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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ban on import of used car parts illogical

Thursday November 19, 2009

Ban on import of used car parts illogical

I REFER to the news report in Sunday Star and I support the Johor Used Car Spare Parts Dealers Association on their protest. What they said makes a lot of sense.

Many people are unhappy with the govern­ment ban on the import of used car parts in 2011. They complained to me since I am the legal adviser of Fomca.

I feel that this is a rash move by the Govern­ment. No statistics or studies have been furnished to show that the use of second-hand parts are the cause of the rising accident rate – if that is the reason for such a move.

Actually, no one knows the actual reason for the ruling and as such, I think the Government owes the people an explanation in order to avoid speculation and confusion.

Lower and middle-income groups are the most affected, especially the kampung and rural folks where second-hand parts are still being purchased and used for very obvious reasons, i.e. new parts are no longer available for old cars.

Forcing these folks to buy new parts for old cars does not make any sense since firstly, these folks can’t afford it as they are expensive and obviously when new parts are not available, they will be forced to scrap their cars. Even pensioners are affected by the move.

To get them to buy new parts is an unnecessary burden on most of them. Owners of old cars are already not eligible for third party insurance and are forced to take up comprehensive insurance which cost much more and now this?

If the Government wants to encourage people to buy local cars, then prices must go down and quality must improve. The Government can’t force people to purchase local cars by putting in place rash policies like this – if again that is the reason for imposing the ban. Why must the Government burden the people?

In Europe, the use of reconditioned car parts and second-hand car parts is encouraged as they are environment-friendly. Maybe the Government should look into this aspect. The Pensioners Association and Cuepacs should raise their objections to the Government.

The Government did the right thing in withdrawing mandatory inspection for cars of more than 15 years old. I urge the Government to do the same on second-hand parts too.


Legal adviser, Fomca.

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