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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shahriza Hussein (1943 ~ 2010)


"One of Malaysia’s first generation of motoring journalists, Shahriza Hussein, passed away last weekend, two months short of his 67th birthday. He left us peacefully, with no pain and suffering, something which I feel is the 'reward’ a person gets for having been good during his life on earth – and Shahriza was certainly a good man, kind and fatherly to the rest of us in the fraternity.

Shah, as everyone called him, was the publisher and editor of Auto International which started in 1976 but he probably never expected to be one. His early years of working were spent in the Malaysian education service as a teacher, examinations specialist and curriculum consultant.

However, in the mid-1970s, he decided government service was not for him and moved into the private sector to start Auto International (AI), which was the second motor magazine in Malaysia after Asian Auto which had started in 1973 (the AAM magazine is 'older’ but it has been circulated only to members). Although he also had other magazines, among them one which covered his other passion – hifi audio systems – AI was the one that took up virtually all his time.

By 2005, Shah decided that it was time to retire and stepped away from an active role in producing the magazine every month.  He led a quiet life at home...  Nevertheless, thanks to e-mails circulated among the fraternity, we all 'heard’ from him on and off. He also wrote some articles for a newspaper in which he related his childhood years and that was great reading. "


My (Jeff Lim's) opinion:

In 2008, he published a NOVEL Entitled "LEGACY".  I haven't read the book but a check with the Internet shows that His book is ON SALE in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA and others...  Critics sang praises to his book...

AL-FATIHAH Allahyarham Shahriza Hussien.  Though you've passed away, I have this to say, you are my ROLE MODEL.   I had been READING your Magazine since 1988!  I was only 9 years old back then when I picked up and actually READ my 1st issue of Car Magazine.  It was a 1988 issue of AUTO INTERNATIONAL.   The Cover I remembered back then was a MITSUBISHI GALANT Super Saloon.  From October 1989 to 1994, I've been religiously FOLLOWING your Magazine.  In  1995, I followed my Dad to Hong Kong to Continue my Year 10 (form 4) over  there...   DID NOT read your magazine until my return from Hong Kong in October 1999.  I Enjoyed your magazine until 2005, I presumed you RETIRED as a FULL TIME editor.  

The Magazine Content DETERIORATED since 2005.  It's so BAD that by Mid-2006, the Auto International was SUSPENDED for 6 issues. The magazine changed its editor 3 times!  There were NO MORE detailed "SPECIFICATIONS" and 8 page featured car review.  Auto International goes from "1 of the BEST" Magazine in 2005 to "1 of the WORST MAGAZINE" in 2009.   

To Current Editor of Auto International.  Please bring back the OLD Review format which has DETAILED Specifications.  Currently, your Review is "SUPER BRIEF", photos were "ULTRA SMALL" and NOT Technical AT ALL.  EVEN, Weekly News Straits Times' CARS.BIKES.TRUCKS Pullout is MILES BETTER than today's Auto International.  At LESS THAN 60 pages including cover  and priced at RM8.80, it's NOT WORTH the Asking price.My advice, if you want to CONTINUE WRITING this WAY, please cut the Price to RM5.  Else, BUCKLE UP and BRING US 2004 writing format, picture quality + specifications please...

Jeff Lim signing off! -SOBBING- in between...

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