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Monday, July 13, 2009

Part 2: Full review: Honda Accord 1st Generation 1976-81 (Jeff's Ori)

This blog entry is the “Part 2” coverage of the 1st Generation Accord. This time, it is going to be my ORIGINAL WORK. I managed to convinced 2 LOCAL Malaysian owners to allow me to take pictures review their car. “Owner” 1 is a 100% STOCK car, while “Owner 2” owned by Jeff Aloi is a “slightly Modified car”.

Let’s proceed to OWNER 1, a doctor's (Dr.W) owner, his car’s CKD by Kah Motor. He is the 1st owner having bought the car brand new back in August 1981. The car is meticulously maintained and well taken care off by the owner (see photos later).

This CKD car has NO Power Steering and power window. Brake Master Pump changed to Newer Accord and all the cooling system (eg. Radiator) had been well taken care. Also, few years ago changed Front disc brake.

In addition, it has been resprayed 3 times since 1981. Well, photos worth 1000 words, without further ado, let’s proceed to the photos…

Above, Picture 1: The GARANG SIDE of the Accord. Still looks good after all these years.
Below, Picture 2: check out the MEAN looking headlights…

Picture 3: Above, clockwise from top left, the “Original seats, dashmeter, 5 speed Manual (Not bad for a 1977 technology car) and lastly check out the rear legroom.

Picture 4: nice view of the Accord
Picture 5: Below, engine bay. So far, it has done only 227,000km. It has undergone a Complete Overhauled worth RM4,000 +/- back in 2001.

Also, 1st Japanese Car to have “Digital Clock" Picture 6.

Picture 7: FIRST Japanese car to have “Door and Boot” Ajar warning on dash.

Picture 8: Above, original PCD-120 175/70R13 steel rims (Very rare, that’s why Jeff Aloy modified to PCD-114. (See photos later). Picture 8: Below, 1st Japanese car to have “Proper” Fabric seats (NOT Coconut Husk seat cushion).

Picture 9: Air-conditioning switches and radio.

Here’s a parting shot of Dr.W's Accord:

OWNER 2: Jeff Aloi's Honda Accord 1.6(M) 1979

This car belongs to Jeff Aloi's family (relatives) since new. Originally it's SOLID Beige, It's just been resprayed at 2006 to Metallic White. This is one of the 5 cars in Jeff Aloi's Garage. Currently, it's not on the road for 4-6 months due to Dead Battery.

This is a modified car. The front seats had changed Honda Prelude BB6 ones. See Picture A, Below.

In addition, the Brake Master Pump’s changed to Mitsubishi EVO ones (See photo B below)

Picture C: Rims and tyres changed, from PCD-120 to PCD-114. 195/55R15.

Picture D below clockwise from top left: Front 3 quarter view, “Not bad” boot space, engine hood open the opposite way (Ala BMW E30). Why ar? (Anyone can give answer?)

Picture E: The antique steering and dashboard.

Picture F: Parting Shot of Jeff Aloi's car...

Dr W’s: Best 10.75km/L, Worst 9.5km/L. Averaged, 10.1km/L.
Jeff Aloy’s car: Best 9.45km/L. Worst 8.1km/l City, Highway, Averaged: 8.8km/L
(Note, Fuel Consumption is based on your Right Foot (ie. Heavy or light footed), Tyre pressure, Loading, and tuning of car).

Credits / Thanks to:
1) Dr.W
2) Jeffrey Loi

THAT’S ALL FOLKS. An original JEFF LIM PRODUCTION. Thanks for having the time and patience to read this.

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