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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LONGTERMER #1: Update 18, Dec 09: Ford Telstar 2.0i4 Ghia

Longtermer #1, Update 18, December 09: Ford Telstar 2.0i4 16v Ghia

In this blog entry, I am updating my Ford Telstar i4 Ghia. This is the 18th update.

Before I start my update, heres' a USP (UNIQUE SELLING POINT) of the Ford Telstar. This feature is only available in FORD TELSTAR and its TWIN SISTER, MAZDA 626. I present a VIDEO depicting this feature: Climate Control with OSCILLATING AIR VENTS.

-UPLOAD ERROR- will try again until SUCCESSFUL.. WON'T GIVE UP...
31 March.  Video uploaded, via youtube.

What's up in the month of December?

As I am typing this, the Telstar covered 996km. Now, 149,384km. Previous month, it's 148,388km. This is a MAJOR improvement compared to >300km travelled on November. Why is it so? It's ALL DUE to my NEW TENANT from IRAN. Fetched him around for 1 week, hence LOTS OF CITY DRIVING.

I also drive this car around Petaling Jaya, furthest Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Club, this month. But nothing beats this route done on December 23 2009: Sect 17 => Aman Suria => Subang SS15 => Kepong Metro Prima => Digital Mall (Sect 14, PJ) => Sect 17 => 1 Utama. Then after that 1 Utama => Kepong Metro Prima => Damansara Heights and FINALLY BACK TO SECT 17. WOW! What a DRIVE!

Again, Back to the TELSTAR, 2 months ago, I reported the Front tyres balding… Finally, on 28 December 2009, I changed both front tyres to Silverstone Synergy M5 ECO-Friendly tyres.

But I felt CHEATED, 3 hrs after I changed my tyres (in Petaling Jaya), I found out thru' Lelong website that "TEIK MENG SUNWAY" is RM50 CHEAPER per tyre. This means I PAID RM100 MORE!

BUT there's a story behind this. ONE day before, my car REAR LEFT TYRE got punctured.

I sent for repair in a tyre shop in SS2/103 (DO NOT GO THERE! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED).

I changed my front tyres there and then. But price include WORKMANSHIP + Balancing. Alignment for front wheels extra RM15. They also DID Engine Oil change (oil, Castrol GTX2 supplied by me, oil filter extra RM18. TOTAL adds up to RM548.

Oh! Found out that my Spare tyre is NEW and UNUSED. Surprisingly, NO CRACK/HARDENED whatsoever. See picture below:

Without further ado, let’s proceed to Logbook…


Year of manufactured: December 1998 (registered January 1999)
Purchase price: RM42,000 (Aug 2005)
Current value: RM12,000 (As at December 2009)
Depreciation per year (averaged): RM7,500
Mileage 2 months ago: 148,148km
Mileage last month: 148,388km

Mileage NOW: 149,384km

Fuel consumption (so far):
BEST: 10.2km/l (24 December 2009)
WORST: 5.9km/l (September 14, 2009) => 100% City driving

THIS MONTH (November):
BEST: 10.2km/l on 24 December 2009 (80% Highway driving). WORST: 13 December: 7.3km/L, 90% City driving. I used either RON95 Shell OR Mobil RON95 only.

0-100km/h: 10.4 secs (27/9/2009). Previous run 10.8 secs (25 Aug 2009).

TODAY, As at 29 December,

Expenses (this month)

1) Fuel expenses (RM550)
2) Parking and tolls charges... (RM50 est)
3) CHANGED 2x TYRES (Silverstone Synergy M5) + Oil Change + Alignment = RM548.00


Before I go, here's a parting shot above taken at IKEA Basement parking.

NOTE: THIS CAR IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE AT RM13,888 Negotiable from 29 December 2009 ONWARDS. WYSIWYG (WHat you see is what you get), NO ACCIDENT COVER UP. The Car Comes with:

1) 17" LENSO NX-01 rims + 2 New 215/45ZR17 Silverstone Synergy M5 front tyres AND Bridgestone MY-01 rear tyres.

2) Pioneer DEH-4750MP MP3/WMA/CD Player with 4x DbMAX Speakers.

Cash Preferred. Car is 12 yrs old hence H/P Loan is IMPOSSIBLE. All is NOT LOST, one can still borrow via PERSONAL LOAN up to 90% from either BANK RAKYAT (Malay) OR Hong Leong Bank (Non Malay).

End of Update, thanks for having the patience to read it... Next Update: January 29 2010.


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  1. hi, do you notice any fuel savings with your new tires?
    just curious to see whether or not these green tires actually work.