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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Toyota to adjust production volume temporarily in Malaysia

The effects of the earthquake that hit Japan continue to show, this time right here. UMW Toyota Motor has issued an announcement that there could be disruptions in parts supplies coming in from Japan, and it is preparing for this by making adjustments to its production from April 25 to June 3.
The adjustments will come in the form of implemented cuts in overtime and a change to a single-shift operation from April 25. On June 6, a revised production plan will be made, in line with the recovery of parts supply, it says.
Seemingly, this will inevitably translate into delays in customers getting their new rides, but UMW Toyota stresses that it has communicated and will update all its customers individually concerning their vehicle delivery status. It adds that it will closely monitor the parts supply situation in Japan and will provide any updates or information in a timely manner.

1 comment:

Toyota Service Center said...

I wanna know what is the production process going on in Japan of Toyota. Is it good enough after the earthquake?