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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scammer MBPJ

SCAM1: I bought MBPJ monthly parking pass online on 22 October 2013, earliest starting date 25 October.  the parking sticker arrived 1 days later.  But on 24 October, I received a summon of RM30 From D141, an obese Malay guy whom I seen twice daily patrolling Damansara Perdana.  MBPJ TOOK advantage of the loophole and summon me!

See photo 1 and  2,
Scam 2, issuing summon despite seeing you walking to the ticket machine paying for parking. See photo 3.

In order to hit quota. When confronted, he said he cannot cancel the summon, must go to Their HQ at Menara  MBPJ to appeal.   The problem is that it's impossible to find parking there as MBPJ staff occupied all the available parking lots.
 SCAM 3:  MBPJ Purposely don't collect your rubbish for 2-3 weeks until it Accumulates only to summon you.  Come to PJU8/5B, lorong behind.  Mini mountain of Rubbish purposely left uncollected.  In fact, they only clear the rubbish ONCE A MONTH!

SCAM 4: MBPJ TOWED AWAY DOUBLE PARKED CARS (for like 5 mins to the bank only) in BUSY AREA like Damansara Uptown and Damansara Perdana.  For my case, I ran out as they were about to tow my car, they still tow to a secluded place and FORCED you to Pay RM300 ON THE SPOT.  This is ANOTHER DOUBLE STANDARD cause 500 metres away every FRIDAY Noon, Muslims of Damansara Utama Masjid will TRIPLE PARKED along the road for 3 hours and nothing's done to them!  In my case, I double parked for 5 minutes only the PHARKERS towed my car already!  

Apparently, they only target Non Muslims!



  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Bro Jeff,

    I only had once experience with this MBPJ, but not sure nowadays how they are acting against so called "local council offender". But it's not fair saying they act only against non-Muslims just becoz no summons given to cars parked double or triple layered during Friday prayer. What about massive traffic jam at Selayang/ batu Caves caused during Thaipusam? Does MPS issue any summon? (MPS and MBPJ under same PKR govt).

    I guess you might be right saying these "penguatkuasa" (or gila mau tunjuk kuasa) have to hit the quota. Selangor govt is going to increase pay for their MB, exco line ups.

    So, thanks to those who voted for PKR...Now we get the "janji kosong" given by sleepy Khalid.

    1. Anonymous12:32 PM

      Excuse me sir.. local govt such as MPS and MBPJ are under federal govt not state govt.

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Yes, and thanks for the BN. We don't get "janji kosong" but
    1. Minyak naik
    2. Gula naik
    3. Cukai pintu naik
    4. Electricity naik
    5. GST coming soon...
    Many more to come...