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FULL Review: Elantra AD 2.0 and 1.6 Turbo T-GDI

You are looking at Newly Launched 2017 Hyundai Elantra AD.  It comes in 2 Variant.  The Elantra Nu 2.0 MPI Sedan and Elantra Sport 1.6 T-GDI...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Otoreview (belated)...

I Jeff Lim, owner and editor of this blog would like to thank all Readers/Subscribers for your support.  This blog turned 5 on 21 August 2011.  How time flies...  It seemed like yesterday I created this blog.  I created this blog on 21 August 2006.   This blog started off initially as a Malaysian Used car review blog. 

As time goes by, it slowly incorperates "Automotive Industry stuff", New car review, Highlighted Roadshows, Antique/Classic cars, Product reviews, A little bit of Politics (NAP, AFTA, AP issues, Racism, Sexism), Best/worst resale values and lastly Advertorial (for Honda Malaysia and Nuffnang). 

I, Jeff Lim shall keep this blog running hoping that there's Advertisers/Sponsors and "ASSISTANT EDITOR/S" as I have to admit it's DIFFICULT updating this blog ALONE.  I SHALL GIVE my assistant editors FULL POWER to post and edit (your own post) what he/she deemed fit.  BUT PLEASE Don't delete/edit my post. 

1) MUST BE Passionate about cars.
2) MINIMUM 2 years experience in Journalism/OR Blogging/Writing about cars.  Those with "Advance driving course certificate" (like me) will be an advantage.
3) Self motivated/driven.
4) Being charitable.  Linked to requirement #1 as there's NO PAY INVOLVED.  Ie. I don't pay you.  YOU ARE HERE to Bulid your Portfolio (like me).  Your work will be labelled/tagged as "________'s Original Work".  Fill in your name.  Fair enough? 
5) I START FROM "0" back in 2006.  Hoping to be spotted/hired as a Car Writer/Journalists.  But I'm only a Form 5 holder.  I improved my English because I collect car magazines and been reading car magazines since I was 10 years old (1989).  My role model are "Shahriza Hussien", "Mel Lee", "Chips Yap", "Faisal Shah" and "Chris Wee".  I already built up my portfolio 1/3 of this blog were "Original Jeff Lim's production".  How about you?
Again, thanks everyone for your support...  Here's to the NEXT 5 years!

FULL REVIEW: Perodua MYVI 1.3SXi (M)

In this blog entry, I'm reviewing my Sister's 2007 Perodua MYVI 1.3SXi(M).

This is the 52nd month she owned the MYVI SXi. We took delivery of the Perodua MYVI SXi in May 2007. I'd say that this car's Under-used. Mileage's only 43,752km.  Which translates to only 841km per month.

Perodua MYVI has 1 of the BEST RESALE VALUE in Malaysia with 66% retained value for a 5 years old car and 76% retained value for a 3 years old car.  Losing out only to Honda Civic FD, VW Golf GTI and Mini Cooper/S.  It's as good as Toyota Avanza and Vios. Price starts from RM26000 for an early 2005 manual onwards.  A 2007 1.3SXi Manual like this one still worth RM32,000.  Note that it's priced at RM47,000 OTR when new.  RM15,000 depreciation in 52 months is IMPRESSIVE don't you think so?

ABOVE: VERY LOW MILEAGE at 43,752km as at 30 August 2011.

BEST: 34L good for 550km. (100% highway driving)  16.2km/l .  (11.7 cents)

WORST: 34L good for 340km (100% City driving) 10km/l. (19 cents)

AVERAGED: 34L good for 450km. 13.2km/l. (14.3 cents)

(Note fuel tank is 42litres but my sister always pump once the low-fuel light blink nonstop appeared.)

0-100km/h in 10.7 seconds.
Top speed: Unknown.  But someone posted 180km/h in Youtube.

Any problems so far: 

I'm happy to report that the Engine, suspension and gearbox (including clutch) trouble free so far (touch wood).  BUT there's these minor issues:

1) 12V/Cigarette lighter socket STOPPED working since 1st year owning the car.  We only found out this problem on the 25th (June 2009) month owning the car when I tried to plug in my GPS Car Charger.  This means that WARRANTY OVER.  Too bad, cannot claim.

2) 1x Power windows need viagra.  Ie. Can wind down but Difficulty winding up.  Thank Goodness the Driver side's okay.  My sister just ignored and try not to open the front passanger side power windows as replacement power windows motor costs RM350++ EXCLUDING WORKMANSHIP.

Other replacements:  Wipers replaced once (recently Early Aug 2011), Battery replaced once, Tyres: 1 round (ALL USED tyres) Goodyear NCT5.  Spark plugs 2 rounds.  As my sister only send the car to Perodua Authorized workshop in the 1st 2 years,  ie. 1st 20,000km, many parts still unchanged.  Eg. Fuel Filter, Air filter (just cleaned with  blower so far), Air cond pollen filter etc.

Well there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words, here's some photos:

Above: White backlit Optitron Meters.  Standard MYVI = Orange meters.

ABOVE 3 photos: Not only 60:40 split fold, the rear seat can pushed forward = FLAT FOLDING seats.  Good For 2 persons and a LARGE BREED DOG.
Being SXi, this car comes with Dual Airbags, ABS+EBD and Immobilizer.
Above and below: EXCELLENT LEG AND HEAD ROOM.  Note: I'm 174cm.
Better Leg and Headroom than Myvi Lagi Best. 

Here's the links to external reviews:







That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An original Jeff Lim's production.  Otoreview's original work.

CLOSE UP: Ssangyong NEW Actyon

In this blog entry, I'm checking out the New Ssangyong Actyon. This SUV was Designed by Guigiario and came in 2 different versions. It's offered with 2WD and 4WD options. I dropped by their Showroom along Federal Highway but it's closed. But a check on their official website revealed that the 2WD retailed for RM120k w/o insurance while the 4WD asking price's RM130k w/o insurance. 

Watch this space same time this Friday for more photos and info about this car.

Here's some links regarding this New SUV:

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry. An Original Jeff Lim's Production. Otoreview's original work.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Merdeka ke 54...

Saya, Jeff Lim ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua Umat Islam, Maaf, zahir dan batin.  Be forgiving and be good, do good...

Saya juga ingin mengucapkan Selamat Ulangtahun Merdeka Ke 54.  Satu Malaysia bukannya sekadar impian, "dari dahululah kita praktis 1 Malaysia".  Saya ingat masa saya di dalam darjah satu hingga dua.  Saya "Colour blind" masa itu.  Saya ada Melayu, Cina, India dan Sikh Kawan. 

Saya, Jeff Lim ingin "sign off" dengan gambar ini:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

KL roads almost deserted

KL roads almost deserted

KUALA LUMPUR: The city is gradually becoming deserted as more people leave for their hometowns to celebrate Aidilfitri, which is expected to fall tomorrow.

It was a very different scene of smooth traffic compared to the snarled conditions of the past two days.

The Sungai Besi Toll, North-South Highway and Jalan Duta Toll saw fewer vehicles today.

A private sector worker, Liyana Yusoff, 26, said traffic was smoother this year compared to previous years.

"I am on the way to Melaka from Bandar Tun Razak and find it is not as bad as it was during the weekend," she said.

Another worker, Maisara Ahmad, 42, said she chose to go back to her hometown in Taiping today as there was less traffic and she was confident it would be a smoother ride on the highways.

Civil servant Mazlan Abdul Hamid, 33, said he checked the PLUS Expressways Bhd schedule last night before leaving the house earlier this afternoon.

"My number plate ends with an odd number and that means I can travel this afternoon," he said.

Meanwhile, a scan of the Pudu Sentral area saw fewer people at ticket counters.

A Kesatuan Ekspres ticket seller who identified herself as Sharifah, 41, said bus ticket sales were lower this year and there was only one bus to the north tomorrow while none were scheduled to the east coast.

It was a time of joy for student Nurul Syazwa Azmi, 23, who said last-minute travelling was fun because she would have a smooth journey and reach her family home in Sungai Petani, Kedah, just in time for the start of the festivities.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Interesting Observation in Saigon. 3d/3n Family trip

 Interesting Observation in Saigon.  3d/3n Family trip

I just came back from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) yesterday (17 August).  Interesting observation.  First observation: Left Hand Drive vehicles.  Second Observation: Saigon's Infested with Kapcais and Scooters.  Lots and lots of them.  They were everywhere!!!

Next observation, 70/100 (70%) vehicles there were Toyota OR Lexus.  50% were either MPV or SUV.  Heck, most of their taxis were either Toyota Vios OR Innova MPV. 

Most popular in its class includes:

Toyota Vios, Innova, Hiace, Fortuner, Altis, Camry, Sienna MPV, Highlander.
ABOVE AND BELOW: 5 Toyotas and 7 Toyotas in a ROW Respectively.

SAIGON'S Best Selling Vehicle: Toyota INNOVA.  Followed by Toyota (YAWN!) Vios.

LEXUS: LS460, RX350 Harrier, ES, LX470 (Landcruiser)

ABOVE: SAIGON'S MOST POPULAR CAR ACCESSORIES. Rear Kangaroo Bar.  8/10 cars have it...

Popular NON-Toyotas:
Honda Civic FD, Honda Odyssey US 3.8 V6, Chevrolet Captiva, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter (Mostly Luxury Taxi), Ford Everest, Hyundai i10 and i30, Mitsubishi Jolie (same as Kuda 4G18 in Indonesia), Audi Q7 SUV, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes E-class, BMW 3 series.
Above: Mercedes Sprinter "Business Class" Executive Limo
Above: Mitsubishi Jolie
Above: Hyundai i10, Below: Hyundai i30 Wagon.

Above: Honda Odyssey US 3.8 V6.


HYUNDAI VERACRUZ SUV 3.8 V6, 7 seater.

Nissan NEW Pathfinder

UN-Popular Cars:

Nissan (only seen 5 Nissans in Saigon in my 3 days/3 nights stay.
Mazda (same as above)
Volvo, Chrysler/Jeep (passed their showroom but hardly see any on the road), HUMMER, Volkswagen.


I flipped thru AUTOCAR ASEAN Vietnam and glanced thru their vehicle price lists.  Here's what I found:
Most Popular Car: Vios G spec is 895 million Dong (RM55,000)
Most popular MPV: Innova Basic costs the Same as above.
Honda Civic 2.0 IVTEC costs RM90,000.  Almost identical with my dad's Civic except it's LHD and has Glass Sunroof (+) and 16" Rims instead of 17"(-).

Also, ONLY CKD Car's Cheap.  Korean cars were cheap too. Only CBU Premium Costs as much as Malaysia.  Eg. BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes Benz.  Some sort of LUXURY TAX.

Well, there's a saying, a picture's worth 1000 words.  Here are some pictures:
Where I stayed 3 days and 3 nights in Saigon...
Saigon's LARGEST Wet Market.  1000+ shops...

Saigon Local beer...
An Dong Plaza.  Saigon's version of Sungai Wang plaza.


HSBC Saigon.
Traditional Vietnamese Kuih Shop.

Red Devil Energy Drink
Notre Dame Cathedral.  Built by the French in 1880.

Saigon WAR Memorial Museum.  NO AIRCOND.  SAUNA Inside.

Above: Many names changes of Saigon.  As seen in the War Museum.  TOOK LOTS OF PICTURES there...  But since this is an AUTOMOTIVE BLOG, I'm not going to BORE you with those photos...
Above: Where my Dad worked...
VINCOM Centre.  Pavilion equivalent of Saigon.

PHO 2000.  Famous Vietnamese FULLY Air Cond Restaurant.

Above: PHO 2000 where Bill Clinton visited in November 19, 2000.  Double click to enlarge...


Saigon Opera House.
CLOUDS.  Taken from AirAsia Airbus A320's window.


That's all folks, hope you enjoy this PAINSTAKINGLY Created Blog entry.  Took me 2 hours to upload and draft this blog entry.  An Original Otoreview's production.  Jeff Lim's original work.