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Saturday, May 03, 2008

My letter to The Star was published BUT...

BUT I sent it on 25 April! Wonder why they took so long to edit and print in on the newspaper (Took EXACTLY 1 week). As expected, the letter's EDITED Heavily. This is the EDITED letter as published in The Star today:

Friday May 2, 2008
Diesel on sale here of poor quality

IT’S heartening to hear that the Government wants to remove the diesel subsidy. They don’t realise that our diesel quality is the “Worst of the Worst” @ EURO 1 whereas the world is already using EURO 5. Ironically, Malaysia produces the best diesel in the world but it is only exported.
Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, please give us this diesel.
Alternatively, just remove both the petrol and diesel subsidy (except for those deemed in need) and whatever excise duties, import duties and sales taxes as well.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

THIS IS THE ORIGINAL UNCUT Version. Note that they Completely changed my title!

TITLE: Subsidised diesel to go can, give us better quality diesel 1st.

""It's heartening to hear that the Government wanted to
remove diesel subsidy. They don't realise that our
diesel quality's the "Worst of the Worst" @ EURO 1
where as the World already using EURO 5. You know
what, ironically Malaysia produces the BEST DIESEL in
the world by the name of "Shell V-Power Diesel" only
to be exported. Here's an extract of article 1. I felt
very angry upon reading it... WHY we, Malaysia don't
get this quality diesel, YET the Government want to
remove the diesel subsidy.

""Shell V-Power Diesel is a top performance diesel
fuel designed to help modern diesel engines deliver
more power, for longer. Already available at about
5,000 service stations across Europe, Shell scientists
have used the same fuel technology behind V-Power
Diesel to create this special racing fuel for Le Mans.

This remarkable result was due in part to the
inclusion of Shell GTL (Gas to Liquids) Fuel in the
race formulation. Shell V-Power Diesel is the first
and only premium diesel to use this special synthetic
fuel technology which is created from natural gas in
using a unique Shell synthesis process. Shell
GTL Fuel burns more cleanly and efficiently than
conventional diesel because of its outstanding purity
and cetane quality.""

What now, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister
Datuk Shahrir Samad? Please gave us this diesel.

Alternatively, just remove ALL the Petrol and Diesel
subsidy (except subsidy card/s for School Buses,
Lorries, Fishermen, and those needed) AND REMOVE
whatever Excise Duties, Import Duties and Sales taxes
as well. I'm sure ALL Malaysians will thank you.""

THIS CLEARLY SHOWS that The Star practised "Reading between the lines" as well. I don't know since when but it's obvious.

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