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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LONGTERMER 3: 50th month Proton Waja 4G18(A)

LONGTERMER 3: 50th month, Proton Waja 4G18 (A)

In this blog entry, I'm updating my 3rd car, the 2001 Proton Waja 4G18 Auto.  This is the 40th month I owned this car.  I bought this car from my Uncle back in 11 July 2011.  This is still a 1 owner car as we haven't change name.  It's been 10 months since I last update my daily ride.  Last update was back in November 2014!!!

This well maintained car is up for Sale FOR REAL.  RM9,880 CASH ono.  Please call direct owner, Jeff Lim at 012-6852-718.  Location PJ or Setia Alam.

Nothing much changes throughout the past 10 months since last update.  This Waja requires LITTLE Maintenance.  Since last update back in November 2014, this baby only had 2 oil change (1 minor, 1 major), 4 tyres changed to Dunlop Formula D05, 4x brake pads changed all Bosch.

Highlights of Major parts/services:

30 March 2015.  2 days before GST.  4x tyres change to Dunlop Formula D05, 195/55R15.  RM145 per piece.

 This Dunlop Formula D05 is the latest thread (flower in Manglish term) design freshly launched early March.  The threadwear is 340, Temperature A, Traction A, Made in Malaysia.  I got fresh tyres Manufactured week 1015.

3 September 2015: "Major" service:

Changed the following:

- 4x brake pads ALL Bosch.  Front RM55, Rear RM50.

- Pennzoil Semi synthetic engine oil - RM93 + oil filter
- Air filter

- NGK Spark plugs
Above and below: Old plugs.

Total Damage: RM353.00

Reason why I did a Major service is because I'm taking this Waja for an outstation trip on 5 September 2015.  3d/2n Negri Sembilan getaway.  2d/1n in Seremban Town and 1d/1n in VILLA SHOREA, Berembun, Dusun, Negri Sembilan.  Well, there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words.  Enjoy the photo gallery:

End of Retreat Gallery.

Other photos:

Above: The Essential Car DVR.  Bought mine for RM70 only.

Without further ado, let's proceed to Logbook:

Mileage last update 171,100km (29/11/14) - month 40

Mileage today: 181,270km (29/09/15) - month 50

Mileage used in 10 months: 10,170km or 2 times oil change.

Average km: 1017km per month



BEST: 12.8km/l. 100% highway driving (to Penang). 726km per full tank.

WORST: 6.7km/l 100% City driving. Mere 342km per full tank.

LAST 4 months (June to September:

Best: 10.26km/l (100% highway)

Worst: 7.1km/l (My Garmin GPS Recordings). 100% city driving

Average: 8.63km/l (Garmin GPS recording)

Well, there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words, here are the photos:

 Above: The Waja Swallowed a collapsible wheelchair like a Boss.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry!  An ORIGINAL Jeff Lim's production!  Copy like a man.  Don't plagiarize.