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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Longtermer #2: Vol 18: Happy 2nd Birthday Civic!

Today, 28 July 2010 is the anniversary of my family's Honda Civic FD2 2.0IVTEC.  Yup, EXACTLY 2 years ago, we took delivery of the Honda Civic.  I still remembered we LOCKED the interest rate at 2.35% and after 3 days the interest rate jumped to 3.1%.  We took RM90,000 loan for 6 years.

How time flies, it's been 2 years...  As at 28/7/2010, we clocked 37,490kms.  THREE Quarter (3/4) of the mileage was done by my dad.  The car received 2 new "Shoes" ie. tyres 1 week ago.  It's MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 3.  Latest offering from Michelin.  We got it for RM410 per tyre only in Klang, Hin Leong tayar, Jalan Kapar a RM80 savings per tyre compared to the 1st tyre shop we enquire in Kota Damansara (RM490).

Without further ado, let's proceed with some photos:
Above: Tailights in Action, before and after.  Below: Headlamps in Action: Before and after...

MORE TO COME.  To be uploaded when I found my Digital Camera Cable.  Hopefully upload by Tomorrow 2pm. Extra Picture uploaded at 29/7/2010 1600hrs...

Above and below: Old tyres...
 This is the SHOP I'm talking about...  The famous "KEDAI PAPAN" at Jalan Kapar. 

Before I go, here's a parting shot:
In a meantime, see you on the 19th update in 2 months time in September 29.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  My Original work...

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