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Monday, October 29, 2018

68th month report: I10 1.25 CVVT. Also vs New i10.

LONGTERMER 5: 68th Month report: Hyundai i10 1.25 CVVT with Comparison vs New i10.  What's changes?

This post will explain Why this is the BEST buy A-segment car Now.

In this blog entry, I'm posting my 68th month ownership report of i10 1.25 CVVT.  I bought this i10 back in March 2013 at RM45,500.  It's because of Year make subsidy (YM 2012) and 10% Staff discount.  Today, You can buy a Better Spec'ced 2017 car for RM39,888 without insurance.  Stocks limited...  1st come 1st serve based on LOU.  Hurry!

What you gained:

1) 2x ISOFIX Rear anchor points

2) 3 point seat belts for center
3) 60:40 Flat Split folding seats

4) 2-tone Leather seats

5)  Rear foglights with Manual Headlamp levelling

6) New design rim

7) Side skirts, Front bodykit
8) Passanger airbag off switch (can put your child seat in front)

9) Better soundproofing

Please see my 1st ever video presentation:

Let's proceed to Photo gallery as a picture's worth 1000 words:

 Above and below: 225 liters boot space in action.

 Above and below: The i10 seats 3 Adults abreast Comfortably.

 Above: i10 full load.

 Above and below: Plenty of Storage compartments.

 Above: 225 liters boot space.

END OF NEW i10.  Start of my 2012 i10 1.25 CVVT:
 This milestone was hit back in 9 October 2018.

 Above and below: Empty Buttons and fabric seats.

 Above: No Rear 3 point (lap belt) and No rear center headrest.
Above: No rear foglight here...

END OF My i10

Without further ado, let's proceed to Logbook:

Mileage upon delivery: 0057km

Mileage last update: 62,736km (22 March 2018)

 Mileage today: 70,638km (28 October 2018)

Mileage done past 7 months: 7,902km

Average mileage per month: 1128km (past 12 months)

Average mileage per day: 36.2km

OVERALL Average mileage per month: 1034.5km

OVERALL Mileage per day: 34.5km.

Purchase price: RM45,500 (cause Year Make 2012 registered 2013 March)

Current value: RM21,000.

Interest rate: 2.96% (PBB) for 48 months loan @ 25,000.

 Monthly RM582.


 BEST: 14.7km/l . RM70 =  457km.

 WORST: 9km/l.  RM70 = 270km. 100% CITY.



1) 1 service. Previous service RM298.00  - Fully Synthetic.

2) Petrol (average RM220 per month) and toll (once a month top up RM30)

3) Wipers.  Front Silicon RM70, rear Bosch RM15 total (RM85)
4) Front Brake pad labor - RM15 (bought back in March)
5) DBKL Summons - RM30.


This is a Very Solid car with decent soundproofing, Great Ride and handling and high speed stability.  Check out the Top speed: 175km/h.  And 0-100km/h in 12.2 seconds.

 Test drive to agree with me.  There's a reason behind...

Apparently the i10's Engineered, designed and tuned in India.  This is to meet Indians requirements.  This explained the Robustness of the chassis and suspension.  Built to take on Indian Roads...  If the i10 can survive Indian Roads, then Malaysian road conditions are piece of cake.  

Note that our i10s are CKD, but the CKD pack Came from INDIA.  The i10's only produced in 3 countries and NONE are Korea.  It's Kulim, Malaysia, Chennai India and Mexico.  

OVERALL I have NO REGRET Buying this Hyundai i10.  Rating 9/10.     

I bought this i10 for RM45,500 back in 2013.  Today, with more safety kits now RM39,888 without insurance.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Call me now:
If you want to test drive or buy the i10, please call me Jefferson Lim at 012-6852-718. or

Before I go, here's a parting shot: