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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LONGTERMER #2, Vol 17; Month 24: Honda Civic 2.0IVTEC

LONGTERMER #2, Volume 17; Month 24: Honda Civic FD2 2.0IVTEC

In this blog entry, I'll be covering my ride.  The Honda Civic FD2. This is 17th update of Longtermer #2, this month's the 24th month we (my family) owned the Civic 2.0iVTEC FD2, ie. the 2nd year.  Man, how time flies...

What's happened in the month between May to End June. Let's see...

Well, my dad is based oversea, whenever he's back in Malaysia, I have NO CHANCE to drive the Civic as he'll drive THE WHOLE DAY.  Recently, he's back EVERY Weekend, so the chances for me to drive the Civic is LESSER...  This explained why my car, Ford Telstar registered higher-than-ever monthly mileage at 1272km last month.

Over the last 30 days, as usual my dad drove this Civic FD2 HARD.  To Genting Highlands (2 rounds), KLIA 2 rounds, Cyberjaya few rounds. 

The Civic's Due did its 35,000km service on 22 June 2010. They just did regular engine oil change, oil filter, washer drain plug.  Sumber Auto Edaran (Honda) service adviser  warned me of the next service (40,000km), it is going to be a MAJOR service.  They said prepared to fork out RM800+/- as they need to change Fuel filter, Spark plugs, Air filter in addition to the regular oil change.  

Without further ado, let's proceed to LOGBOOK.

Year of manufactured: 2008 (Delivery Date 28 July 2008)
Current Value: RM110,000 (As at June 2010)
Purchase price: RM126,000 (less NCB)
Mileage when bought: 0008km
Mileage last update (April 30): 32,777km
Mileage today: 36,480km

Average mileage per month: 1586km

Best: 14.25km/L (RM0.14/km), 100% highway, Petronas RON97 (18 June 2010 driven by my DAD)

WORST: 8.0km/L (RM0.23/km) (Shell RON95) 100% City driving driven by ME. (May 28 2010)

LAST 6 months:
Best: 14.25km/l (90% highway driving) (16 February 2010)
Worst: 7.9km/l (80% City driving, 20% HARD DRIVING) (April 2010)


1) 35,000km service.  RM178.00  (MINERAL OIL)
2) Touch and Go reload => RM100.
Petrol, parking and toll charges, that's all.

Well, there's a saying "a picture is worth 1000 words". Here's some parting shots before I sign off...
Below, waiting for service...

Above: A peek into the service bays...  NEAT...
Below, Before Service, they DID this to my car 1st:


AN ORIGINAL JEFF LIM Production. That's all folks, thanks for having the patience to read this. See you in 2 months time, on the 26th month. Ie. End August.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Product review: K&N drop in air filter 33-2676

On 15 June 2010, the K&N air filter whom I ordered from jaysperformance UK (via 10 days ago arrived.  It costs £45 only (RM217.60 was billed to my Debit card).  I was quoted RM300 in Speedworks PJ, hence a savings of RM82.40. 

I installed the air filter the next day...

The results?

Before I install the Air filter, the Telstar felt "Out of breath easily" during acceleration (or Kickdown).  After I installed the K&N Drop in air filter, the car no longer felt "out of breath", the acceleration's more linear across the range and responsive.  0-100km/h I timed, improved by 0.6 seconds (10.2 vs 10.8 previously).  This is CLEARLY  "THE WORLD'S BEST AIR FILTER" as claimed by K&N themselves...

Before I go, here's a parting shot:

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  A Jeff Lim original production. (My Original work).

LONGTERMER #1: Update 24, June 2010: Ford Telstar 2.0i4 Ghia

LONGTERMER #1: Update 24, June 2010: Ford Telstar 2.0i4 Ghia

In this blog entry, I am updating my Ford Telstar i4 Ghia. This is the 24th update. 

What's up in the month of June?

As I am typing this, the Telstar covered 1272km. Now, 155,238km. Previous month, it's 153,966km.

I kicked off on the 1st week of June driving the Telstar to Ipoh (day trip).  Brought my friend from Hong Kong there.  There's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words, here's some photos:

Now you see it...
Now you don't...

Above: See how spacious the Telstar.  Below: Ergonomic door (very comfortable)
Above: Reached Petaling Jaya.  2hrs, 30 mins journey.  Slight jam due to Agong's birthday (public holiday).

On June 15, I ordered K&N Drop-in Air filter from UK via (jaysperformance).  It costs £45 only (RM217.60 was billed to my Debit card).  I was quoted RM300 in Speedworks PJ, hence a savings of RM82.40.  See next post entry...

The result?
See next blog entry...

Three days ago, my car battery went flat.  My mechanic warned me last month that the battery's dying.  Still, I'm glad that it died after EXACTLY 2 years serving my car.  Not bad for a traditional battery (Acid).  The Telstar broke down outside my office, I have no Choice but to buy Battery from a tyre shop behind my office.  I was ripped off, RM250 for NS70 GP maintenance free battery.  This is a change of battery size, previously using "DIN55" (quoted RM280 for DIN55).

As a result, my battery bracket/mounting no longer fits.  Temporary left WITHOUT battery bracket/mounting (see photo)

Without further ado, let’s proceed to Logbook…


Year of manufactured: December 1998 (registered January 1999)
Purchase price: RM42,000 (Aug 2005)
Current value: RM12,000 (As at March 2010)
Depreciation per year (averaged): RM7,500

Mileage Last Month: 153,966km
Mileage Now: 155,238km
Mileage used June 2010: 1272km

Fuel consumption (so far):
BEST: 10.2km/l (8 June 2010)
WORST: 5.9km/l (September 14, 2009) => 100% City driving

BEST: 10.2km/l on 8 June 2010 (100% Highway driving). WORST:June 21 13: 6.4km/L, 90% City driving. I used either RON95 Shell OR Mobil RON95 only.

0-100km/h: 10.2 secs (20/6/2010). Previous run 10.8 secs (1/1/2010).

TODAY, As at 29 June 2010,

Expenses (this month):

1) Petrol: RM360.
2) Toll: RM100
3) K&N Air Filter (bought via RM217.90  (45 pound sterling).
4) Parking: RM50
5) New Battery GP Maintenence free: RM250 (25 June 2010).


Before I go, here's some parting shots:

Picture above & above above, my Telstar co-incidentally parked in front of a NEW FORD MONDEO.  I can't help taking these shots...

That's all folks,  Thanks for having the time and patience to read this Blog entry of mine...  See you on July 30 2010 for the 25th update...  AN ORIGINAL JEFF LIM'S PRODUCTION.  My original work...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today, June 26 (626). Happy Birthday to 3 persons...

Today, June 26 (626) is a birthday to 3 persons whom I know of.  They are:

1) My dear cousin, Dr.K.H.Chiam

2) My Ex-classmate, Alex Chia Gek Chew

3) My Ex-schoolmate (Island School), Mohit Purswani...

Happy Birthday GUYS!  Here's a Vanilla Chocolate Chip ICE CREAM CAKE:

Oh! By the way, You shared your birthday with:


CONDOLENCE: Toyota chief test driver Hiromu Naruse

I Jeff Lim, owner and editor of this Blog, would like to extend my Condolence to Naruse san who passed away recently.  His death will be a Great loss to Toyota and the Automotive industry. 

 Here's the article reporting the death of Naruse san. 


Toyota chief test driver Hiromu Naruse dies in LFA crash

Toyota has confirmed reports that its chief test driver, 67-year-old Hiromu Naruse, has has been killed in a head-on collision near the Nurburgring. Naruse was driving the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition when he collided head on with a BMW. The German car’s test driver and his passenger were seriously injured.
Reports from Germany say that the prototype Lexus (said to cost 1.5 million euros) veered into oncoming traffic. Police are investigating the crash and have yet to determine its cause.

Naruse joined Toyota in 1963 in the Vehicle Evaluation and Engineering Division, and had been involved with Toyota Motorsports since 1970. He was heavily involved with the Lexus LFA project, the classic Toyota 2000GT from the 1960s and all sporty Toyotas in between. His death will be a big loss to Toyota, including chairman Akio Toyoda, who had Naruse-san as his personal on-track driver.

Here's a link to the crash site near Nurburgring, Germany:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lotus announces new management team and a new Proton/Lotus model


Highlights: The new car will be introduced in about 18-24 months and will be sold as a 5-door Proton in Malaysia and will be sold as a 3-door Lotus in other markets around the world.

It will be based on the Proton Emas concept that was shown in Geneva earlier this year but “heavily modified for daily use.”

In a joint press conference yesterday afternoon, both Proton Holdings Berhad and Group Lotus announced future business and product plans for the respective companies.

Speaking at the conference were Dato Syed Zainal, Managing Director of Proton, Dato Mohamad Nazmi, Chairman of Proton and Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus.

The press conference was also held to introduce a new management team at Group Lotus comprising of some of the most respected names in the automobile manufacturing industry.

Proton Chairman, Dato Mohamad Nazmi, a man known for turning around companies that are in a uncomfortable position, took to the mike first and made the bold move of apologizing for not working closer with Lotus over the past 10 years.

He mentioned that while the previous relationship between the two companies was more on a “ad hoc and contractual” basis even though Proton owned Lotus , he wants things to change under his watch with both companies to mutually benefit from each other. Proton will gain more from Lotus engineering and Lotus from Proton’s ability to produce en masse.

Next on the mike was Dany Bahar, ex-Ferrari Brand Manager and now Lotus CEO who brought us his business plan for the next five years. Of course there was the talk of bigger numbers and newer models and niches, but to help achieve the goal, Dany assembled and introduced a new management team he likens to the Real Madrid dream team.

The list is too large to mention here but trust us that it’s very impressive. Names that would make you go wow though would be the likes of Donato Coco, once Director of Concept Design and Development at Ferrari SpA. His key projects at Ferrari include the 430 Scuderia, Spyder 16M, California, 599XX and the new 458 Italia. Coco takes on the role of Director of Design at Group Lotus. Also in the list is Claudio Bero, ex-Ferrari/Fiat F1 racing chief and now Director of Lotus Motorsports.

The list of key personnel and other revamps goes on but more interestingly Lotus introduced a product outline of an upcoming model that is to take on a new niche for Lotus.

Bahar wants Lotus to “go back to where it already was once,” an engineering and style icon. If you recall, Lotus cars were a sensation in the 70s, appearing in Bond flicks and other Hollywood movies. In his presentation, Dany said he is to take the brand more upmarket in terms of creature comforts, performance, image, and of course, sales figures.

Today’s Lotus is a very niche machine catering to those who want the ultimate driving machine without any compromises; it’s a car that only an enthusiast can appreciate. The Lotus of tomorrow though is set to be much more than just the ultimate driving machine. In his push to take the brand more upmarket, Bahar also stated that he has automakers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin right in the middle of his cross-hairs and aims to take these powerhouses head on in terms of drivability, exclusiveness, finesse, and numbrs.

Lotus currently sells around 2,000 cars per year but aims to take it up to over 8,000 units per year and that would mean snatching customers from other car companies. To do that Lotus will have to provide a product that can compete directly with the likes of the Ferrari 458 Italia and California, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911 Carrera, and the Aston Martin Vantage. Lotus will also continue to build no-nonsense cars like the Exige and Elise.

On questioning, Bahar has confirmed that a new Lotus that will be even more upmarket than the Evora will be introduced towards the end of 2012. He also ruled out the notion of Lotus working on its own engine, insisting that Toyota engine’s work just fine with some Lotus tuning. When pressed for some information on the upcoming, more powerful than ever Lotus, Dany did not rule out the possibility of using Toyota’s V10 powerplant that currently powers the Lexus LFA.

When asked if it would be detuned, Dany simply said, " ... maybe not, maybe it does not even need to be detuned, you just have to wait and see". He did not rule out the use of a V8 or a V6 either.

Also in the works for Lotus is a hybrid powerplant and transmission, an Electric Vehicle, a plug-in hybrid and more interestingly, an alcohol fueled powertrain.

Taking the mike after Dany was Dato' Syed, Managing Director of Proton Holdings Berhad. Dato' Syed spoke about the joint collaboration of the two companies and urged to “forget about the past” as the two companies work towards new goals with the new team. Dato’ Syed also confirmed that Proton will be working with Lotus on a global small car which will carry the “Proton and Lotus image.”

The new car will be introduced in about 18-24 months and will be sold as a 5-door Proton in Malaysia and will be sold as a 3-door Lotus in other markets around the world.

It will be based on the Proton Emas concept that was shown in Geneva earlier this year but “heavily modified for daily use.”

The next five years or so look set to be some of the most interesting for both the companies in recent times. With a very experienced new CEO at Lotus together with a new "dream team" management as well as a new Proton/Lotus vehicle that promises to go further than just a “ride & handling by Lotus” badge, we can only hold our breath for what is to come.

First up, the Paris Motor Show where Lotus is set to introduce a new model, speculations around the internet suggest that it could be a new Esprit, or a new Exige/Elise model, it could also be a Lotus SUV but Dany has said that will not happen, or it could just be a Evora convertible. We’ll just have to wait till early October.


That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this  blog entry.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pathetic choices of Wagons in Malaysia, PROLOGUE to...

In Malaysia, the Choices of Wagons / Estates / Touring is PATHETIC.  So pathetic that one can count with your 10 fingers.  Here are the lists of Wagons/Estates/Touring ON SALE in Malaysia:

1) Audi A4 Avant

2) Chevrolet Optra Magnum Estate 1.6

3) BMW 5 series Touring

4) Mercedes C-class estate

5) Peugeot 407 Evente (Discontinued recently)

6) Volvo V50 Estate...

THAT'S ALL!  What a Pity that Malaysian don't APPRECIATE Estate/Wagons cars...  In fact, back in 2004, I had a chat with a Subaru Salesman.  He said it took 3 years to sold off their 250 units of Subaru Impreza 1.6 TS-Wagon (from early 2001 to early 2004), that's how SAD the conditions of Estate/Wagon market in Malaysia.

Second scenario, I walked in to a BMW Showroom (Auto Bavaria) and enquired about BMW 320d(A) touring.  The salesman told me the same thing:  They discontinued the model last year citing "Cannot sell" as reason. He added people RATHER buy BMW X3 instead. Why Cannot sell? 

Let me tell you why BMW Malaysia, your 320d touring you brought in is NOT of FULL SPEC.  Try bringing in the one with PANORAMIC SUNROOF and M-sport version.  Even, their BMW X3 also DID NOT HAVE Panoramic Sunroof (this one can tilt/slide UNLIKE Peugeot 308 OR Smart for  FOUR FIXED type.  The consequence?  

People flocked to Importers like NAZA, MOFAZ to buy Panoramic Sunroof-ed BMW X3 and X5, 5 series touring.  Padan Muka.  What a MORONIC Distributor...

Well, I will TRY TO CHANGE MALAYSIAN'S MINDSET towards Estate/Wagons. Over the month of July, I will Show Malaysians what they missed out by Kicking off this Campaign called:

"Estate/Wagon Appreciation"  Part 1 to 8.

With this campaign, I HOPE I can open the Eyes of Malaysian and change their perception towards Estate/Wagons.  In fact, they rather buy Ugly Boxy MPV OR Pick-up trucks than be seen on Estate/Wagon cars...