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Monday, November 23, 2015

Old vs New Tucson MEGA Comparison Gallery

In this blog entry, I'm creating a MEGA Gallery between Tucson LM vs Tucson TL.  I took 200+ photos for this comparison.

Engine and gearbox wise both are Identical, except for the redesigned Air intake and cooling system, repositioning of the ABS module and fuse box.  Both are 4x2 front wheel drive.  But thanks to DRIVE mode and Earlier usable torque, the New Tucson TL's much more drivable and better acceleration.

Price wise:
Tucson LM Sport as shown here: RM135,571.33 OTR without insurance.  Discount RM10,000.

Tucson TL Executive: RM139,715.28 OTR without insurance.  Price valid for Booking before 31 December and Delivery before 31 January.  2016 price Add RM3,000.  No discount, but FREE 3 years OR 50,000km service and 6-mil security tinted film.

Well there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words.  Enjoy the MEGA Gallery.

Above: NEW and OLD Tucson have IDENTICAL Smart Key.

Above, Identical rims and tyres size.  Identical Continental ContiMAX Contact MC5 tyres.


 ABOVE: Tucson LM; Below NEW Tucson TL.

Above: Old Tucson Wiper on the left while NEW Tucson TL wiper on the Right.  

Above, Old tucson only 2 step 10 degree recline.
Above, the New Tucson TL rear seat have 17 steps fore and aft reclinable.
 Above: Old Tucson Glovebox is Lockable, while New Tucson (below) omitted this useful feature.

Above: OLD Tucson, Below: New Tucson.



 Above: Similar Rear Suspension.

ABOVE: Firewall.
Above: The Hinges and the location of the Chassis and Engine no.


OLD Tucson LM Advantage / extra features.
 Above: Panoramic Sunroof, below: Roof Rails.

 Above: Radiator Cap found in Tucson LM.  The New Tucson TL doesn't have this.
Above and below, Panoramic Sunroof which Tilts and Slides.

Above and below: Front Camera and front sensor.

 Indicator and Wiper stalk Japanese style for Tucson LM.  The New Tucson TL is EURO style (opposite).

Above: Integrated LED Daytime running lights and LED light guide.

NEW TUCSON TL Advantage over LM:

 Above: Rear Seatback shopping hook with 2x ISOFIX child seat anchor points.
 Above: Electronic Parking brake with Auto hold and Drive mode.  Drive mode explained below:

 Above: Auto Cruise control and below, Card Slot on Driver's side sun visor.

 Above: Android Kitkat based Infortainment system with DLNA, DVD, Bluetooth and Clear Reverse Camera.

 Above: additional storage compartment on both sides. and Below: Full size Sport rim spare tyre vs Full size Steel Rim found in Old Tucson LM.

 Above: rear aircond vents.  Below: ECM rear view mirror with Digital Compass.

Above: LUKAS Blackbox Car Driving Recorder

Other advantage of Tucson TL over LM:
- Auto folding side mirrors
- 10 way Electric adjustable driver seat.

- Welcome light and Puddle Lamps + Homecoming lights + Auto lights.
- 51% AHSS (Advance High Tensile Steel) vs 18% AHSS 

- More aerodynamics at Cd 0.33 vs 0.36 with Flat floor and thicker firewall.
- Much better soundproofing.
- Much better overall NVH.

- Lighter and better aerodynamics and ECO mode = up to 20% more fuel efficient over Old Tucson.

END of MEGA Comparison Gallery between Old and New Tucson.

 If you want to buy this Tucson, please call me, Jefferson Lim at 012-6852-718.  

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An Original Jefferson Lim's Production.

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