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Thursday, May 02, 2013

This blog is SEMI-ACTIVE due to CLONES & CONFLICT...

DUE TO CONFLICT OF INTEREST.  Regular readers/subscribers to this blog might realized I blog less (ONLY 2-3 in April!) frequent.  WHY?

My Manager discovered I'm running this blog.  Got annoyed that I show PRAISES and giving HIGH MARKS to my Competitors!  You see, I'm Hyundai Salesman.  SO unbiased review (which I've been practicing religiously) is NOT ALLOWED by my Assistant Manager. 

So, the Stubborn me decided to Just Maintain my Longtermer/s (Left Waja 4G18 and Hyundai i10), resort to Reviewing Used/older cars (Perodua Viva Review coming up) AND Did a brief cover on product Launching.  After my "PRAISES" to the Mazda 6 Skyactiv (Ironically I sell it's Competitor, Sonata), and kena "Shooting", I decided to maintain or KEEP ON RUNNING this Blog but Semi-Active mode.

Thanks guys/girls for your continuous support.  I will be back STRONGER ELSE, I need to hire another person/someone else to run this blog.  OR better still, sell off this BLOG!  Any takers?  Very cheap!

Oh! 1 more reason, my hard WORK WAS plagiarized by AT LEAST 2 other BLOGSPOT Websites.  Apparently, they "CLONED" my blog.  But their adverts by Nuffnang exposed them.  Mine got REAL TIME Ads from Nuffnang.  Their's shows this:

Here's one screenshot sample of my "CLONES"/COPYCAT:

It's IDENTICAL POST, At IDENTICAL DATE but 1-5 minutes behind.  CLONE!!!
Hence, I LOST INTEREST, to update my blog only to have it COPIED by others!!!

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