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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

How to write and speak fluent Bahasa Malaysia

I'm going to dedicate this blog entry to NON-Malays.  As per title, it's HOW TO WRITE AND SPEAK FLUENT BAHASA MALAYSIA.  Yes., how? 

Though I only studied Bahasa Malaysia up to Form 4 level (got a respectable grade B for PMR) as I transferred to British International School (for GCSE O'level), I can say that my reading and written Bahasa Malaysia is "CUKUP MAKAN".  As for spoken, I can proudly say that I'm surprisingly GOOD for a Chinese Malaysian.  Back to the question "HOW"?

Here's my tips how I managed to brushed up my Malay:

1) Watch Malay News (Berita) and observe how the newscaster speak.
2) READ Malay Newspapers/Magazines/Journals.
3) DO NOT be afraid to talk more Malay.  Try to converse in Malay as frequent as possible.
4) Be friend OR MIXED around with the Malays, try to talk to them in Malay NOT English.
5) WATCH Malay Movies (the Late Yasmin Ahmad's movie's a GOOD START). AND SWITCH OFF THE SUBTITLES. 
6) Listen to Malay Radio channel (again, learn how they speak).
7) Refer to Malay Dictionary (eg. Kamus Dewan) if you came across unfamiliar words as you READ in Malay (see point 2).
8) Write correspondence/letter/memo in Bahasa Malaysia.

That's all I can think think of.  Contributions/Suggestions on how to Improve your Bahasa Malaysia are most welcome. That's all FOLKS...  Thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  My Original Work.

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