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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Jeff's Personal Auto Consultation service (JPACS) SEASON 2.

I provide consultation service and test drive arrangements for potential buyers at Minimal fee... 

Updated 26/10/2012.  CANCELLED OF OFF AS I GOT NEW JOB...  No more time for this...
UPDATED:  1 March 2015.  REVIVED!  Consultation fee slashed!!!

Below: 25,000 = RM200 
25,001 to 50,000 = RM500
50,001 to 100,000 = RM750  

100,000 to 150,000 = RM1250
150,001 to 250,000 = 2,000

(BELOW 200,000 Recond/unregistered = FREE as I given commission, just buy me a meal)
250,001 to 500,000 = 0.5% of the car price 
500,001 to 750,000 = 0.75% of the car price 
750,001 to 1,000,000 = 1% of the car price commission. 
Above 1 million = 1.25% of the car price 

Note: This is for used cars dealers and New car franchise/dealership only as they don't entertain brokers.  For below RM200,000 RECOND/unregistered cars, you don't need to pay me anything, just treat me a meal as I'm given commission by selected RECOND car Dealers.

I shall arrange side by side test drive on the same day for you to compare OR Decide. Door to door service available for Below RM150,000 car only. 

NO Motorcycles, Only New/Used/Reconditioned Cars/MPV/SUV/Truck.

This service is for Klang Valley only as at the moment, I'm a 1 man show. 

Interested, please E-mail me: and tell me:

Who are you, brief background/intro, occupation, any kids, what are you looking for in your Next car (eg. Automatic 8 seater MPV with Sunroof), price range you can afford and LASTLY, When you need to buy the car. I won't entertain "Canvassers" OR "Timewasters". Only serious enquiries only. 

2a) Tell me where you lived OR worked so that I can arrange the showroom near to your house. Better still if my Salesman provide door to door service, he/she can drive the car to your doorstep (house of office). Eg. Sat 10am = Fiesta, 10.45am = Forte 1.6, 11.30pm = Vios. 12.15pm = Mazda 2, 1pm = Persona 1.6 OR Inspira 1.8 CVT.

Interested, pls call/Whatsapp me (Jeff): +6012-685-2718.


Here are the lists of car manufacturers/dealers I dealing with: 

a) BMW (Quill, Wheelcorp Premium and Auto Bavaria) 
b) Chevrolet 
c) Alfa Romeo
d) Ford 
e) Honda (Global Amity, Tenaga Setia, Sumber Auto Edaran)
f) Hyundai  (Sime Darby, Advant Speed)
g) Jaguar (Sisma Auto, Pavilion) 
h) Kia/Naza 
i) Lexus 
j) Mazda 
k) Mitsubishi 
l) Mercedes Benz (Cycle and carriage, Hap Seng Star) 
j) Nissan (Jln Ipoh and Section 13, PJ) 
k) Perodua (PJ)
l) Proton (Mutiara Damansara and ATR, Taman Megah)
m) Renault (1 week appointment/notice)
n) Land Rover 
o) Bentley Malaysia (1 week appointment/notice) 
p) Great Wall
q) Toyota 
r) Volkswagen (Jln Ipoh, VW TTDI and FA Wagen) 
s) Volvo (Federal Auto) 
t) Porsche (7 days advance appointment only) 
u) Peugeot 
v) Ssangyong 
w) Chery Alado 
x) RECOND/Unregistered Cars (LX Mode, Watan/Emaslink/Mofaz/Naza/Amira Ventures/Cahaya Automotif (Yap Brothers) etc...) 
y) Suzuki 
z) Rolls Royce Malaysia (Quill) - 2 weeks advance appointment/notice only.

i) Ferrari Malaysia - 2 weeks advance appointment/notice only.
ii) Mini Malaysia (Auto Bavaria Glenmarie)
iii) Aston Martin Malaysia - 2 weeks advance appointment/notice only
iv) Daihatsu Malaysia - 1 week notice
v) Isuzu Malaysia - 1 week notice
vi) China made lorries/vans. (Eg. FAW, King Long, Chery, Changan) 1 week notice.
vii)  (Other cars not listed here please call and give me 1 week... I can arrange. Automobiles only, NO Motorcycles.) 

INDEED, I AM YOUR 1 STOP Solutions for buying your next car.  Try me!  No regrets.  That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I stumbled upon your site while searching for malaysia's ugliest car. Been reading through your reviews and about your telstar etc. No offence but people in Malaysia might be more interested in SPEED and modifications done. I didnt see a single post where people commented and i feel sorry for your effort. And about your consultation service, WHO in the world would even take advice from a guy that drives an old telstar. One of the worst choice of car you can get in Malaysia. The bloody thing barely made it through the 150,000km mark. ( My old legacy made 300,000kms no sweat) No major overhauls. Heck even my saga did 220,000kms before the headgasket finally leaked. :) Good luck bro. My honest opinion.

  2. POSTING THIS USING AN "ANONYMOUS" user name makes YOU A BALL-LESS COWARD!!! I Sold off my Telstar last year and it's Passed on by my dad you moron. It's bought USED 6 yrs old car back in 2005 for RM42,000 OTR Only.

    You No balls joker, what BETTER used car can you buy for Below RM50k budget back in 2005?

    My (dad's) criteria:
    60:40 split fold rear seats (check)
    Lockable glovebox (Check)
    HUGE Boot (460L) (Check)
    High speed stability (check)
    Great ride and handling (Check).
    D-segment car (check)

    Before buying this Telstar, my dad also looked at Camry 2.2 and Accord 2.2. But the Camry costs RM65,000 and Accord RM58,000 back then. Looking back, I should have bought the Peugeot 406. Another car which meets the Above criteria. But WAY Higher Maintenance costs.

    Again, I reply this OPENLY unlike you, BALL LESS COWARD. Posting as Anonymous. BOO!!! Big thumbs down!

  3. WHAT A MORON!!! Thinking back, I should have deleted your comment. But I BEING A BRAVE SOUL! I Reply like a MAN!

    How about you?

    By the WAY, the typical Malaysian which you described "Speed and Mods" reads Hypertune. It's the WORST magazine in the world. 1/3 covered by Ads, and written by Morons like you. Bought issue 60. My 1st and last issue.

    My ALL TIME Favourite car magazine's still "Highway Malaysia". I still keep them. Sadly, they became victim of 1998 recession. The Editor, Uncle Chips Yap and Leeps Lee's still active though.

  4. Oh! Read my current Longtermer (ride)... 2001 Proton "Waja 4G18".

    Replaced my Telstar for RM16k OTR only. 1 owner car bought from my Uncle with Service record and low mileage.

    It has the Mods you want including K&N Drop in, ECU Reflash+Dyno, Alpine ICE, Logbooks... Expenditures... The most comprehensive Journal you can get. Used to update monthly but now every 2 months...

    The other 2 Longtermers might bore people like you, Civic 2.0 FD2 (dad bought this car in 2008 and passed his Telstar to me) and MYVI Lagi Power lagi best (2011 Oct) now driven by sister. That's why, I update less often...

  5. THE FASTEST GROWING AUTO BLOG is not about SPEED and Mods. It's about "Attention to detail", unbiased opinion, honest, clear and comprehensive review. It's No other than

    Go read his review and come back here tell me what can I learn from him...