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Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy 11th Birthday

In 21 August, back in 2006, I created this blog.  So Blessed 11th Birthday!

Back then, I was a 2nd year Uni Student with lots of free time and frustrated with Brief and Summarized Car review.  I started with Reviewing my Dad's ex-car.  Ford TX-3. Photo below:

Slowly, I did Magazine scans, like this: CARS.MY, Sheep vs Wolf .  Youtube playlists...  But what set My blog apart is it's Anti-Plagiarism one.  Even If I copied, I make sure I acknowledge OR Declare the source.

I'm very sorry to all readers and subscribers over lacking of Posting or update since 2015.  In fact, this blog is semi-active from 2014 onwards because it's a 1 Man show blog.  And the fact that I can't multi-task and short attention span means 1 blog entry, car review takes up to 6 hours.  I'm also contented that I produced 1000th post back in April.  

Also, recently, My blog was Cloned, so another setback.  Another factor's Conflict of interest.  I actually created Many car reviews like Kia Grand Carnival, Subaru XV, Kia Sorento and Sportage, VW Tiguan, Honda CR-V. But I can't post due to my work nature.  

I can only post Reviews on my own car, Hyundai and Mazda.  I review Perodua and Proton sometimes because it's a Rakyat car.  
Thanks everyone for continuous Support.  Here's to many more years to come...