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Monday, February 13, 2012

LONGTERMER #3, Vol 7: Proton Waja 1.6 4G18P (A)

LONGTERMER #3, Vol 7: Proton Waja 1.6 4G18 (A)

In this blog entry, I'm updating my ride, Proton Waja 1.6 4G18(A). This is the 7th update.

Regular reader might noticed that I didn't update my ride last month.  It's because I got NOTHING to Update apart from the Expenses, fuel consumption and mileage report which I'll cover later.

This month is a special month, firstly, It's Chinese New Year Month.  Being born and raised in  Petaling Jaya, I did not go anywhere with the Waja except trying to drive to KL on 3rd day of Chinese New Year and found that there's still TRAFFIC.

Secondly, as FINALLY after 10 years, my Labrador, Pluto learned to appreciate car ride.  1st time (2 weeks ago), struggled get up the car  through the rear door but Jumped out of the car upon reaching destination. 2nd time (Last week), Jumped up into the car after some hesitation and likewise upon reaching destination.

3rd time, Today.  Jumped up the car immediately I opened the door and Jumped out of the car immediately I opened the door when reached home.  Why so many trips out of the blue?

It's because Pluto got "Bacterial Infection" on its right leg, tail and stomach.  The right leg = HEALED, Stomach = 1st week = Maggots, sent for operation remove maggots and spent 3 days at Vet Clinic.  Treatment Costs RM660 (Mum paid).

 Today (3rd trip to the Vet): 90% healed, tail: Spot A = healed, Spot B: New infection.  Amazingly, today he learned to sit up on the seats head facing the scenery (too bad today forgot to take camera) AND
 Above: Pluto soon discovered the Source of COOL AIR and Head face the centre Air-cond vents (Makan Angin).  BELOW: Noticed the shaved spot, this is the most serious part of Bacterial infection which leads to Maggot wounds on the 1st 10 days.

 Above: Initial stage, 1st 2 weeks Pluto gotta wear Dog Cone.  Prevent him to bite its would.
BELOW: Prepared my car for Pluto to "lounge in".

b Without further ado, let's proceed to logbook:

Mileage as at 12/1/12 134,138km
Mileage last month: 783km

Mileage today (12/2/12): 134,909km
Mileage this month: 771km


Best: 12.8km/L (RM14 cents) - 100% Highway. (NKVE)
Worst: 7.03km/L (RM27 cents) - 100% City. Stuck in KL traffic for 50mins to and up to 2 hours fro for a 15 km journey. Esso RON95

This 2 months (4 fill ups. RM50, RM50, RM50 and RM50):
Best: 8.55km/l (RM0.22/km) 70% highway, 30% city. Esso RON95, RM50 good for 225km (January 22)
Worst: 6.85km/l (RM0.28/km) 100% city driving (EssoRON95) RM50 good for 180km (Jan 28 to Feb 9 2012)


Last month (Dec to Jan)

1) Petrol: RM190 (RM50, 50, 50, 40)
2) Parking: RM50
3) Car Wash: RM6

This Month (Jan to Feb)

1) Petrol RM200
2) Parking: 60
3) Car wash: RM0 (Wash myself)

Before I go, here's a parting shot:

Pluto learned to sit properly and enjoying the Air Cond breeze.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  Jeff Lim's original work.

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