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Friday, July 29, 2011

550th post: Videos++ review: Fiat 500 Classic

 550th post: Videos++ review: Fiat 500 Classic

In this blog entry, I'm reviewing the Fiat 500 Classic (Cinquecento in Italy).  This is the 550th post.  It's produced from 1957 to 1975 and measuring less than 3 metres long (2.97m), 180cm wheelbase and 499kg (0.5 tonne), it's the 1st ever City car.

I still see a few units of this baby running around in Malaysia though it's getting rarer as days passed.  The value of the Fiat 500 is determined by body (eg. rust), condition (eg. engine, interior),  willing buyer and willing seller (ie, No fixed value).
ABOVE: Rear air cooled Engine, BELOW: Bonnet

The engine's a 17hp 2 cylinder air cooled 479cc mated with a 4 speed manual gearbox.  Top speed: 90km/h only.

For more info, do visit this Wikipedia page:

I compiled a few  videos of Fiat 500 Classic.  Here goes:

The 1st 5 videos were from Wheeler Dealers UK, credit goes to Discovery Channel.  

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Video 5:

Video 6: Autocar.  Fiat 500 meets it's ancestor:


 It's so CUTE and CULT Classic that it appeared in Disney Pixar's Animated "Cars" and "Cars 2.".

END OF REVIEW.  That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.

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