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Friday, August 31, 2018

Blessed 61st Merdeka Malaya!

Latest update from me: I'm still selling Hyundai Cars.  Been doing this since November 2012. My contact: OR 012-6852718 OR  I also sell ALL NEW cars.

 I have lots of Archives of Old car Magazine articles.  Planned to scan+type but need the publishers permission.  Especially 2007-2008 issue and Autocar ASEAN. 2002-2012 issues.  Stay tuned... Meanwhile, I shall keep this blog semi-active.  

Blessed 61st anniversary MERDEKA to Malaya.  Today's also the 21st Death Anniversary of Lady Diana Spencer.  

Enjoy the Merdeka videos:

Thursday, August 16, 2018

How I Celebrate my 39th Birthday 8.13

Monday, 13 August was my 39th birthday.  This year Birthday's the most Happening one in My life.  Pictorial Stories below:
 Above: 4 days before Birthday.  At Alpha..  Bottom right, Free Drink From Tealive.
 Above: August 10: 3 days Before Birthday.  Celebrate with Cell members.
 Above: 2 days before Birthday, August 11.  Colleague treat me McDonalds.
 Above: Sunday August 12.  Birthday Celebration at Home.
 Above: Actual Birthday 13 August.  Birthday Lunch at Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice Pudu followed by a latte treat VCR Cafe.  Below: Picture 1: Free Birthday Ice cream by Inside Scoop.
 Above and below: Birthday Dinner at Enorme.

 Above and Below: August 14.  Free birthday Drink.
 Above and below: Laksa Sub at Quinos.
 Above and Below: August 14.

 Above and below: August 15.
Above: Korean Restaurant at Tropicana City Mall.  After that, we went to AEON Big did some groceries for this Weekend Cell retreat.

 Next, we watched Mission Impossible 6. 9:30pm movie.  I redeemed 2 free tickets and bought 2 more for my Cell members...

That's how I celebrated my 39th birthday.  Thank You everyone.  This year's birthday's the most Happening and blessed one ever...