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Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm SAD to announce that my Personal car's (Dad's Pride and Joy's) up for sale.  It's Year 2008 (July), 1 owner (my dad) EXCELLENT / MINT Condition Civic FD2 2.0IVTEC in FACTORY Original Paint.

Photo left, the Actual Colour of the car: "Sparkling Grey Pearl Effect! - Extra RM 600 for this colour"

Here's a link to my Previous update on this LOVELY Car (my dad's 2nd wife):

Another link to my "Cardomain's" online Profile of my dad's 2nd wife:

Some points to ponder about this car:

1) FULL SERVICE RECORDS with Sumber Auto Edaran PJ since Day 1 (28 July 2008) - no choice, walking distance from my House.  Their Salesmen's Attitude stinks (EXCEPT a sales-girl called LEMON YAP), their service advisor's "tidak apa attitude".  Enough of B1tching around with this Honda Dealer. I did that ONCE already during the Current Honda City launch!

2) Interior LIKE NEW with Unmarked, unscratched Seats, Floor and Dashboard with "NEW CAR SMELL!" - View to agree with me!

3) New MF Battery, 

4) 1 set GENUINE HONDA Brake Pads - Made in Thailand NO LESS (Worth RM510 front and RM390 rear! - RM900 less RM50 service voucher = RM850) $$$ right?  This is the TIED 1st most EXPENSIVE parts (the other's REAR wheel BEARING (same RM850) we changed since we took possession of this BABY!  So what's your opinion on the Maintenance of Honda Cars?
Answer: NOT CHEAP.  But worth it to preserve/maintain the resale value.  My dad bought this car with intention to sell in 5 years time hence the 5 years Bank Loan @ RM 90,000 with 2.35% rate from Public Finance.  Just left 5 instalments hence he FINISHED it OFF and DEBT FREE!

I knew this's the price to pay to service in Authorised Honda Dealer because I seen a Lowyat forummer selling "Bendix Metal King Titanium set for this car for HALF (1/2) the PRICE.  But it's too late, when my dad called me, he already in the Service Centre & promised to Change the Brake Pads.

5) New Rear wheel Bearings (3 months back) worth RM850.  Don't believe can go Sumber Auto Edaran to Check the record.  Complete record from Day 1 in 2008!  Why? Cause of "Whoo... Whoo... sound" at certain speeds!

6) VIRGIN CAR.  100% STOCK STANDARD with 0 Modifications.  

Note that this is RARE FIND these days as 80% or 8/10 were either thrashed, Modified with Ugly Bodykits and STUPID and EXAGGERATED Sound systems (eg. 4-channels AMP with 12" Double Subwoofers system which took up 1/2 of the Boot space).

My dad (owner)'s a Gentle, light-footed driver who LOVED the "Digital Speedo-meter" and Fuel-temp gauge, PADDLE-SHIFTER, Climate-control Air cond, Blue leather seats, 60:40 split-fold rear seat back (something extra the NEW Civic FB lacks/missing), 480 litres of Boot space (HUGE and WIDE) - see to believe, EXCELLENT Ride and handling and Lastly, CRUISE CONTROL (My 60+ years old Dad's car mah!).  

The above paragraph's the 8 (eight) reasons why he ended up buying this LOVELY car WITHOUT ANY REGRETS.  Yes, it's an EXCELLENT CAR to own with only 3 problems in 55 months!  I was AMAZED by it!

To be frank/honest, there's only 3 downsides/defects since new:

i) The random but obvious "TAK!" sound while negotiating Speed Bumps OR Car park ramps!  Sumber Auto Edaran still cannot find the Fault (yes, 5 years already!  CRAP right?). DO NOT GO THERE UNLESS you HAVE TO (Like us - walking distance  from House mah!).  Instead, you are better off going to "TENAGA SETIA RESOURCES" or "GLOBAL AMITY, Sri Kembangan" (where we Bought the Civic FD2 since Sumber got no stock and have to wait for 3 months whereas "Global Amity" can get the Colour (what we want) in HALF (1/2) the time (Ie. 6 weeks only!).

 I suspect it's related to the "Front Suspension" not properly installed at the Assembly line in Melaka back in July 2008!  Well, too late to recall OR "product update" you like to called Honda Malaysia OR DRB-HICOM, we are selling off this LOVELY car!

ii) Front A-pillar dashboard cover keeps popping up (only under the hot sun as this Civic FD2's NOT EVEN TINTED.  

That's why I said 100% Stock standard from Factory!  Thank God the Interior still looked like NEW & the New car smell's still there despite being a 5 years old car!

iii) Lastly this happened recently over the past 9 months.  The Civic have this "Whoo...Whooo...Whoo!!!" Sound randomly at High speeds (above 110km/h!).  In November, a trip to Sumber Auto Edaran points to Faulty Rear Wheel Bearings.  And this known problem's NOT EVEN RECALLED (Service advisor said 1/10 (or 10%) Civic FD produced from 2007-08 got this Premature Rear Wheel Bearings failure.  Mileage then's merely 84,000 km only!  Disappointed with Honda Malaysia OR was it DRB-HICOM?

7) Very low mileage.  Only BELOW 90,000km only.  View to believe.  Original, not tampered/adjusted.  Can verify at the Honda Service Centre, SUMBER AUTO EDARAN!

8) 4x Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres (though front 50% left and rear almost botak).  My dad's very particular about Car noise and comfort.  Hence he chose the BEST TIRES (ALL ROUNDED) which's EXCELLENT in Wet Roads, Handling, Comfort and Low Noise.  He think's the BEST TIRES despite one of the most $$$ (back bought in 2010 for RM425/piece and Front bought for RM475/piece ALL 4 bought in the FAMOUS KEDAI PAPAN HIN LEONG, Kapar, Klang.  

Note: The front Michelin PS3, he asked back in July 2011 near where we stay (Lim's tayar Taman Tun Dr Ismail, he got SHOCKED RM550/tire.  Ie. RM75 more per piece = RM300 EXTRA!  Daylight Robbery!  DON'T EVER THINK of GOING THERE AGAIN!  They Cut your throat - left, right and Centre (erm Wallet OR Purse)!  WE SINCE BANNED and SPREAD to all OUR RELATIVES AND FRIENDS about the DAYLIGHT ROBBERY EXORBITANT CHARGES found in LIM'S TAYAR, TTDI.  No wonder they're so RICH, their Advertisements.

EVERYWHERE (in Motor Trader, Hypertune, Jusco Birthday Vouchers.  Eg of Vouchers. RM100 off your new tires change and RM50 off your car service -ACK...  PHOOI!!!-  They mark up 50% for all their Parts and services as told by my Ex-classmate's which's a Mechanic in Perodua Service Centre PJ who knew the Lim Tayar's Boss's SON!  They are NO BETTER than our Am-no and Bee-End CRONIES!  But they suck IGNORANTS 0' knowledge on Vehicles and those who only know drive from A to B OR Tai-tai (Auntie's) BLOOD!

LASTLY: WELCOME TO CHOOSE YOUR PREFERRED NEW NUMBER (Sorry, Selangor Plate only.  But current Alphabets' NICE "BMB _ _ _ _" - fill in your LUCKY/IDEAL No) as I'm taking back my NOSTALGIC Selangor (BJU) No plate.  It's very meaningful and memorable despite costing merely RM310 back in July 2008!  In conclusion, this is like buying a NEW car with NEW No Plate (NEARLY NEW Condition though - view to appreciate) to show off to your friends and relatives that you've bought a "NEW" Car.

How did my dad (owner) clocked the mileage so low (88_ _ _km only (this is the 55th month we owned the car OR 4 and-a-half years.  How time flies!  It's like yesterday, we took delivery of the car taking RM90,000 loan for 5 years @ 2.35% Interest from Public Finance.  Dad's a PERFECT OR Examplary Pay master.  He helped made my Bank Negara CCRES PERFECT (and my mum too) by paying once in 2 months. Eg. Jan pay for (Jan+Feb) and so on.  

Last month, I just printed out my Bank Negara Record and my 3 Colleague - 1 was Assistant Manager (who went with me) were JEALOUS!  Because all they see were BINARY (for the Civic) Here's an idea: (Jan to Dec) "0-1-0-0-0-0-0-1-0-1-0-1".  The "1's" were there due to Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas/New Year Holidays and bank's closed!  So it's PERFECT Paymaster.

As for my mum, she helped in "paying" my Condo Loans.  She lagi terror!  All "0" from Jan to Dec!  I found out that my Record's PERFECT that they remarked that I can borrow up to RM80,000 LOAN for a NEW CAR.  

Q: Guess what car I'm getting by 1 May latest?
A: It's NO OTHER THAN NEW year 2013 Inokom Elantra MD 1.8 Premium D-CVVT.  I'm going to book the "Hyper silver metallic" one like this...  

Above: I think I'm in LOVE with Hyper Silver in this Angle (where the Fluidic Sculpture lines clearly shows).   That's the only photo as you'll find my blog boring as I've posted 90++ photos of the 2013 Elantra MD 1.8 D-CVVT here:
 The reason I intend to book this car's because I Loved the Gadgets (esp. the Electric Tilt-slide Glass Sunroof (think Fraser's Hill and Genting trip), Cruise Control, 10 way electrically adjustable driver seat with Soft Black Nappa Leather seats, Full Bodykits (ADD RM1500 with colour matching ones) - from Speedo, DRL FRONT Fog-lights (Speedo) "485 litres boot space NOT 420 as advertised!" (Sorry for making this big, I must get the message across to Hyundai Sime Darby Advertising/Marketing Head!)
This was Australian measurements NOT North America as they used "FULL SIZE 17" Spare tire.

Also, the 2-zone Climate Control Air-cond, Locally sourced HANNS 7" Touch Screen Player (TSP) with DVD, CD, IPOD (cable included) Compatible, TPMS (Tyre pressure monitoring system - Need a hardware for the tyres & software for the TSP)  and "Mod-able" of the Elantra MD. 

 Doubt me: Visit my personal "PANEL Mods supplier".   

Head to a place called SPEEDO, but they were based in JB (too bad). 

Strictly for Official Elantra MD Club members or Potential Buyers.  Just leave your phone no in my "Comments" and I'll call you personally:  

I Not worry about under-cutting or COPYCATS Hyundai Salesmen because they only quote you Retail price.  I sell you at COST Price!  WARNING: Don't get TOO POISONED with the HUGE MOD choices.

Lastly, the Chief reason behind buying this "Future wife's" the privilege of becoming "OFFICIAL Elantra MD Club" member.

They were friendly and happening bunch of people!  I feel At Home at their Facebook page. 

Here's their Facebook page:

Stay tuned for my Longtermer #5, coming up at this blog from MAY ONWARDS where I began my 13 years journey OR LOVE relationship with this Hyper Silver Hyundai Elantra MD 1.8 Premium D-CVVT. 

Yes, I planned to keep my New "Wife (no girlfriend yet so SYOK sendiri!") for 13 LONG YEARS!  Wanted to get a 9 years loan but my dad SCOLDED me due to the Sky high Interests!  So I get 7 years RM50,000 loan @ 2.4% from Public Islamic Bank!  

For me, A new Chapter/stories with my fiancé (soon to be wife named "Lynette" BEGINS!  Are you ready???

The above 5 paragraphs is pointless as you are looking at a Civic FD2 2.0IVTEC 2008 for sale and not Elantra MD but I'm too excited to keep my secrets any longer and have to Share it out.  But the listed price is Retail price.  I can get 9/10 of the parts/accessories at COST!  So if you fancy any of these gadgets/toys you got no choice but look for 2 (me and FEI LOU!) of only 15 Malaysia's Hyundai Salesman which got this "lubang"!  

Regular followers of my blog will recognise this Civic.  I used to update it Monthly as my "LONGTERMER #2" from Day 1 Delivery till 12th month.  Cut down to Every 3 months from 13th to 36th month down to every 4th month from month 37 till today because there's Nothing to blog/write about.  

You see, my dad's a BORING car OWNER but LOVED his car (Wash and Wax Every Weekend himself, NEVER sent for OUTSIDE).  I only sent it out OUTSIDE ONCE in "WAXSON" back in 2010 and he LECTURED me for 30 mins.  He's a FUSSY and a PERFECTIONIST OWNER.  So buy with your 1 eye close.  This is 90% CAR KING!

Lastly, the most important thing: PRICE:  RM 93,888 On THE ROAD HIGHLY Negotiable inclusive of the following 5 freebies:
1) JPJ Interchange (Free for you worth RM500) 
2) Puspakom Inspection on the Civic FD2 (normally RM80)
3) Full tank (Worth RM80-90 - depending on Fuel levels)
4) Smart-tag and touch and go (Worth RM130)

5) Finally an extra-mile service with free ride (companion) from my House OR Office (Hyundai Advant Speed, Damansara Perdana - 2A, PJU 8/5B) to my nearest Honda Service Centre - Sumber Auto Edaran see, CHECK/CONFIRM that the car's in HEALTHY Condition as they have FULL Record of service with soft copies Receipts!

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry!  Jefferson Lim's Original Work!  Please copy like a MAN by giving me credits (eg. Source: ____ (hyperlink) OR ... By Jefferson Lim).  Copy like a Man, Don't Plagiarise!

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