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Friday, December 19, 2008

FU-CKED UP Honda Showroom. Filled with RUDE...

In my previous blog entry, I checked out the NEW LAUNCHING of the HONDA CITY 1.5i-VTEC. The SHOWROOM, "Sumber Auto Edaran" in Jalan Universiti is FU-CKED UP... It's FILLED WITH UNETHICAL Service advisers and Sales Executives. Why? READ ON...

This is actually the 8th time I received a RUDE Treatment from this Showroom. Why I STILL FLOCK to the Showroom? It’s because the SHOWROOM Located ONLY 2km away from my house in Section 17, Petaling Jaya.

It all began in 2003, when the "NEW" Honda City was launched... Or rather, shortly after the showroom launched...

1st encounter in March 2003: Walked into the showroom with my dad and sister. We were treated as if we don't exist. NO ONE WELCOMED US because my dad was wearing "Shorts at that time"... Only after 10 minutes, a salesman "entertained us for a while". His name is Edwin Tan (more on him later, in 5th encounter).

2nd encounter: "NEW" ACCORD LAUNCH in November 2003. Again, walked into the showroom, again, treated as if we're invisible. Gotta approach a salesman. He's a HARD SELLING salesman who pushed us to book the car which we didn't. Salesman name forgotten. Gotta dig up the brochure to see the name card... He quit anyway... He SMSed me saying moving to Toyota about 4 mts later...

3rd encounter: NEW Civic Launch in 2006. This time, I'm alone. Again, treated as if I'm invisible, again, spent a good 10 mins exploring the car before a salesman entertain me. Was told that the waiting list was 4 months and counting, only produced 400 units a month at the moment. When ask about the unavailability of certain colour, the salesman walked away. Before that, again, hard selling tactic. Salesman Name forgotten. Again, gotta dig up the brochure.

4th encounter: NEW Stream Launch in 2007. Again, treated as if I'm invisible. Salesman got pis$ed off as I thrown in questions like why no rear aircond vents, why beige seats, why 15" rims, why so basic etc... Forgotten his name. Gotta find his name card.

5th encounter: NEW Generation Accord Launch recently (this year). Again, "treated as if I'm invisible. Again, 10 mins passed I explored the car, NO SALESMAN Entertained me. I had to approach a salesman. It's Mr.Edwin Tan again, showing his true colour. I approached him cause I've "seen" him 3 times earlier. Here's what he said: "Why don't you find another salesman as I’m very busy". I know he's busy but he should say: "Allow me to introduce another salesman, this is Mr.XXX."

6th encounter: General visit. This is NOT A RUDE Treatment, rather an ignorant salesgirl named "Grace Sam". She argued with me that new Civic 2.0IVTEC has 2 airbags instead of 4 airbags ALSO, waiting list 2 ½ months. Also, 1st impression gone as I saw here and 2 other colleagues smoking outside the showroom as we are entering the place. She now transferred to Honda USJ showroom. NOT ONLY that, she failed to “update” us on the pending NEW INTEREST RATE INCREASE. This is back in June 2008.

It takes another branch Honda dealer “GLOBAL AMITY, Sri Kembangan” salesman to tell me… Also, he has a car for me in 3 WEEKS. Of course, I bought from him, interest rate locked at 2.35%. After 4 days, it shot up to 3.5%. No point revealing the salesman name as he resigned End November to join REAL ESTATE FULL TIME (now my colleague).

7th encounter: At the Service centre. 2nd free service, 1st oil change. I asked what type of engine oil they are using. The service advisor said “MINERAL OIL”. I got disappointed and ask further, “WHY NOT SYNTHETIC”. He said “NO POINT” as after 5000km there will be another oil change. You know what? He said: “After the free service (10,000km), you are free to choose your engine oil”. Service advisor name “Cannot mention" as my dad's car in Jeopardy (yes, going back there for Service as it's the nearest to my house). I still remembered his face.

8th encounter: Happened TODAY December 19, 2.40pm. AGAIN, walked in to Showroom ALONE, STILL “INVISIBLE TREATMENT”. I spent a good 10 mins scrutinizing the car still no salesman entertain me. I HAD TO RESORT TO APPROACH A SALESMAN to ask for brochure and price list. This salesman’s name is simply “LOY”. Here’s our conversation:

Me: I’m a Honda Owner, any extra stuff if I booked a City?
LOY: This is a NEWLY LAUNCH car, sorry sir, NO DISCOUNT, but freebies only you confirm booking today.
ME: Oh! It’s not me, asking on behalf of my “Brother”.
ME: My Brother is working in Vietnam at the moment.
LOY: Oh! [AT THIS POINT, he suddenly became friendly, I tested him]
ME: “Can I take some photos of the new City? Want to E-mail to my “brother”.
LOY: “SURE”, and gave me a 20 page “PRESS KIT” Brochure. “Hope you can scan and e-mail him, lots of photos here”.

To cut the long story short, he became friendly and chatty after learning that my “BROTHER” is working in Vietnam (Actually it’s my DAD, not brother). We chat for a good 30 mins before he serve other clients.

ACTUALLY, I got more than 8 encounter, between 2003 and 2006, made 4 more visits (Stream launch, CRV Launch and 2 more general visits). But sales execs who served me back then gave "OK" service. Nothing to complain though "STANDARD SHOWROOM PRACTICE" I was treated as if I'm invisible for the 1st 5-10 minutes before they "serve" me...

SUMMARY: The modus operandi of Salesmen there:
1) SALESMAN WON'T Entertain you as you walk in. As if you are invisible. Let you play around with the car AT LEAST 5 mins. AND YOU GOTTA APPROACH HIM/HER, it should be the other way round!

2) SALESMAN'S Mood depends on Economy. They treat you GOOD and gave you discounts and freebies only when Economy's tough.

3) Strange but true. ALL THEIR TEST CARS have 1 common No-plate. "328".

That's all folks. Thanks for having the patience to read this...

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