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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunroof (A dedication)

I would like to dedicate this post to "SUNROOF".  I've been a HUGE Fan of Sunroof / Open-topped car since I was 3 years old (according to my dad).  I played with my relative's car's Sunroof back then. 

Just as automotive technology has evolved over the past century, so have sunroof systems. From the earliest partially removable cloth covers over a hoop frame (covered wagons) or trap doors in the roof of a stage coach, sunroofs have evolved to become user friendly, enjoyable and reliable vehicle features.

Today's sunroof provide a greater range of features and options than ever before, and technology is ever advancing to provide the next best thing to Convertible.  As vehicles evolve for the future, so will sunroof systems, and enthusiasts love for riding the open road with the wind in their hair and sun on their face.

The 1st car my family owned with Electric Sunroof was a metallic black Acura (Honda) Legend between 1997 to 2001.  It's a Year 1993 model V6 3.2 Quad-cam 24v Fuel Injection. 

In Malaysia, there's only 10% of cars with Sunroof or Convertible. Ie. 1 out of 10 cars.  Critics dismissed sunroof as Unsafe (avenue for thief to break the Glass sunroof), Leaking, Too HOT for Malaysian climate etc...  I TOTALLY DISAGREE...

Sunroof, especially Glass variants are Essential feature to appreciate KL Skyscrapers AT Night (Including KLCC).  Also, it's very useful in COOLER places like Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands.  Modern Sunroof such as Mercedes E-Class panoramic roof has SOLAR Panels built-in to their sunroof to help cool the car down and conserve battery power.

In addition, Cars with sunroof enjoyed up to 10% better resale value OR 10% more expensive to purchase VS its non sunroof versions.  Typical examples are Mercedes E-class Panoramic, Toyota Estima, Alphard, Harrier.

Without further ado, I now present you photos of different types of sunroof. Enjoy,,

Above: The Mother of all sunroof.  Earliest known "sunroof" car. 1940s Citroen 2CV.  Other types of sunroof:

Above: Peugeot 308 Panaromic Roof. Below, 1990s Canvas roof.

Above: Toyota Alphard 2x Sunroof. Below, Mitsubishi Airtrek 2x Sunroof.

Above: Toyota Harrier Panoramic sunroof. Below, Mini Cooper Panoramic Sunroof

Above: Subaru Legacy Outback XXL Sunroof. Below, BMW 525i Touring Panoramic sunroof.

Above: Mercedes B170 Lourved Panoramic Sunroof. Below, Mercedes E-class Panoramic roof

Above: Mercedes Cabriolet.  Below: MAYBACH Solar Panoramic sunroof

Other types of Sunroof:  

BELOW: FULL Length Slide-Electronic Glass Panoramic roof as seen in Porsche Targa.

Above: The Cheapest Sunroof type.   Below: FIXED type Panoramic Glass roof.

Above: Mercedes A-class Electronic Glass Lourved Sunroof. Below: Today's Common Electronic Tilt-slide glass sunroof.

FINALLY: PARTING SHOT.  Nice view  from Ford Escape's "XL-size" Electronic Tilt-slide Glass Sunroof.



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  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    no update.
    many new cars now and many people want to buy with sunroof or moonroof.
    can make another article with current cars with these roofs?