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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Govt scraps end-of-life policy for vehicles

SOURCE: The Star, Saturday November 7, 2009
Govt scraps end-of-life policy for vehicles

KUALA LUMPUR: The Govern-ment has agreed to pull back the introduction of an end-of-life policy for vehicles, after taking into account the people’s views and feedback.

Since the announcement of the plan, the Government has received many complaints from the people who were generally not agreeable to the mandatory annual comprehensive inspection as a requirement for road tax renewal for vehicles aged 15 years or older, a statement from the International Trade and Industry Ministry said yesterday.

On Oct 28, the ministry an­­nounced the new National Auto­motive Policy, which included the vehicle end-of-life policy, reports Bernama.

Meanwhile, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said the Cabinet had decided to withdraw the policy after getting negative feedback from the public.

“The public, especially those living in rural areas, found this new policy a burden to them,’’ he said.



Hey, that's NOT ENOUGH! What About the "Abolishment of Chop Shops by 2011?"
PLEASE SCRAP THAT AS WELL. Otherwise, the Rural areas/poor folks with older cars will still suffer as they no longer can find USED parts/components for their car as they were FORCED TO BUY NEW SPARE PARTS. Owners' of currently LOWISH Maintenence Prestige conti-car such as Mercedes W124 E-class (which priced from RM20k (1986 230E) to RM45k (1995 E220 Masterpiece FULL SPEC) currently depending on year, specs and Engine Capacity) will suffer.

Besides the RURAL FOLKS, Ah Bengs, Ah Lians and other Kaki Modify would also be disappointed as they can no longer source USED REASONABLY PRICED ENGINE (from Chop Shops), Brakes, Rims, Gearbox for Transplant. This means NO MORE 6A12TT V6, 1.6 MIVEC, 4G93T EVO, B16A, B18C, H22A, Rotary Engines, M3 engine, B8 engines, Mira L500 Turbo and the lists goes on from 2011 onwards...

In my HUMBLE OPINION, there's nothing wrong with having "Chop Shops" (Potong Kereta) in Malaysia. EVEN Developed places such as England, Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand still having "Potong Kereta" @ Chop shops...

LASTLY, THE EXCISE DUTY, SALES TAX and IMPORT DUTY IS STILL ASTRONOMICALLY HIGH. Up to 300%! Please do something about it by considering reducing it...

That's all folks, Jeff Lim Signing off... Thanks for having the time and patience to read this...

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