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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Asian FUEL EFFICIENCY AWARDS 2009 results...

Congratulations to all of the winners in the 2009 Asian Auto - Fuel Efficiency Awards! The evening was a blast and well done to everyone that got nominated and we hope the awards will motivate all car manufacturers to invest in new technologies and introduce more fuel-efficient vehicles into the Malaysia market.
Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency Awards

Winners List 2009

* Compact City Cars
1st Place: Hyundai i10 5.0 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Proton Savvy 5.7 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Kia Picanto 5.8 (liter/100km)

* Compact Premium Cars
1st Place: Mini Cooper 5.8 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Honda Jazz 6.4 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Alfa Mito 6.5 (liter/100km)

* Small Family Cars
1st Place: Toyota Vios 'J' 6.1 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Proton Persona 6.75 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Honda City 6.8 (liter/100km)

* Luxury Family Cars
1st Place: Nissan Slyphy 7.8 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Hyundai Elantra 7.9 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Peugeot 407 8.1 (liter/100km)

* Premium Family Cars
1st Place: Mercedes Benz B180 7.2 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Volvo S40 7.9 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Toyota Camry 8.8 (liter/100km)

* Executive Cars
1st Place: BMW 320i 6.1 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Audi A4 7.4 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Mercedes C-Class 200K 8.0 (liter/100km)

* Premium Executive Cars
1st Place: Citroen C5 8.9 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: BMW 525i 9.4 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Mercedes E-Class E200K 9.6 (liter/100km)

* Super Saloons
1st Place: Audi A8 9.9 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Mercedes Benz S-Class S350 10.0 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Lexus LS460 11.1 (liter/100km)

* Super Sport Cars
1st Place: Lotus Exige 9.1 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Porsche 911 PDK 10.3 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Nissan 370Z 10.5 (liter/100km)

* Super Sport Convertibles
1st Place: Mercedes Benz SLK 200K 8.1 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Volkswagen EOS TFSi 8.2 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Porsche Boxster 9.4 (liter/100km)

* Performance Cars
1st Place: Peugeot 308 GT 6.8 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Mini Cooper S JCW 6.9 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: VW Scirocco TFSi 7.6 (liter/100km)

* Pickup Trucks
1st Place: Isuzu D-Max Hi-DEF Diesel 7.0 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Ssangyong Actyon Sports Diesel 8.0 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Nissan Navara Diesel 8.2 (liter/100km)

* Compact MPV's
1st Place: Renault Kangoo 1.5d 5.5 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Honda Stream 1.8 6.7 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Nissan Grand Livina 7.6 (liter/100km)

* Luxury MPV's
1st Place: Mazda5 8.2 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Hyundai Starex Diesel 9.6 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Ssangyong Stavic Diesel 9.7 (liter/100km)

* Compact SUV's
1st Place: Ssangyong Actyon Sports Diesel 8.0 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Honda CRV 8.2 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Audi Q5 TFSi 8.4 (liter/100km)

* Luxury SUV's
1st Place: Volvo XC90 D5 Diesel 8.5 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: BMW X5 3.0 Diesel 8.7 (liter/100km)
3rd Place: Audi Q7 3.0 Diesel 9.9 (liter/100km)

* Hybrids
1st Place: Toyota Prius HYBRID 3.9 (liter/100km)
2nd Place: Honda Civic Hybrid HYBRID 4.6 (liter/100km)

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