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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Longtermer #1, Update 15: Ford Telstar Ghia 16v

Longtermer #1, Update 15: Ford Telstar Ghia 16v

In this blog entry, I am updating my Ford Telstar i4 Ghia. This is the 15th update.

at's up in the month of September?

Well, lots of things to highlight. Firstly, the FUEL CONSUMPTION(FC)'s back to normal after 3x “ECONOMICAL” fill-ups (after pouring in the “3M Fuel Injector Cleaner”.. Averaged 7.6km/L. The worst was recorded in 14 September => 5.9km/L (Shell RON95), while the best was 9.0km/L (MOBIL 5000 RON95). Petronas RON95 is in the middle at 6.8km/L. Haven’t try Caltax and BHP. Will update next month.

Secondly, the Telstar’s more powerful than ever thanks to my Major Exhaust Mid-section upgrade. It’s 2x MATOLA® Bullet (One standard bullet and another slightly smaller bullet - see picture below).

Costs: RM260. Performance: 0.4 secs improvements in 0-100km/h run (now 10.4 secs). Now, the Telstar’s more free revving up to 5000rpm vs 3500rpm previously hence slightly quicker overtaking. 110km/h @ 2200rpm instead of 2300rpm previously.

Another significant happening to highlight this month: 2 weeks ago, my Telstar helped a 1979 Datsun 120Y to jumpstart the battery. (See Photo below)

Well, as usual there’s always the bad news. I took the car to a “FORD AND MAZDA SPECIALIST” in Subang Jaya “DRS HITECH” owned by Murali 3 weeks ago for leaking inspection. His findings and quotation shocked me. My Front Lower Engine mounting cracked, gear oil leaked – hairline cracked (he said need to take out the whole gearbox to fix it) and another area (near drivetrain) leaked. He quoted between RM600-800 for the repairs (plus Oil change which I provided, the Castrol GTX2 and oil filter). Of course, I didn’t repair as I was in a rush for Meeting shortly after the workshop visit. I’m still dragging my feet to send there to rectify the problem till today.

But all I can say is that Murali and his team are really Ford and Mazda Expert. There were a number of mod projects in his garage. Namely, a Telstar undergoing V6 2.5 engine transplant and a Lantis undergoing Mazda B8 transplant alongside an “Engine Kosong Lantis” – Complete engine overhaul (See picture below).

Also, My Telstar’s side rear right door “Bumper” came off. Man, it turned ugly… (See photo below).

As I am typing this, the Telstar only done 147,222km. Previous month, it's 146,350km. It covers >1000km per month. WOW, interesting...

Without further ado, here's the LOGBOOK:

Year of manufactured: December 1998 (registered January 1999)
Purchase price: RM42,000 (Aug 2005)
Current value: RM13,000 (As at August 2009)
Depreciation per year (averaged): RM10500
Mileage last month: 146,350km

Mileage now: 147,222km
Fuel consumption (so far):
BEST: 10km/l (
25 August 2009)
WORST: 5.9km/l (
September 14, 2009) => 100% City driving

THIS MONTH (September):
WORST: 5.9km/l (
September 14, 100% City driving)
AVERAGE: 7.6km/L (mixed)
BESI: 25 September 9km/l

0-100km/h: 10.4 secs (
27/9/2009). Previous run 10.8 secs (25 Aug 2009).

TODAY, As at 28 September:

Expenses (this month)
1) Exhaust Midsection (2x bullet): RM260.
2) Fuel expenses (RM160)
3) Parking and tolls charges...

Picture above, taken at my Condo car park in Tropicana Indah, Petaling Jaya.

Before I go, here's a parting shot above taken at the rooftop of BB Plaza.

End of Update, thanks for having the patience to read it...


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