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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fuel price June 2015

Malaysian Fuel price for June 15 are as follows:

From 1 June to 30
RON95 up RM0.10
RON97 up RM0.10 at RM2.35 incl GST
Diesel up RM0.10.

SEKIAN! Thank you Malaysia

Saturday, May 30, 2015

FULL REVIEW: ALL-New Mitsubishi Triton VGT

FULL REVIEW: New Mitsubishi Triton VGT

In this blog entry, I am pleased to review the ALL NEW Mitsubishi Triton.  The ALL NEW Triton RANGE's fully imported CBU from Thailand.  The model I'm going to focus's Triton Adventure and Triton VGT Manual.  Launched Officially Nationwide at 26 May 2015, this is the 2nd generation Triton and 5th Generation of Mitsubishi L-series Pickup truck.

There are 5 variants to choose from.  Namely, Triton Quest 4x2 MT, Triton MT 4x4, Triton VGT MT 4x4, Triton VGT 4x4 AT and lastly, the groundbreaking Triton Adventure AT 4x4.
 The All-New Triton Range are priced as below including GST but without Insurance Individual Registration
Enjoy the 5 Videos playlists from official MMM (Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia) Youtube:

  The 2 variants I'm focusing on are the Triton VGT MT 4x4 and VGT Adventure 4x4 AT.  The Triton VGT Adventure comes in many First-in-class namely Push start button and keyless operation,

paddle shifters,
tilt-and-telescoping steering and xenon HID headlights with DRLs.

It also comes with 3D grille and hood design with nice front wrap-around headlights,

dual zone climate control,

 touch screen audio system with reverse camera

and automatic headlights and wipers.


The All-New Triton features a clean cut design that sets it apart from other pickup trucks in the market.  The side 2 design lines one flows from side-headlight to mid-front door while the other flows from mid-rear door to the rear-side-tailights. See photos below:

Also retained from it's predecessor's the Famous J-line.  The J-line is an innovative answer to maximize interior space while retaining a spacious cargo area.  This distinctive feature's Triton's iconic design, refreshed for a more contemporary look.  The J-line certainly looks good (see photo below)

Above: Much improved rear legroom over the old Triton.  
 Above: Legroom, Below: Headroom

Below: Class leading rear seat back angle at 25mm.

The All-New Triton's roundish lines leads to a class leading Co-efficient drag of 0.42 (Cd).  This's very impressive for a pickup truck.  This contributes to better fuel-efficiency, enhanced ride and handling and lower noise.  The roof (picture below) contributed partly to the low aerodynamics.

The J-line design also leads to Spacious Cargo Bed measuring 1520mm in length, 1470mm in width and 475mm in height. See photo below:

If you want to buy this Triton, Please call Jefferson Lim at 012-6852-718.  I lave contacts for the following locations:

1) Mitsubishi Kota Damansara.  
2) Mitsubishi Federal Autos 222
3) Mitsubishi Kepong 
4) Mitsubishi Kah Bintang 


Both the VGT MT and VGT Adventure are using 4D56 engine code with MIVEC 2477cc DOHC 16v DI-D Common-rail VGT with Intercooler.

What is VGT and Intercooler?

The New Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) delivers power and efficiency by optimizing turbo charging at all speeds, thus maximizing the possible output.  At low speed, the VGT improves torque output and minimizes turbo lag while at High speed, the VGT maximizes turbo charging for maximum power.

The intercooler allows more cooled air to be pumped to the cylinders for more complete combustion and greater power.  this works hand-in-hand with the VGT.

Power wise, the maximum power's unchanged at 176hp@4000rpm while the torque gained 50Nm over the previous Triton, now at 400Nm@2000rpm.

 The engine's paired with either 5 speed manual with Part-time 4WD with Hybrid LSD,

OR 5 speed Automatic with sports mode with electronic 4WD Easy Selector and Hybrid LSD. 

There's 3 modes to choose from. 

1) 2WD  High range.  For normal road conditions where only the rear wheels receive power, providing a smooth, quiet and fuel efficient ride.

2) 4WD High-range.  This mode's for rough roads and hazardous conditions.  All wheels receive torque, giving better traction.

3) 4WD Low range with Locked Centre Differential. This mode's for off road conditions such as steep inclines or muddy and rocky roads.  The maximum torque from 4H is shifted into low-gear for maximum traction.

The Triton also comes with Class-leading Turning radius at 5.9 meters.  Hence, easy to handle despite the large 5280mm length and 3000mm wheelbase.


A strong frame and aerodynamic design provide solid handling, excellent stability and better traction.  All of which contributes to better on and off road performance.  The new suspension system (see next paragraph) coupled with the rack-and-pinion steering results in more rewarding experience with the All-new-Triton.

The Suspension system features double wishbones with coil-springs with stabilizer bar at front with above-the-axle leaf springs in the rear to provide unmatched stability.
 Above: Front, Below: Rear suspension.

Speaking of stability, the VGT range comes standard with Hybrid LSD.  Hybrid LSD combines torque sensinh helical gears with speed sensing viscous coupling to maintain excellent traction on all terrain.  An internal clutch-escape mechanism prevents loss of torque from wheel spin.  Note that Hybrid LSD works Hand-in-hand with ABS+EBD to enhance driving safety.


The Triton comes standard across the range Dual SRS Airbags, RISE Body (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution), ISOFIX Child seat anchor points

and Ventilated front discs and rear drums brakes with vacuum booster topped with ABS+EBD.

ANCAP tested 5 stars.  BUT note that it's Not applicable to Malaysian specs as Australian specs comes with 7 airbags and ESP.

Security wise, the Triton comes standard with ETACS (Electronic Time and Alarm Control System) with Immobilizer.


The test drive route's mere 4km only.  So I can't comment much other than it's EXCELLENT Soundproofing, much improved comfort and handling.  The driving and seating positions's also more car-like than before.  The leather seats in the VGT Adventure's feels just nice with decent thigh support.  It's quite easy to drive for beginners. 

The New Triton VGT Adventure's  highly recommended for Ladies due to much higher visibility over Normal cars and small 5.9m turning radius.  The Reverse Camera helps in side and rear parking.


CONCLUSION:  This is Highly recommended Pickup truck,  Especially the Adventure variant. Rating 8.5/10.  Points deducted for NO Traction Control, 2 Airbags only even for RANGE TOPPING Adventure.

Well there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words.  Here are the photos:

START OF VGT Adventure.

 Above: The Triton VGT Adventure comes with 17" Alloy wheels with TOYO Tyres.

Above and below: Check out the High Air Intake.  

Above: Old school Acid based battery.  Must remember to top up battery water.
Above: Check out the HUGE Brake Master Pump. 
Above: DENSO Air conditioning
Above: Triton VGT Adventure price lists.  Double click to enlarge.

 Above: Line 1 flows from front-side headlight gradually ends at mid-front door.  Below: Line 2, starts from mid-rear door all the way to rear-side tail lights,

END OF 2.5 VGT Adventure 4x4 photos.  Above: Adventure side steps, Below: VGT MT side steps. 

Start of 2.5 VGT MT 4x4 photos:

 Above: The Triton VGT comes with 16" alloy wheels.

Above: Single zone climate control with Touch screen CD/MP3 and USB player.  Without bluetooth and reverse camera.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  Other than the Youtube Playlists video link to MMM Official Youtube, this is an Original Jefferson Lim's production.