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Friday, November 20, 2009


In this blog entry, I'll pick-up from where I left off what I published in November 16 2009. Here's SOME Info and Pictures of SERIOUS OFFENDERS:

Between 16 November to 19 November:

1) TAL 6688 - Corolla Altis. White, Section 17/3, PJ 1700hrs
2) BKN 991 - Corolla Altis, Also white. 1803hrs (Section 17/29, PJ)
BOTH: Offences: 1) Speeding in Residential Area, BKN 991 at WET ROAD Somemore 2) TAL 6688: Turning into SMALL junction at High-speed (around 60km/h) & W/o signalling.

3) WQX 8233 - Silver Civic (This one, wasted, my Camera NO BATTERY to take their pictures). 16 November 2312hrs Also in Section 17/27
i) Turn sharply w/o signalling
ii) SPEEDING AT Residential Area (Up to 100km/h!). I tried tailing them but FAILED. They then STOPPED at Chin Nyit Sin Shell Station for Fill-ups. LADY DRIVER SOMEMORE with her boyfriend. Sped off shortly after (again up to 100km/h on Same ROAD). On a 50km/h Zone.

4) KBF 898 - Mercedes C-Class. See Photo. Along Jalan Damansara. 17 Nov 2009, 2257hrs.

i) Break Traffic Lights
ii) Zigzagging and Speeding (Up to 110km/h towards Phileo Damansara)


5) WSG 8086 - "HERO" Grey TOYOTA VIOS on 19/11/2009. 10.11am. OFFENCES:
i) Break traffic-lights (KLGCC area)
ii) Zigzagging
iii) Tailgating
iv) Speeding up to 110km/h at slip roads & 80km/h along Jalan 16/1 (Jalan Dato Abu Bakar).

This photo: Taken along Jalan Damansara "LALUAN TOL BEBAS" Slip roads. The driver's driving up to 110km/h along this road.

This photo: Taken along Jalan 16/1 (Dato Abu Bakar).

AGAIN, You've been watched... Note only cars with:
2) Serious Offences (eg. almost hit a pedestrian/bike/car)
3) Same occurence no plate (ie. caught more than 2 times).

WILL BE PUBLISHED in this BLOG... Otherwise, I'll just add "I" to my "Kekerapan" Statistics to be published on 30 November. Please refer to my earlier post on 16 November to understand what I'm talking about. So far THE TOP 12 leaderboard from 15 to 20 November.

1) Perodua MYVI: 22 (1/2 consisted of "P" sticker driver)
2) Toyota Vios: 19
3) Proton Wira family: 18 (15 Wira :3 Satria
4) Taxi: 12
5) Honda City: 11
5) Proton Waja: 11
7) Perdana V6: 10
8) Toyota Avanza: 9
9) Toyota Altis: 8
9) Proton Iswara: 8
9) Nissan Vanette: 8
12) Proton BLM: 8

AGAIN, WHO IS THE BIG BULLY? Definitely NOT BIG CARS... There were ONLY 1 "BIG" car there, ie. PERDANA V6 out of 12 cars. Rather, it's MYVI, Vios, TAXIs and Wiralution & CO.

Jeff Lim signing off... Thanks for having the time and patience to read this... MY ORIGINAL WORK...

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YOU : Snapping photos while driving, its a crime