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Sunday, January 09, 2011

VIDEOS++ review: Mercedes A124 (E-class Cabriolet)


In this blog entry, I'm covering a RARE and Special over-engineered Mercedes Benz. It's no other than A124 E-class Cabriolet. Only 33,952 units ever produced WORLDWIDE from 1991 to 1997.  A small portion of only 6,343 units WORLDWIDE were Right Hand Drive cars.  In Malaysia, I only seen 2 units ON THE ROAD over the last 12 months. This shows how RARE this Baby IS.

For the joy of open-topped driving: the Convertible

In September 1991 Mercedes-Benz premiered another body variant, the 300 CE-24 convertible, production of which began in 1992. After an interlude of around 20 years, a four-seater convertible was once again available in the midsize class. The car was based on the Coupé, although preparation for its role as an open-topped vehicle involved considerable design investment. Around 1,000 parts had to be redesigned just to strengthen the body alone.

For example, the A-pillars were welded to interior steel sections at their weakest point to form a rigid unit.
A full safety system was achieved by combining this A-pillar with an automatic roll-over bar. Created specifically for the 300 CE-24 Convertible and positioned behind the rear seats, this linear roll-over bar extended almost vertically upwards within 0.3 seconds at the onset of a rollover incident. 

The fully retractable soft top featured a compelling wealth of ingenious technical detail – including, for example, a heated rear windscreen made of safety glass and with a double frame fitted flush to the outer skin, offering an undistorted rear view.
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I'll kick off with 6 videos review followed by 3 links to Website reviews, SPECIFICATIONS, and LASTLY, 2 owner's review from Without further ado, here are the STARTERS. The videos review...

Video 1: mercedes E320 cabriolet sportline 5spd auto features

Video 2: mercedes E320 cabriolet sportline 5-speed auto driving

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vIDEO 5: Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse W124 Faszination.

video 6:
BENZ 300CE cabriolet

Let's proceed to DETAILED REVIEWS: Websites:

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UK REVIEW: (Source:

Interesting Info on A124 Cabriolet's
What Goes Wrong:

Good news here: most 124 cabriolets have been well cared for and moderately used, often as a second car. They do seem to have been favoured by lady drivers too, which bodes well for general condition. But obviously there is one vulnerable aspect of the cabriolet it's the roof. Like any canvas top, it will eventually wear and discolour, and vandal damage is always possible.

"The hoods are strong and well made," says independent Mercedes dealer and 124 specialist Charles Ironside. "But they do tend to mark at the rear where they fold, and the can collect a green fungus if the car is left outside a lot."

Replacing a cabriolet's hood is going to be an expensive job. Although only the outer canvas is likely to be required, this costs nearly £3,200 from a Mercedes dealer, and then fitting would take about six hours, adding another £600 or so to the bill. Savings can be made by using an independently-supplied canvas; for example Hampshire-based Southbound Motor Trimmers (01264 810080) supplies a German-sourced item made from the original material for £551 (£50 extra for different colours).

The hood's electrics seem to be robust, "I've never known one with a mechanical fault," says Ironside. However we have heard of problems brought about by the failure of rear electric window lifts; if one stops working, and the window sacks in place, the hood cannot lower. Getting to the motor with the hood up is very tricky, as the rear seat needs to be removed.

Un-garaged A124s seem to attract thieves, many of whom try to break in by inserting a screwdriver or similar between the hood and the front side window, where it meets the A-pillar. Check for scratches on the glass.

The smooth operation of the hood is dependent on a good battery The motors draw a lot of current, and if the hood is lowered before the engine is started, this could be too much for a weak battery, especially if the car hasn't been used for a while.

In terms of drivetrain and suspension, the cabriolets are near-identical to the 124 coupes. There are some minor differences; for instance the cabriolet's strengthened rear floorpan isn't the same shape, meaning that an exhaust tailpipe will cost £226 instead of the coupe's £190.

As on the 124 saloons and coupes, the six cylinder engines can leak oil from the cylinder-head joint. Caused by oil leaking through the gasket as it's fed under pressure to the camshafts, it may be a very minor leak or a more worrying dribble. But the only cure is a new head gasket.

Engine mounts commonly wear out before 100,000 miles. If the engine feels smoother ticking over in reverse than in first (this test only applies to automatic cars), the mounts on the steering-wheel side of the chassis are worn.

The transmissions are generally reliable. Though some reckon that the five-speed auto, with its electronic shifter, is more likely to give trouble than the simpler four-speed unit.

The front suspension ball joints have a tendency to creak, as a result of the grease in these pre-sealed items leaking out and leaving them dry. And the various rubber bushes on the multi-linked rear axle can perish in time, leading to some movement in the suspension and hence an MOT failure.

The interior trim is generally durable, although one weak spot is the trim on the seatbelt holders at shoulder height. The vinyl covering can crack with age. There should be no body rust on even the earliest A124s.


With 789 E220 and 557 E320s sold in the UK, the cabriolet population is too small to determined the Average used car value. Prices vary according to condition and mileage (age is a factor but isn't crucial), and also colour and specification. What can be said is that reasonable examples fetch between £10,000 and £15,000, while the very best ones top £20,000, perhaps even reaching £25,000. Cars under £10,000 are the tatty, high mileage ones.

"Azurite blue (picture above)  [dark blue metallic] with cream leather is the colour scheme that people like best," says Ironside, "but a cabriolet in Almandine Red [red metallic] (picture below) with black leather can sit there and not sell."

The more equipment, the more desirable the car. Leather, air-conditioning and even the front seat armrest compartment were extra, but are considered essentials. The stiffer Sportline suspension is another option that increases value.


The A124 is not only a highly desirable Merc drophead (provided you go for the E320), but also an extremely practical one. It's a proper four-seater, and much more versatile than its contemporary stablemate, the R129 SL. It's also a lot less complex than the SL; apart from its roll-over system, the cabriolet is, like any other 124, a simple car that's largely free of electronics.

It's probably best to shop in the £12,000 to £15,000 bracket, as the cheapest ones may well turn out to be false economy, and the pristine ones likely to be worth no more than average ones after a couple years of use as an everyday car. On this basis the A124 is certainly one luxury convertible you can have for a non-luxury price.

Here are the Specifications:


Mercedes-Benz E220 Cabriolet
ENGINE 2,199cc 4-cyl
POWER 148bhp@5,500rpm
TORQUE 1551b/ft@4,000rpm
TRANSMISSION 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic
WEIGHT 1,640kg
0-62MPH 12.4sec
TOP SPEED 127mph

Mercedes-Benz 300CE/E320
ENGINE 3,199cc 6-cyl
POWER 217bhp@5,500rpm
TORQUE 2291b/ft@3,750rpm
TRANSMISSION 5-speed manual, 4- or 5-speed automatic
WEIGHT 1,720kg
0-62MPH 8.5sec
TOP SPEED 143mph

Mercedes-Benz E36 AMG
ENGINE 3,600cc 6-cyl
POWER 268bhp@5,750rpm
TORQUE 284lb/ft @3,750-4,500rpm
TRANSMISSION 4-speed automatic
WEIGHT 1,740kg
0-62MPH 7.2sec
TOP SPEED 155mph

 ABOVE:  The innovative electric belt feeder, which automatically extended the Coupé seat belts to a convenient gripping position once driver or front passenger had taken their seats.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.



  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    W124 Cabrio was seen in Motortrader, but the 1995 E220 Sportline, so called in the advertisiment, was going at RM 150000, that is way to expensive to consider for that price.

    As a 20 year old student, i already like W124 E class over Honda Civics, Subahuru, BMW M3s..

  2. are you looking for an E320 by any chance?

  3. are u looking for one to buy?

  4. I am looking for E220 Cabriolet. NOT E320. Malaysian Road tax too high for 3.2L cars...

  5. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I would like an E320. U have one? I am a ready buyer