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Thursday, March 21, 2013

LONGTERMER 3: Vol 12 Proton Waja 4G18 (A)

In this blog entry, I'm updating my Daily Ride, 2001 Proton Waja 4G18 Auto.  This is the 20th month I owned this car.  I meant to post this update Last month (Mid-February) but due to busy schedule, I delayed another month.  Hope you enjoy this HUGE Update.  Here goes:


Did Threebond with Elthor (from LYN Forum) - he poisoned me with this:
RM40+380 = RM420 poorer.


Bought Ferodo Max Brake pads for RM95 and RM15 for Bosch DOT 4 brake fluid!
From PH Auto, Sea Park!

4 days before Chinese New Year, went to San Xing Auto to install the following:

Without further ado, let's proceed to Logbook:

Mileage December (last update): 144,222km

Mileage January: 146,140km (Mileage Dec to Jan: 1918km)

Mileage February: 147,700km (Jan to Feb: 1560km)

Mileage March (yesterday): 149,000km (Mileage Feb to Mar: 1300km).



BEST: 12.8km/l. 100% highway driving (to Penang). 726km per full tank.

WORST: 6.7km/l 100% City driving. Mere 342km per full tank.

LAST 2 months:

Best: 12.5km/l (100% highway)

Worst: 6.7km/l (My Garmin GPS Recordings). 100% city driving

Average: 8.1km/l (Garmin GPS recording)


0-100km/h 12.9 secs (slight downhill and 13.3 secs flat road before ECU Reflash. 11.1 secs (after reflash)



TRW Slotted Brake Discs : RM380

Threebond Car conditioner: RM40


Ferodo Max Brake pads: RM95

BOSCH DOT 4 Brake Fluid: RM15

Sachs Super Touring Absorbers: RM380

Other repairs: Absorber Mountings, Lower arms, Absorber dust covers! RM470

NEW USED Enkei Hyundai Elantra Rims: RM180 + rotate tyres.

Parking: RM30
Car Wash: RM12

Petrol: RM312.70


1)mirror (XXL) RM11
2) PETROL: RM270
3) Radiator Top - Ori APM: RM250 + labour

Before I go, here's some parting shots:

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry!  An ORIGINAL Jeff Lim's production!  See You on May 20 Latest for Vol 13 - Month 22.

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