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Saturday, September 29, 2012

LONGTERMER #4 Vol 5: Perodua MYVI 1.5SE+ Auto

In this blog entry, I'm updating my family's ride. This is the 11th month we owned the MYVI 1.5SE+.  This is the 5th month since My sister took over the MYVI 1.5SE. She even called this car "BUMBLEBEE".  This means that I can't update this blog entry as detail as I'd like to as my sister can't help me to monitor the best/worst Fuel Consumption and ownership experience of the car.  

During the period of time from last update, Ie. Late April till End September, the "Bumblebee's" been to Kuantan (Bukit Gambang Resort) to be exact back in May, Multiple trip to Klang and recently (Merdeka Day) to Kalumpung Resort (photos below).

  Last week, the Bumblebee visited Malacca as well.

Back in August, the Bumblee went for 10,000km service (FINALLY) - 3 months late.  I requested for GPS Map Update as well FOC (Free of Charge).  Photo below: Waiting for service at Perodua Jalan Universiti.

Next service, 20,000km due on Early February.  It's a good thing that Perodua opted for Synthetic oil and 10,000km service interval.  Unlike Honda and Proton which still stick to 5,000km service interval.

I'm sad to say that there's another "Setback" preventing me to cover this car in the future.  From September 23 onwards, my sister moved to Klang to stayed with her husband.  She'll tag this Bumblebee along.  But this is a blessing in disguise, as the Bumblebee gets to EXERCISED daily from Bandar Puteri Klang to PJ Old town and then Damansara Uptown.  Yup, isn't it sweet, the newly weds carpooled to work?

This means that I'll STOP updating this LONGTERMER, Myvi 1.5SE Next month.  Right after the "1st anniversary Update".  So it ENDS at VOLUME 6.  Sad but true...

Without further ado, let's proceed to Logbook:

Mileage upon delivery: 0023km
Mileage last update: 7300km
Mileage used last month: 
Mileage May: 8100km

Mileage June: 8888km (788km - May to June)

Mileage July: 9855km (967km - June to July)

Mileage August: 10,576km (721km - July to August)

Mileage this month: 11,522km (946km - August to Sept)

Average mileage per month:
1046km. (A drop compared to 1217km @ last update 5 months ago).

Purchase price: RM54,000 (less NCB)
Interest rate: 2.95% @ RM42,000. Public bank for 5 years loan.


Best: 16.8km/l, Kuantan (Bukit Gambang Resort trip), May 2012.
WORST: 8.8km/L (Shell RON95) 80% City/20% Highway driving driven by Me. (January 27)

0-100km/h: 10.9 seconds normal acceleration in "D" with Air cond on.

Major Expenses:
NONE over the last 2 months apart from Fuel, parking and Tolls...

Before I go, here's some parting shots:
 Above and below: Different shades of yellow under different flash mode.  Above was "SLOW SYNC" below: Forced Flash.  Amazing colour.

 Above and below: Again different shades of Yellow.  From Dakar yellow to Lime yellow (without flash).

 Above: Car parked at Kuantan (Bukit Gambang Resort), below: magical no: 8888km as at 18 June 2012.

That's all folks, see you Next month for the 1st anniversary update.  Ie. Late October 2012 for Volume 6.  An original JEFF LIM'S Production.  MY original work.  Posting this from my office, will post more photos by Tuesday 6pm.   ALL PHOTOS UPLOADED 2045hrs, Tuesday.


  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    where's Vol 6 as promised?

  2. Anonymous2:08 AM

    where's Vol 6 as promised?