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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cuba lifts 50-year ban on buying and selling cars

Cuba lifts 50-year ban on buying and selling cars

HAVANA: Cuba has authorised auto sales among individuals easing a 50-year-old ban that has helped make the island a living museum of vintage cars.

Until now, Cubans have only been permitted to sell each other vehicles built before the country's 1959 revolution, which has given long life to the US chrome and fin-tail antiques that swarmed pre-revolutionary Havana.

The new regulations, published in the Official Gazette, had been expected as part of a series of reforms being undertaken by President Raul Castro to ease state controls on the economy and encourage some forms of small-scale private enterprise.

The regulations provide for "the transfer of ownership of vehicles for purchase-sale or donation among Cubans living on the island or foreigners who are residents of Cuba."

Ordinary Cubans will still be prevented from buying new cars, which are restricted under the new rules to buyers with dollars or convertible pesos engaged in "work on assignment by the state or in its interest".

But tens of thousands of Cubans who were allowed to buy Soviet-made vehicles through their workplace before 1990 will now be able to sell them legally.

Also on the market will be newer imports that the government has allowed artists, athletes and doctors working in overseas missions in places like Venezuela to bring home with them.

Foreigners living in Cuba will be allowed to buy or import up to two vehicles under the new rules.

Cubans who emigrate - some 38,000 a year - will now be allowed to sell their vehicles or transfer ownership of them to family members.

For retired musician Lazaro Gonzalez, the new measures provide the long-awaited opportunity for him to buy a Russian Lada from his sister, who works in Chile.

"This (transaction) is something normal, which never should have been banned," Gonzalez said. "It's another one of these absurd prohibitions that Raul Castro has removed since coming to power."

Allowing car purchases and sales is seen as among the most important of some 300 reforms adopted in April by the Communist Party Congress, which aimed at keeping the centrally planned system from collapse but stopped short of embracing a market-led economy.

Other measures expected to shake up the lives of ordinary Cubans included introducing the right to buy or sell homes or receive a bank loan.

Most Cubans own their homes and do not pay taxes but have only been allowed to exchange, not sell them until now. Details on the home sales measure should be published before the end of the year, sources said. – Bernama-NNN-Mercopress

Friday, September 23, 2011

Govt reviewing National Automotive Policy

Friday, September 23, 2011

Govt reviewing National Automotive Policy
Friday, September 23, 2011

GURUN: The Government is reviewing the National Automotive Policy (NAP) to meet the needs of the customers and industry players, locally and overseas.

Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said the Government was talking with industry players to obtain feedback on how to create a better environment to boost the growth of the industry.

"The industry is very important and it has recorded high earnings for the country.

"I'm confident that Budget 2012 will give more emphasis to the sector considering that it is contributing to the economic growth apart from creating high-income jobs for Malaysians."

Mukhriz said this to reporters after Naza Automotive Manufacturing's celebration of the production of its 150,000th unit here Thursday.

He said the local car sector has grown tremendously compared to the neighbouring countries in which Malaysia is not only an assembler but also a manufacturer.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

CLOSE UP+BOOKED: MYVI 1.5 Lagi Power Lagi Best

 CLOSE UP+BOOKED: Perodua MYVI 1.5 Lagi Power Lagi Best

 I, Jeff Lim just came back from Perodua Section 19, PJ Showroom.  I checked out the MYVI 1.5 Lagi Power Lagi Best.  Especially the SE variant.  It's because 1 of my family member already BOOKED a Greyish Blue MYVI 1.3 EZi with option to Upgrade to 1.5SE Auto. 

I was invited by my Sales Executive, Jacklyn Tan (more on her later) to the showroom to have a look at the 1.5SE Lagi Power Lagi Best.  The MYVI 1.5 is powered by 1.5 3SZ-VE Chain Driven DVVT DOHC EFI as seen in the Alza.  Max power is now 76kw (103hp)@6000rpm and Torque 136Nm@4400rpm.  This is an improvement of 17hp and 19Nm torque over the 1.3 variant.

Claimed Fuel Consumption for 1.5SE Automatic is a respectable 12.9km/l.  And claimed 0-100km/h is 12.49secs for Auto and 9.98secs for Manual which is IMPRESSIVE.

Other features were Dual Airbags, ABS+EBD+BA, Electric Power Steering, Mild bodykits (you should see the extreme version), Semi-bucket seats (Red and grey for SE) and Full Leather for 1.5 EXTREME.

Tentative price for SE starts from RM51,500 (Manual), Auto is RM54,000 and SE Auto DVD/GPS/Bluetooth is RM56,500.  The Range topper 1.5 EXTREME AUTO Multimedia Navigation costs RM61,000.

I called my dad (he's the one buying), he said "SO CHEAP" (he's expecting RM58,000), and Lo and Behold he decided to Booked a YELLOW 1.5 SE Auto DVD/Navigation/Bluetooth version.  He's already 62, mind you!  "Old Hero" (Lau Hero).

Colour choices: Majestic Solid Yellow (NEW), Solid white, Mystical Purple, Ebony Black and Glittering Silver.

Well there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words, here's some photos:

Above and Next 3 pictures Below.  MYVI 1.5 EXTREME.  Extreme have the following features:
Extreme bodykits, Full leather seats, Standard DVD/GPS/Bluetooth navigation, All round tinting.

Above: This is the Original Colour and Model my dad initially booked on 3 September 2011.  1.3EZi.

If you want to buy this car, I recommend you this Professional Sales Executive.  Her name is "Jacklyn Tan".  She's originally from Penang.  Her Number is: 012-616-8801.  It's her Idea we booked the 1.3EZi 1st then change to 1.5SE.  

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  AN original Jeff Lim's Production (video aside).  My Original work (except the Youtube/Star Video).

Monday, September 12, 2011

LONGTERMER #3, Vol 3: Proton Waja 1.6 4G18 (A)

LONGTERMER #3, Vol 3: Proton Waja 1.6 4G18 (A)

In this blog entry, I'm updating my ride, Proton Waja 1.6 4G18(A).  This is the 3rd update.  I spent quite a lot on this car this month:

First, I upgraded my OEM Air filter to K&N 33-2074 Drop-in Air filter.  The damage cost: RM240 bought from 'speedworksonline' (William) via Lowyat Forum.

 The results:  Slightly better acceleration and midrange, especially overtaking from 60-90km/h.  Fuel consumption wise, no improvement so far.

Secondly, I went to Tayaria (Aka. Kit Loong tayar), I did Alignment, balancing and readjust rear camber. The staff there told me 2 of my tyres bald one side (outer side). She recommend Pirelli P6 tyres. They were having promotion from June to August 31. 195/55R15 size RM250 each only including balancing. While changing the tyre and fixing the rear camber, they told me that 3 of the rims bent (bengkok).  The damage: RM610 poorer.

Here's the photos of the damage:

The results: Much much  better ride and handling.  Can corner up to 110km/h.  Before, anything above 100km/h = unstable and steering wobbles at high speed.  Now, I can go up to 150km/h without sweat.  Just have to bear with Loud wind noise and "Loud engine".

Without further ado, let's proceed to logbook:

Mileage as at 12/8/11: 129,700km
Mileage last month: 1152km

Mileage today: 130,680km
Mileage this month: 980km


Best: 12.8km/L (RM14 cents) - 100% Highway. (NKVE)
Worst: 7.1km/L (RM25 cents) - 100% City.  Stuck in KL traffic for 50mins to and up to 2 hours fro for a 15 km journey.  Shell RON95

This month:
Best: 8.65km/l  (RM22 cents) 50% highway, 50% city. Esso RON95 (7 Sept)
Worst: 7.3km/l (26 cents) 100% city driving (Shell RON95) 24 Aug


1) Petrol: RM230
2) Parking: RM60
3)K&N (K and N) Drop in Air filter: RM240
4) 2x Pirelli P6 195/55R15 tyres + alignment, balancing and rear camber: RM610

TOTAL: RM1110.

Before I go, here's some parting shots:

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  AN original Otoreview's production.  Jeff Lim's original work.