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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

SDAC Roadshow at The Curve + Ecoboost launch

On Sunday 3 July 2011, I dropped by SDAC (Sime Darby Auto Connexions) Roadshow @ The Curve. Apparently, they were there since Wednesday (it's their final day when I was there)...  There were 5 Fords, 1 Alfa and 1 Land Rover Discovery 4 on display.  Among the Fords were:

1) Ford S-Max Ecoboost

2) Ford Fiesta XTR Sapphire Limited Edition.

3) Ford Focus TDCI Sedan.  This baby is my Favourite car now.  5.8l/100km only.  Now RM7000 cash rebate or 0% interest for 3 years.  Also, 3 years / 60000km free service on top of also 3 years 100,000km warranty.  I hope to buy this car USED in 3 years time. 

4) Ford Fiesta Sedan

5) Ford Escape 2.3 XLT

Here's the "NON-FORD" Cars...

1) Alfa 159
2) Land Rover Discovery 4 TDV6 HSE

The Highlights were NOT only the Launch of  S-Max ECOBOOST and XTR Sapphire Limited Edition but there's a 3D Ford Focus WRC Racing Simulator (below) as well...
In a Nutshell, FORD is CREATING AWARENESS or making its PRESENCE FELT in Malaysia. 

The problem is, Ford still hiring IGNORANT and RUDE Staff.  NO ONE entertains me for a good 40 mins before an Ignorant Malay guy came to me and ARGUE with me.  SALES RULE #1: NEVER ARGUE WITH CUSTOMERS!!!

Whatever you do, avoid this "New" showroom.  "Capital Intertrade Sdn.Bhd", especially this salesman "BORHAN HJ MAHMOOD".  He not only didn't apologize but it took another Malay salesman to cover his A$s and apologize.  "Sorry, he is new".

Here's our conversation:

BHM (Borhan Haji Mahmood): Sir, this is the new Fiesta Sedan now comes with Voice Navigation and Bluetooth...
Me: Heard it now comes with 7 airbags as well.
BHM:  No lah!  Only 1 airbag. The 7 airbags is the Fiesta XTR Limited over there...
Me: I read in on PAULTAN.ORG, the Sedan now has 7 Airbags besides the Bluetooth Voice Navigation Upgrade.  Price also increased by RM3000.
BHM (getting nervous):  Who is Paultan?  And Who are you?  You from FORD?
Me: Are you new?  I'm just a Car Enthusiasts.  Walau, own product also don't know?  So Ignorant!
BHM: Walked away,  faced turned black entertaining other "clients".
Salesman 2 (RAJA AZMAN) stepped in:  Encik, Sorry ar, dia budak baru (he's new). tak tau dia salah!

Raja Azman from same "Capital Intertrade Sdn.Bhd." also not confident.  Unclear which bank offer the 0% interest rate for 3 years.  Didn't tell me you can get RM7000 cash rebate if you don't want the interest rate offer from Ambank.  Also, Can't tell me whether there's other Ford Focus TDCI promotions and waitlist if I choose Silver. 

SADLY, NO Salesman No 3.  I was left in the lurch.  WORSE, Another Sales Exec from Ford STOPPED me from taking one of their MODEL Photos citing "GIVE HER PRIVACY" as Excuse.  Again, Unapologetic.  I remember his face but not his name. 

Ford if you want to be successful in Malaysia make sure you hire "PROFESSIONAL or EXPERIENCED" Sales person like this Land Rover Sales Exec which I met 5 mins later.  Man, what a breath of fresh air!   His name is James Liew.  He's a friendly, patience, experienced and sincere sales exec.  I will give you his contact after the photo gallery...

BAD NEWS Aside, I took 120+ photos and there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words... Here are the pictures.

PICTURES ABOVE: FORD FOCUS TDCI...  Below onwards: Alfa 159.  RM195,888OTR.

END OF ALFA ROMEO PHOTOS...  NEXT FEW PHOTOS: Land Rover Discovery 4. TDV6 3.0HSE.  RM423,888OTR.

 Above: AMAZING, A Full sized adult can fit in with decent headroom and bearable legroom.

Note: Some photos was vertical before I upload into Blogger but turned out "Horizontal" when uploaded.  Anyone can help?

Next few photos: Ford S-Max:

NOTE: PRICE Estimated in the region of RM175,000 to RM185,000.  Not fixed yet at time of writing.

Above: Ford Fiesta Sedan.  Now with 7 airbags, better quality trim (slightly) and Bluetooth Voice Control. ALL these for RM3000 extra.

 Again, Rotated and resized on MSPAINT.  When Upload, still horizontal.  Anyone can help?

As promised, Land Rover AutoConnexion recommended Sales Exec.  James Liaw, Sales Advisor.  012-212-0115.  For all your LAND ROVER NEEDS...  Showroom: 19 Jalan 13/2, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.  

Very disappointed with Ford Unprofessional Sales Executives...  But there's light at the end of tunnel.  Ford PJ (Along Federal Highway), there's a good Sales Exec By name of Kenny, unfortunately I lost his card.  He's kind enough to let me test drive the Ford Focus TDCI Sedan.  As for my post Re. Ford Focus TDCI Hatchback back in March 2010, "The only Chinese" sales exec in SDAC Ford Jalan Ipoh, Mr. K H Teh Resigned. 

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An Original Jeff Lim's Production.

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