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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today 13 Aug is my birthday. How I spend the day?

Today's my (Jeff Lim's) 32nd birthday.  How I spent my birthday?

10am 12pm: WORK: Hotel seminar Session 1 at 1 world hotel
12.30pm to 1.45pm: Lunch with my Future Bro-in-law and my best friend, Andrew @ Hainan Coffee House Section 17..
2pm to 3.30pm WORK: Hotel Seminar session 2 at 1 World Hotel.
3.30pm to 6pm: Chilling at home
6pm: Tapau Taai Chau.  Ordered W/o pork they gave Pork.  As a result, my maid don't get to eat.  Also, ordered Domino's Pizza (1 large/2 regular) which took 1 hour to arrive.
7.20pm: Dinner.
7.30pm: Sis and her future hubby, Bryan bought a Cake from Secret Recipe.  "Strawberry-Marshmallow-Cheese Cake.
7.45pm: Cake Cutting.
8.15pm: Meet a friend who wants to tumpang me buy something in Vietnam.
8.30pm: Fetched my Hong Kong Friend, Desmond and his "Girlfriend" at Asia Jaya LRT.  Brought them to "IPOH Nga Choy Chicken Rice Restaurant" at Jalan Gasing.  I just teman them drink and ate 2 Pork balls. The damage: RM51.
9.30pm: Off to ROYAL LAKE CLUB with Desmond and his "Girlfriend".  Listened to live music while watching "Liverpool VS Sunderland" EPL match.  Disappointing 1-1 draw @ Fulltime.
12.20am: Send them back to their Condo.
12.45am: Reached home...
1am: Surprised and happy to see 55 people wished me Happy Birthday in my Facebook page.  Thanks guys/gals!

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.

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