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Monday, September 30, 2013

LONGTERMER 5, Vol 3 - i10 200th day report

In this blog entry, I'm writing about my ownership experience of the Inokom Hyundai i10 1.25 Kappa CVVT. This is the 200th days report. As I'm typing this, Current mileage of the white Hyundai i10's slightly below 8000km.
How's the car?

  Yes, I'm VERY HAPPY with the Car. During the Raya break, I took this i10 1.25 Kappa CVVT to Port Dickson with 3 other passengers. The journey's a pleasant and comfortable one. Everyone except me feel asleep most of the journey TO and FROM Port Dickson.

 Above: TRUSTY OLD WAZE.  Highly recommended GPS Apps.

 Cheeky me even tried Hitting 165km/h TWICE (slowed down to 120km/h immediately after touching this speed) both occasions at Port Dickson Highway (to and from). At that speed, the car's VERY STABLE stayed PLANTED on the Road, only my front passenger woke up, the other 2 seated behind still Asleep. Note that Only engine noise level's up at that speed, Wind and Tyre noise's MINIMAL.  Hence, excellent NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness). 

This is a SMALL A-segment car with C-segment like RIDE Quality. Besides the NVH, High speed stability, the Inokom i10 1.25 also excelled in FUN TO DRIVE FACTOR. The Handling of this car's INCREDIBLE. Thanks to the MDPS (Motor Driven Power Steering).

 After driving the comfortable i10. I NOT used to my Waja seating position AND HUGE TURNING CIRCLE. Always wondering "WHY THE SEAT's SO LOW???" and "Why WAJA Cannot U-turn (need 3 point turn) while my i10 can?"
THANKS TO HIGHER-than-normal-car seat configuration and 4.75m turning circle (Waja's HUGE 5.6 man!).

 LAST MONTH, I DISCOVERED that Hyundai i10's DISABLED friendly (especially for Wheelchair bound passangers) car when I fetched my 92 yrs old Granny to Clinic... In Hyundai i10, you "SIT naturally" and comfortably & transfer seamlessly - same level from wheelchair to the seat), unlike normal car (where your Butt sinks on the seat). It's because it's higher-than-usual Seating position.

 This car seating position's JUST NICE. Think CRV or KENARI seating position. Also, it's ULTRA-WIDE 80 degree Door Openings... The boot swallowed a Collapsable Wheelchair JUST NICE.

 Without further ado, Let's proceed to LOGBOOK:

 Mileage upon delivery: 0057km
Mileage last update: 4380km (as at June 15 2013)
 Mileage today: 7980km (as at 25 September 2013)
 Mileage done past 80 days: 3600km
Average mileage per month: 1200km
Average mileage per day: 39.8km

Purchase price: RM45,500 (cause Year Make 2012 registered 2013 March)
Current value: -NA-
Interest rate: 2.96% (PBB) for 36 months loan @ 20,000.
 Monthly RM604. (THE CORRECT ONE. Previous update's wrong)


 BEST: 15km/l OR RM0.125/km.
RM30 =  240km. Return trip PJ to PD only 1/2 tank.
 WORST: 8.6km/l or RM0.21/km. RM55 = 250km. 100% CITY (including 90 mins LDP Jam).

 COMBINED AVERAGE: 11.8km/l OR RM0.17/km

 Well there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words. Enjoy the photos:
 Mileage when reached Port Dickson.

 Kept myself entertained and awake thanks to user friendly MP3/WMA player via USB.
 Above: Taken at the end of the Trip.

 That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry! An ORIGINAL Jefferson Lim's production! See You on December 15 for Volume 4. COPY LIKE A MAN, Don't plagiarise.

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