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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My (Jeff Lim's) Dream Garage

Happy Chinese New year. How's your Chinese New year? I will post how I went thru my Chinese New year on the 15th day of Chinese New Year. ANyway, I'd like to share my realistic dream garage as at 2008. (Note will add some of the missing photos of my dream cars in 3 days time).

1) BMW 528i Touring E39 (A) Used 1997 to 2000. Why E39? Cause it's better looking, better ride and handling than the latest E60, Creamy Straight 6, Also, no un-user friendly IDRIVE, RARE in Malaysia = Exclusive.

2) VW Golf GTI DSG Wald Edition (recond 2005). Why? State of the art FSI Turbo and DSG Gearbox.

3) Porsche 993 Carrera 4s. (used) Why? Last of Air-cooled 911s.

4) Mazda Miata MX5 1.8i (used). Why? Award winning roadster. RWD = Potential Drift car. manual (?)

5) Mercedes 350SL / 380SL V8. used between 1973 to 1988. Why? V8s, Convertible.

6) Toyota Sera 1.5i Gullwing between 1990 to 1994 used. Why? Gullwing doors, evergreen design, Rarity.

7) Honda Prelude BB7 97-02 used. Why? DOHC VTEC tiptronic 4WS.

8) Mazda BT50 truck 4x4, 2.5 TDI (BRAND NEW). 5 speed Auto.

9) Toyota MR2. used 90-96. T-bar roof, Mid-engined

10) Mercedes CLK200 Kompressor (recond 03). Avantgarde. Why? Supercharged.

11) Honda Elysion 3.0i V6 MPV, 2x Sunroof, (Recond 06).

12) ANY V12 car. Want to experience V12. Eg. Jaguar XJ6, BMW 850i(A) 1989 to 1996), BMW 750iL (1987 to 1993), Ferrari 456GT.

13) Mazda RX8. Why? Want to experience Rotary Engine, groundbreaking design.

14) Alfa 156 2.5 V6 Q-matic. Why? One of the BEST sounding V6. One of the best looking SEDAN. Make mine Met Maroon (like in the picture).

NOTE I HAVE Almost ALL categories covered. Here are the reasons behind:

1) Straight 6, Wagon, Executive Car, RARITY
2) FSI Turbo, DSG gearbox, Hot Hatch
3) Supercar, Boxer air-cooled engine, tiptronic
4) Roadster, RWD, Drift car, manual(?)
5) V8 engined, classic, convertible
6) Gullwing, Rare car, Old skool 1.5L 16v 4 cyl car
7) Honda's famous DOHC VTEC 4wS, quite rare
8) Pickup truck, Hi-Lo 4x4, turbodiesel, 5 sp Automatic
9) Mid-engined, Mini-Ferrari design, Quite rare
10) Supercharged, Coupe
11) V6, 8 seater MPV
12) v12 Car.
13) Rotary Engined 2+2 door 4 seater car.
14) Again, sweet sounding V6, 1 of the best looking Sedan.

NOTE 1: WANTED BADLY: No 1 (528i Touring), 6 (Toyota Sera), 7 (Honda Prelude BB7), 14 (Alfa 156 2.5 V6 Q-matic). This is 4 Of my FAVOURITE RARE Cars (in Malaysia) I WANTED to OWN Badly (over the other Dream cars). It's Also the cars which I can own REALISTICALLY in a couple of years time.

NOTE 2: Only 1 of the car Is New. The Mazda BT50 Pickup truck (with 50 month Maintenence Free & 50 month warranty). Rest is Recond (No 2, 10, 11, 13) or Used.