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Saturday, December 17, 2011

MBPJ above the law? Check this out!!!

In this blog entry, I'd like to show you 2 articles on MBPJ staff abusing their parking lots... Before that, I'd like to show you what I "discovered" on 11 Nov 2011 before I paid my MBPJ Summon. My offence? I kena this summon while I was away for 10 mins.

This car pictured was parked at "OKU" parking lot for AT LEAST 3 hours, Yet no action taken.

Note that this "above the law" Perdana committed 3 offence.
1) Parked at OKU Parking Lot
2) Expired Road tax
3) Dark tinted glass.


Enjoy these wonderfully taken pictures:

This is the Last summon I'm going to pay. Received Another summon 10 days later at SS2. An irony as I was only away for 10 mins (tapau McDonalds).

Upon closer inspection, this car got "KAKITANGAN MBPJ 2008/2009" sticker and Expired Road tax.

I hope MPBJ/JPJ or Polis who read my blog entry go after this Offender.

Without further ado, I now present you 2 articles showing MBPJ blatant ABUSE THE POWER!!!

Article 1:

MBPJ staff ‘abusing parking lots’

B Nantha Kumar March 26, 2011 PJ New Town retail outlets have seen a drop in business activities because Petaling Jaya City Hall appears to be a 'turning a blind eye' to the city's parking woes.

PETALING JAYA: Frustrated residents have accused the Petaling Jaya City Hall (MBPJ) personnel of abusing the public parking lots in and around the city.

According to them, MBPJ staff occupied most of the public car parks throughout the day for free and inconvenienced the public.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor Resident’s Association Coalition (APAC) president Johan Tung Abdullah said they were very concerned about the issue as it had resulted in a drop in business activities in the area.

“The shop owners have been complaining of a drop in business over the past few months… when customers come, there is just no place to park,” he said, adding that APAC had submitted a memorandum to Petaling Jaya mayor Mohamad Roslan Sakiman, on the issue.

Citing an example, Tung said on March 23, nearly 50 cars with MBPJ stickers were parked around PJ New Town and “none of them paid parking fees”.

“It is a daily occurrence. All these cars are parked in public parking lots and none of them had any parking coupons on the front dashboards to indicate that parking fees had been paid.

“Fifty free parkings per day means MBPJ is losing at least RM50,000 a year in revenue from these lots,” he said.

‘Special privilege’

While stressing that he was not against MBPJ personnel using public parking lots, he, however, questioned why they were allowed the “special privilege” of free parking.

He said it was their understanding that the “Kakitangan MBPJ” blue stickers do not exempt the owners of the vehicles from paying.

“It looks like MBPJ is turning a blind eye to this impropriety since its personnel’s vehicles are not issued with summons,” he told FMT.

PJ residents told FMT the situation was not perculiar to PJ new town and in fact occurred in all the Petaling Jaya areas.

“It looks like MPJB owned the whole of PJ. They’re like the mafia controlling the city.

“If any of the shopowners made a complaint, he will definitely be ‘flooded’ with summons,” said a resident.

Tung meanwhile is hoping that the mayor will step in and resolve the issue quickly and uphold its mission of serving the Petaling Jaya ratepayers fairly.

ARTICLE 2: Also from "".

Is MBPJ above the law?

June 29, 2011
From R Ganesh, via e-mail

I was shocked today when I parked my car in Petaling Jaya as I was summoned and a MBPJ vehicle beside mine was not despite the MBPJ vehicle not displaying a parking coupon.

I had just parked my car and as I was walking towards the machine to obtain my parking coupon when a lady officer, on a motorbike, summoned my car for not displaying a parking coupon.

By the time I came back to the car, she had summoned my car and several other cars in the row except the MBPJ vehicle. The MBPJ vehicle was taking a whole parking bay for itself.

I entered the restaurant in front where the vehicle was parked and to my surprise, I saw two MBPJ officers in uniform enjoying their breakfast. It was their vehicle parked outside.

I went out again and asked the lady officer why the double standard and how come most of the vehicles parked there were summoned except the MBPJ vehilce.

She said the MBPJ vehicle was above the law and she was instructed not to issue any summons on MBPJ vehicles. I even informed her that the officers were eating inside.

I can fully understand if the vehicle was on official business. But here, the officers were eating in a restaurant. Later, when the officers finished eating, I appoached them to verify that it was their vehicle parked.
I fully support if a government vehicle was on official business, they should be exempt from summons to facilitate the workings of the government, but in this case, it was otherwise.
I was truly surprised. The lady officer who summoned my car was so observant it was a government vehicle and not summon it but she was not observant enough to notice I was walking towards the parking machine to obtain my parking coupon.

I cannot understand how government vehicles can be above the law, especially when the vehicle is used for non official business like eating.

This is a loss of revenue to the Selangor government. Not only the Selangor government loses revenue from parking coupons, it loses revenue from summonses as well.

In this case, my summons was RM100. If this double standard is allowed, the Selangor government loses millions per annum, money useful for the development of the state.

I hope the MBPJ president can clarify why a MBPJ vehicle is not summoned despite it being parked in a parking bay for non official business.

I hope Tan Sri Khalid also can clarify the law with regards to the above matter. I have evidence in support of my grieviance should there be a need.


Also, I noticed they target "Chinese majority" areas only. Places like SS2, Sunway Mas, Dataran Prima, Damansara Uptown, Damansara Jaya, Section 16, Paramount. They WILL NEVER Summon Muslim Triple parking along Mosques causing Traffic Jams. Eg. Section 14, Jalan Universiti, Damansara Utama mosque etc... This is Blatant DOUBLE STANDARDS!

SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!! After seeing this photos and articles, will you still PAY your MBPJ summonses? I for sure will IGNORE!!!

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