyre manufacture date at outer part

  4. dunlop sp j5 have saiz 185/55/15 or not... i really interested for this tyre... thank you

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