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Sunday, November 19, 2017


In this blog entry, I'm posting a Close up review of the New 3rd Generation 2018 Perodua MYVI.  It's very well received with 6000 bookings and counting as I'm typing this.  Below: Signature color for 1.3.  Peppermint green.
  60% booking 1.5 Variant and 50% buyer chose the New Granite Grey Color.   Signature color for 1.5.

Price list as below:

 Above and below: Brochure scan.  MYVI Launched On 16 November at Putrajaya, 5:30pm.  Live stream by Paultan.

Without further ado, Let's proceed to my Youtube Playlist.  90 mins++ and counting.

 Above and below onwards, Checking out NEW MYVI at Perodua Sentral at 10:30pm.  They opened till 12am today.

 Above and Below: Myvi 1.3X.

 Above: LED Headlights across the range.

 Above: Toyota VIOS 1.5 Dual VVTI Engine.
 Above: Toyota Avanza 1.3 Dual VVTI Engine.
 Above: LED Tailights.  Below: my Car Nut Friend Chris.  Later you see why...

 Above: HUGE 277 litres boot space with FULL SIZE Spare tyre (below)

Above: Semi-Bucket front seats. 

 Above: EXCELLENT Leg room and Really fits 3 adults comfortably.
 Above: ISOFIX Rear seats...
 Above: Excellent Legroom.  Below: Fatty feels comfortable in it...  Front adjusted to my 6 footer Friend's seating position.

 Above: Despite New MYVI Lower than before, Excellent headroom.

 Above: 60:40 flat folding split fold rear seats with 2 step Recline.

 Above: View from another angle.

 Above: No Center Armrest.  Fret not, Buy from Brothers...
 Above and below: Built in Smartag.

 Above: 1.5 SE.

 Above: 1.3 Gives GOOD tyres.  Bridgestone ECOPIA EP150.

 Above: Anti-Snatch Handbag hook.
 Above: 1.3X dashboard.
 Above: Push Start/Stop with keyless entry ACROSS the Range.

 Above: this is the 1.3 Variant.

 Above: This is the 1.3 Variant.
 Above and Below: 1.5 SE Variant.

 1.5 SE Variant.

 Above: 185/55R15 Good tyres.  Goodyear Assurance Triplemax.  No Silverstone, No GT Radial Crap (Unlike Proton).
 Above: No more DVVT. Licensed to use DUAL-VVTI from Toyota.

 Above and below: Quality Vendors...

 Above and below: 1.3 and 1.5 door handles.

Above and below: 1st MYVI 1.5 Advance waiting to deliver to Customer.

 Above: the ADAS Radar/Camera.
 Above and Below: Most Popular colour and variant.  50% of booking chose this New Color and 60% of booking choose 1.5 Variant.  5000 booking as I'm typing this.

 Above: odd position Reverse Camera.

 Above and Below: Spacious Perodua Sentral Showroom

 Above: ABS supplied by Bosch.

Horn, Air-cond, Compressor Supplied by Denso.

 Above: Quality Vendor.

 Above: my Car Nut friend.  Mr.Chris Checking out the Radiator Vendor (DENSO).

 Above: Alternator by Denso.
 Above and Below: Thick Firewall insulation.

 As I'm leaving the Showroom, I realised the 1.5 Advance's the Test drive car outside.  It's 11:50pm already, and the showroom's closing.  Quick snap...
 Above: Leather Semi-bucket seats...
 Above: Soothing Blue Meter cluster.
 Above: Multimedia AVN with Navigation and Reverse Camera for 1.5 Advance only.
 Above: Cleverly designed to mimic Dual Zone Auto Air-cond but it's actually Manual Single Zone air cond.

 Above: this is what FULL SPEC with All complete buttons
 Above: the ADAS Radar/Camera.  Rear view.
 Above: Another clearer angle of the Soothing Blue and white Meter cluster.
 Above: LED Rear tailight.  No Rear Fog lights at moment.  But will eventually add (at bumper)...
 Above and Below: Gear up Boot tray and Gear Up rear bodykit.

 Above: Gear up Side skirt.
 Above: Gear up Door visors.
 Above: Check out the Comprehensive kit...
 Above and Below: LED Headlights across the Range.

 Above: Nice Dashboard.

My OPINION: This is a VERY GOOD Buy.  Very Spacious and versatile Interior that Fits 5 adults comfortably.  Well spec'ced across the Range.  

SMART Move by UMW Group fitting the Avanza 1.3 and VIOS DUAL VVTI Engine on the 1.5 Variant to fight the Honda Jazz.  Also, ESP Standard Across the Range.  No doubt it's Still 4 speed E-AT Transmission but Conventional Auto is anytime better than rubber band CVT No?  

The New Myvi's Well built inside out with Quality Plastics and Nice panel gaps.  Quality Vendors by Bosch, Denso, Pilkington (windows), AL (lightings).   Good ECO Tyres too with FULL SIZE Spare tyre across the range.   The 1.5 have 6 airbags.  4 more than the 4+1 seater Nissan Almera!  

The Icing on the Cake's Daihatsu Indonesia's going to REBADGE this MYVI as Sirion in Indonesia and Singapore?.  Who will imagine Daihatsu Rebadging our Perodua?   

My pick will be 1.3 Manual spec at RM44,800 OR 1.5 Advance (with the ADAS) at RM55,800.  1st impression Rating: 8/10 for 1.3, 9/10 for 1.5SE and 10/10 for 1.5 Advance.    

All I need is a Test drive...  

Test driven:  
I just came back from Test drive Yesterday.  Apparently the MYVI still drives, ride and handles like the Lagi Best which was a bit Letdown.  The engine noise not well suppressed, engine Note sounds EXACTLY like the Old Myvi upon revving.  

The brakes was Great but over Sensitive.  The steering feels over-assisted.  It's DULL to Drive.  The suspension Re-bound over hard bump.  Under damped is the word.  No chance to test High speed stability and hairpin corners.  It's only a 5km short drive around PJ.  End of Bad points.

Now the Good points: 4 speed E-AT's still doing a great job.  No shock shifts, No drama, smooth operator well matched with the Engine. Way better than Proton's crappy PUNCH CVT OR even Mitsubishi Attrage CVT.  Engine now feels Slightly more nippy, better acceleration.  0-100km/h for Auto estimate slightly below 10 seconds only.  Kickdown from 50 to 110km/h quite fast.  Around 5.6 seconds only, useful for Highway Overtaking.  At RM55,800 price point, it's still  THE BEST BUY in it's Segment.  Makes Honda Jazz feels Obsolete.

No chance to test the ADAS.  But Kon Wai Luen mentioned in his Youtube the ADAS's not stable yet.  Most features Won't work in Heavy Rain, especially Auto Emergency Breaking.

REVISED RATING: 8/10 for 1.3.  8/10 for 1.5H and 8/10 for 1.5 Advance.  8/10 across the range.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An original Jeff Lim's production.  Copy like a man, Don't plagiarize.