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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How I spent my Christmas 2016

In this blog entry, I'm posting about How I spent my Eventful Christmas.  It all started 1 week before on 16-17 December, where I'm part of DUMC Christmas Production Team.  Choices.

I was part of the Props Set off Team, responsible for Taking props off the stage.
As you can see from photos below, they used REAL Props:

Above and below, the Props team members.

On 23rd December, My cell group had Pot Bless Christmas Party.  With Gift exchange thrown in.  Photos below:

END Of Christmas party photos.  Below: My house Christmas Tree.

Above and Below, on 25th December 8:30am, I went to DUMC 1st Christmas Service with my Elder sister, Penny.  FULL House.

Above: Visitor's lounge food.  Below: Prosperity Burger Set after the Christmas service.

Above: At 5pm, I went to HOPE Christmas Homecoming Carnival.  It went on till 10:30pm.

END OF Hope Homecoming Carnival Photos.
 Lastly, my parting Shot: My Christmas Gifts...

That's how I Celebrated my Christmas.  This just in: George Michael and Carrie Fisher passed away.  I'd like to dedicate this song to George Michael.  Wham! Last Christmas.

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