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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NEW feature to this blog... Want to get your car reviewed?

Greetings, I decided to invite ANY 3 years old onwards car owners. I will "take some photos", test drive your car AND WRITE A REVIEW on it.

The cost? RM50 only, 1 time fee bank in my Maybank a/c (a form of Donation) per car (Malaysia only). Note that, this is a "FREE WILL Donation".

1) Must be AT LEAST stock engine and gearbox
2) Presentable/clean condition
3) Ideal if you are selling your car. FREE PUBLICITY. Will classify as "FAREWELL REPORT". Dealers welcome to feature your car...

Alternatively, you can write your own review (FOR FREE at the time being). I will post it here and acknowledge and "Harvard Reference" your work. Limited to 1000 words and unlimited photos.

A: 200+ hits per day (see below for statistics - double click it to enlarge). And I'm talking about "Unique visitors" not page clicks.

Also, no room for plagiarism here... I give credits, reference and/or sourcing in ALL MY "COPIED" work.

E-mail me:

Any takers?

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