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Monday, April 15, 2013

800th post: MEGA REVIEW: Mazda 6 SKYACTIV

In this blog entry, I'm going to post a MEGA 200+ photos and review of the Mazda 6 2.0 and 2.5 SKYACTIV.  This happened to be my 800th post and 80th month running this blog (4 months to 7 YEARS!) so please Congratulate me!  Yes, How time flies, it seems like Yesterday I started this Blog back in September 2006 and I'm amazed it's still ALIVE, ACTIVE and KICKING!

 The Mazda 6 SKYACTIV needs no introduction, this's the HOTTEST and most VALUE BUY D-segment car on sale in Malaysia.  It has almost all the Gadgets/toys you can name except HUD (Head up Display).

This car RUN CIRCLES AROUND the Overpriced CKD Toyota Camry 2.0 and 2.5!  Many complaint the 2.5 SKYACTIV's Overpriced at RM189,000.  BUT you get what you paid for.  This Made in Japan car's only RM10,000 more than the Overpriced CKD Camry 2.5V!  But it buys you 2 more Airbags. ADVANCED TRACTION CONTROL, 11 speakers BOSE Sound System with 4-channel Amp and Subwoofer, Electric Tilt-slide glass Sunroof, HEAD TURNING LOOKS...  Better warranty with 3 years/60,000km FREE MAINTENENCE and 5 years(?) warranty!

The only thing this Beauty lose to the Camry's SPACE and Comfort.  You see, the CAMRY got Tonnes of Space.  Ample Headroom, Legroom, Shoulder room etc...  As for the comfort, think of it as Moving Sofa.  THAT'S ABOUT IT!  The PRAISES for the Camry STOPS HERE! The Camry's BOXY, Overpriced, Stripped out Junk (KOSONG Spec)!  

The CKD 2.0G Camry have less GADGETS/TOYS than Proton Preve!  Still using Dinosaur 2002 ACV30 Camry engine with 4 Speed ECT Automatic.  Priced at RM158,000 for a 2 Airbags, NO VSC (No Traction Control), Normal Speakers, NO GPS/DVD/Bluetooth, No Paddle shift etc...  What a Shame!   NOTE THAT FOR Extra RM1,500 you buy a MUCH MUCH Better equipped CBU Japan Mazda 6 2.0 Skyactiv.


I had a Short drive around the block (5km only), so I cannot comment much on the Power but due to the Massive 19" wheels, this car ain't comfortable and suspension on Hard side.  But it delivers as a Driver's car.  TWO WORDS: "Japan's BMW"!  Co-incidentally, BMW M-sport 320i also have similar RIDE and Handling FEEL!

The 2.5 SKYACTIV engine loved to be REVVED which's a Shame.  Pussyfooted (or light-footed) driver might NOT Like this car.  So does CITY DRIVING Folks.  Power only comes in above 3000rpm and ends at 6500rpm.  Torque's a LOWLY 250Nm@3250rpm.  Apparently, this Car LACKED G-force.  This is where I missed the G-force found in Diesel powered cars like the BMW 320D (380Nm), Hyundai Santa Fe (442Nm) OR Peugeot 508 GT HDI (450Nm@1800-2500rpm).   

The 2.0 SKYACTIV's a better buy ALL ROUND.  The Engine's just nice, Higher profile 17" wheels and tyres means More comfortable ride and handling.  Safety and Kit count's Much better than its Predecessor with 6 Airbags, Advanced Traction Control.  Claimed Fuel Consumption's OUTSTANDING too at 17.4km/l!!! (15.6km/l for 2.5 SKYACTIV).  Lastly, it's RM30,000 CHEAPER than 2.5 SKYACTIV Model.

My PICK / CHOICE's the Handsome 2.5 SKYACTIV Touring Wagon (photo above) as I have a soft spot for Wagons.  The Wagon's Slightly shorter in terms of length and wheelbase but it fights back with MUCH BETTER Headroom and 20% Bigger Boot space.  It's more versatile too with 1 pull (both sides), all Rear Seatback Fold flat (Karakuri). 

 Thanks very much BERMAZ for Bringing in the more MUSCULAR Touring Wagon.  But at RM193,000 OTR, it's TOO $$$!  Add RM16,000, I can buy another GREAT Wagon.  It's no other than PEUGEOT 508GT HDI Wagon!  Check out the MASSIVE TORQUE: 450Nm@ lowly 1800-2500rpm!!!  

My Rating: M6 2.0: 8.5/10, M6 2.5: 7.5/10 (Seriously crying for more Torque and Too Overpriced), M6 2.5 Touring Wagon: 9/10.  (Me Wagon lover!)

Without further ado, let's proceed to MEGA Photo Gallery.  ENJOY:

 Above: LEGENDARY Rear Multi-link Suspension
 Above: 225/45ZR19 Bridgestone Turanza T001 tyres for 2.5 SKYACTIV.







Start of Official Mazda Photos:


 BELOW: OFFICIAL PUBLIC LAUNCHING at Mid Valley Megamall Below: next 10 photos:

If you want to buy this car, unfortunately, I don't sell Mazda.  All is NOT LOST, Please Call any of the following Recommended Sales Reps from Advantspeed Otomobil, Taman Megah, PJ.  All are Professional in their own ways and highly Recommended:

Here are their Contacts in No particular order of preference!

1) Mike Lim: 012-254-6558
2) Sonia Wee: 019-660-2126
3) PACCO LOO:  017-370-2517!
4) Alvin Cho: 016-219-5077!
5) Cavy Tan: 017-512-0005!

DO MENTION THAT YOU GOT THEIR NO from JEFF LIM (OR Referred by Jeff Lim) for better Deal!

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this ULTRA LONG MEGA PHOTO GALLERY BLOG ENTRY.   Copy like a man, Don't plagiarise.

If you've booked or owned this car, please Leave your comments and/or opinions on your car so far.  Ie. From Booking to Ownership experience.  Are you happy/satisfied with your car?