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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's with Streamyx? Super SLOW... Took....

TELEKOM Malaysia, what's the problem with your Streamyx. It's SUPER SLOW, I dared to say EVEN 56k modem (average download 5kb/sec is ALMOST AS FAST AS your so called 512k/sec (average download 9kb/secs only). Guess what?

It took me 1 hour and still counting to upload a 27MB Video (MP4 format) to my blog. Yes, It's that bad, SO LONG that I HAVE TO "Cancel the Download". Adding salt to the wound, EVEN a 5MB Video file also took 30 minutes and counting. Again, I have to Cancel the Download due to impatience.

I mean hey, I paid RM66 per month only to receive such Service. The only solution I suggest for Telekom Malaysia is "TEMPORARY STOP" accepting New Application/accounts AND increase your server whether it is by Quantity or Quality (stable connection and speed).

OR do it the HARD WAY, Remove your FREAKING MONOPOLY. Example: Like Hong Kong, the country have 50 different ISP to choose from and their connection is like EXTREMELY FAST (Especially CABLE TV package). Don't know how fast as their website is in CHINESE.

One more thing, the connection is UNSTABLE, Sometimes can connect, sometimes the DSL light "Blinking". Does it means server busy?

Called CUSTOMER SERVICE months ago, they said MY AREA (Section 17, Petaling Jaya), is oversubscribed (by those UM and UTAR Students renting rooms near my area). Since you guys knew about the Problem WHY NO ACTION taken?


1 comment:

  1. same man... whole day got shitty connection..

    they're performing "upgrading exercise" as told by

    heck, usually when they "upgrading", we'll be in living hell for atleast 1 day or 2... super sad.